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Brexit, Dog Walking and Business in Britain

Being a dog walker I am only to well aquainted with looking for obtrusive objects and chinks in the road. And always I try to not step on anyone else toes. I have noticed a few trends online and would like to talk a little about that today please. My hope is to inform and entertain you with my words and chosen pictures. I have also attached a playlist of music for you to listen to whilst reading todays post. If you like reading please read along if music is your thing there is plenty to listen to.

Here in Britain we all have different sectors doing what they can for people, country and queen. We all have different needs and as it goes so our ‘leaders’ have mandates to fulfil. Its difficult online to get any traction online without the approval of the politically correct. Its difficult to get any traction in a debate when the ad spend and campaign funding is all one sided. It does not matter about what we have learned, experienced or promised. Nothing stays the same and whether you like it or not things change. Try not to lose site of your goals and keep your side of the street clean. That does not mean brushing all the leaves into your next door neighbours front yard. Or if you are doing it for other people you should do other than instructed to do. The chances are you already know what them things are because at one point or another I imagine you have already been told.

Equally freedom of speech has always been there, the only change is the right to hold megaphones, social media, free PR and popular forums. If you want to avoid alienation choose you places of broadcast wisely. You can do that simply by being accurate before racing in and barking at all sorts of people. We hope that we are all friends here, but when it comes to long term agreements, fuelled by the ongoing campaigns to create scarcity by giving then taking things away. We have got used to things and any change would be like buying new underwear for the already converted. Life is not all an Anne Summers party. You look on the high street and see for yourself.

Buying power is very simple, you have the funding and part of that goes on broadcasting how great thou art. The trumpeters payment comes from various sources, most of which have emptied and need topping up again. Do you think this musician is thinking about the last batch of funding. Nope our musician is well on his way moving into new corners of the country. He throws the message out to all his mates. He’ll even beat box if need be to survive. That is what this is all about survival. Focusing on loss, death and poverty is the wrong mentality. In this day and age it’s easy for anyone to forget how strong they are. It’s also I suppose difficult to remember as you have always done, bullying and manipulating other people into your thinking. I put it out there that this sort of knowledge of self comes with age. However I do want to to clunk horns with anyone.

Out there in the field there are gods creatures great and small. All have a relevant message. Many follow the same template to get their point across, because its time tested for the herd. My style of communication is less extreme but equally as important. That word important ‘online’ has been somewhat diluted by the amount of time’s people use it. But if you want anyone in this day and age to get up of their seat and race to the back of the room, login to their computer and tune in is all you need. People believe in 1 in 10, or 1% of people will take action or have access to the honey pots. The reality is not as simple as that. This is why I understand why other people do what they are told to do. They create ideas, jobs and products that are not there or are simply not yet needed. This is the new modern economy. Rather than helping people in need. How can we create something that can give individuals a fit or purpose? How can we disguise all the facts and figures?We tell them the figures at a rate which puts them at ease. To often the case none of this is actually true.

Overtime things change, overheads change, links change, emails disappear. Boy was I pissed when my Fastmail email account closed that was because I did not login to 90 days. When I tried to login to UK company Lycos this week I noticed that they had shut down. Years of providing a decent enough service: email, websites, news they just decided to not renew their domain name or improve services. Part of me thinks this maybe due to European legislation. Everybody knows those cookie warnings are a pain in the ass, however without them now strange things are happening to blogs and websites. Free sites are good but the same thing can happen. You words are not propriety. Legally you are writing for everyone else to share. The only way you can appeal is by asking other people to kindly take it down or report them to the site you are writing your blurbs on. Even with your own domain name and hosting its difficult to control the powers that be to stop this from happening.

When you find something new that works there is a long que of people waiting to do the same as you and improve upon it a little. They put on the same table salt they think people like best. How easy do you think it would be to have the rug pulled beneath your feet? The only way to stay afloat is keep float yourself. This can go the other way and bite back into simplicity. The greatest success will come with having constant velocity. If you are moving in the right direction to get to where you ought to be (busy) then no worries. If you are bogged down like a rabbit on the road at night with the bright headlights coming your way your stuffed. No one cares about if you have your rabbits foot with you or not. If you are still talking the same old speech to the same bunch of people you will make them yawn. And I don’t care how many arms or legs you have, how big or little you are. If you are not getting any traction I am sure you will find it because you have stopped paddling. To many individual companies have already been tredding water in the deep end. All they are looking for is the next TED Danson or Kevin Costner to come in via helicopter to tell them what to do.

The European Union has a lot to teach us, we have closely helped them step by step as things have changed. Crisis after crisis has hit other countries outside of this Union. Understandably we all have *Mother Teresa in us and if we look deep enough somewhere in the bottom of our pockets is that massive gold cross weighing heavy on all our consciousnesses. Its a survival technique I have seen people use in popular adventure movies. Like Kevin Costner we all strive to help those in need drowning as the boat sinks. But the reality for 90% of start ups they have already gone down with the boat because they refused to separate themselves from the rest of the crew. Or are losing sight of the inflatable life raft. All they can see is, wave after wave of frequencies they do not understand. Even old timers are privy to these shortcomings. As an individual we put our life on the line for other people in need. We do this well but some of us are really not up for the job. Without the right toolbox or agility the best thing you can do is go home. Listen to some nice music and chill the f*** out.

