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Conversational Hypnosis in the opening paragraph of a book and Hypnotic Gestures

Look at this: creative story, literature,mesmerism, linguistics, mind control, techniques. Its all the rage again made popular by niche dating sites. Tinder for example is a website used around the world to help you link up with opposite sex for a date.


What is the difference between Loneliness and Lonesomeness?

What is the difference between Loneliness and Lonesomeness? Good question to ask if you are interested in understanding the world around you. How do people operate and have a better incite into themselves. And how you can change to refit in the world. A whole load of reasons really. I think of you be strong…
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writing stories

1001 comments for you to read

1001 comments came in his week about my blog from other bloggers asking me how I do what I do rather than publish a heap of similar comments I am making this post for you. As much as I appreciate comments here on Robert-Bridge.mobi when the same questions come up thousands of times I feel it…
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Around the bush we go again

Robert Bridge in London, UK writes a rant about telesales. This is a coming of age post reflecting on the importance of education etc.

space balls

Sunny April Entry 2016

April has been a funny month, someone must of touched a nerve or something because many people I hear are experiencing a new set of thoughts and feelings. I say, good news for those in the parts of the UK that are experiencing similar weather experiences. April is always a time for unusual temperatures. One minute…
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London is no longer a spring chicken

The bluebells are out and spring is in full bloom here in London. You never know who you might meet here in the city people are inept at all sorts of stuff. People practising Wasabi, Aikido, Kick boxing, Cage fighting, Judo and all kinds of things. If you want to relax you can find plenty…
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writing stories

Words are very powerful especially when writing big sentences

Writing helps piece together all those juicy bits of info. The information gathered highlights long, complex sentences and common errors; if you see a juicy bit of info, bookmark or share it. We all strive to be better writers, your style of writing is targeted at base level, conventional wisdom goes out the window, you must fathom base…
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a journey to music

The Journey of Music

I have never really spoke about music which is weird because I spend a portion of my time listening to all sorts of sounds. Musical instruments have grown as the global village collides with other cultures. The beat of the drum in one side of the world brings new information to another. These things can…
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hi buddy

The Power Of Now And Brain Patterns

Right now your brain is changing, its always changing because of the surrounding fluids. Your ability to stay in the now is fired up by brains. Arguably you have three brains and we will get to that argument a bit later on (everyone loves a critical argument true or false…). The brain has various functions…
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truth is in the pudding

Thinking you can help and exercising your ability to help

Thinking you can help is one thing but actually thinking and exercising this ability is another and as you will find out can have a big strain on the brain. Other peoples stuff it seems is all around us, your perception to understand thoughts and feelings is one thing. Whilst being able to help other…
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