The whole world is able to point fingers at the perpetrators. Years later when they have amended their ways they employ them for their special talents. Look at hackers and cyber bullies. The European Union like Britain is interested in all sorts of things. Yes this does happen but many are mostly focused on creating brand new apps in the same make money online niches on online databases that are overcrowded selling the same sh**. These drop shipping businesses are putting a new angle on what it is to be independent. Instantly anyone from any country can be thrown in the deep end in the hope they can paddle where they want to and eventually swim a four year marathon. This is simply not possible. Additives like chlorine effect the skin so they give them a rubber suit, they get thirsty so they give them a hat with two cans on either side and a straw. The eyes get sore so they give them occulous razor 3d glasses. Seriously this online technology thing is getting beyond the pale in so many avenues.

I say out of respect for Greece and to send out a powerful message of dissagrement to the rest of members still stuck in a fridgid cess pool. We should default on this June’s payment. If that does not work and they treat us like they treated Greece then we will know if I’m right. This forced voting on leave or stay came about because someone let the cat out the bag that we were all together massaging one another. Rubbing one anothers bulging pockets. Demolishing and building up the same buildings all around the world. Once a proven method sprouts up, the belief is that everyone will be happy with it. Again that is wrong. The price of all this things are free and costs nothing. IS this an example of British intelligence? No, its not. I do not speak for anyone other than myself and I am Manx, which means Frankly I do not care either way. But just for the record though, do not say I did not warn you.

I think we are in a unique position and should – like Europe try and strike a deal with other countries in our local area like Africa, Middle East, Turkey, Russia, America, Australasia, Argentina or anywhere really in South America and Canada. We don’t need some toads in Brussels telling us how to do things. We have already seen how they treat their own people and the nasty tricks they have pulled on their own people to take jobs away from people. Outsourcing North Korea and places like that. We did it too. I wonder where that sort of intelligence came from. Chances are it came from some dried out prune who is employing young bucks with a brain to do his dirty thinking for him. You see we live in this world worshipping sick and depressed people who are loose cannons just waiting to spill everything over each others motherlands mother-load.

If you take a look at how these countries treat their own and lets look at: do they like animals or not? What benefits do they provide. How much tax do they add to foods and commodities. Where are they on the teachability index. What reputation do these facilities have? Would you employ someone who could not look at you face to face to an inch of legible English. If you say no do you think they will understand what you mean. I not saying get out and show the bird, I am suggesting lets test the water see what these people do when pushed. We all know what the answers are we just have to be patient. If that means one more payment so be it. However in the long run if you are buying something that no longer feels the gap or tastes shady in anyway I say spit it out and start again. To many of us happy with our improved lot. Doesn’t matter whether you are chewing tobacco, blow vapes indoors into peoples faces or pumping iron in grotty gyms. If your happy and you know it clap your hands. After every speech like penguins we clap for these elected fools and chancers. I promise you they are all trying to sell something, or have already spent there whole 6 months of salary ok a solution that no longer works for them. They are scared but have the option of dipping into their family and neighbours pockets.

This is not like ringing someone’s doorbell and asking them for a glass of milk. This is about living in a society with no curtains with an open door for everyone to pop in, or down, relax and talk about all sorts of stuff. If you have something to say, say it, I am not recommending you spill it though like me. You might have someone around you to clear a lot of this stuff up for you. If that’s you then well done. But please keep your eyes and ears open, if you see anything that needs clearing up do that or let whoever needs to know who have the right tools to clean it up for you. You only have to look on the hughstreet to see how many people are being evicted. There is always something you can use yourself. Hopefully this sort of ammunition helps.

Wages Day 40 Years From Now N.B. I am very proud in Britain that we do not have gun culture like America after what is happening there. In this instance they are clearly not good role models to have. The European Union is no Barbie, Action Man or Beanie baby themselves. I feel if they did have some miniature mannequins they would use them to wipe all sorts of regions. That Drago is a right noodle, he has nothing I want. His team in Brussels that knowbody knows maybe enjoying a decent meal, have access to a decent shopping centre, live in a bubble and get paid more than Cameron. As you may suspect I am not overly impressed with anything they are doing. Quite frankly any funds we have in Britain should be used to bonus services and government posts who are doing job well done,  working and being happy.

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Conversational Hypnosis in the opening paragraph of a book and Hypnotic Gestures

Conversational Hypnosis in the opening paragraph of a book
Your going deeper and deeper in the very first paragraph. Authors understand in literature to ensure readers stay with your creative story you have to use basic techniques. We know today as conversational hypnosis dressed up as self hypnosis.

space ballsIf you go back and read all your favourite books first paragraphs’ you’ll find allsorts of mind control techniques to keep readers reading. They cleverly take you on a deep hypnotic journey with basic hooks commonly known as mesmerism techniques.

Linguistics and semantics are two topics that can transform any book worms knowledge of what’s happening. I mean why did you read that book in a day and others take days to get balance of the state of brain waves it takes to concentrate.

Conversational hypnosis starts with someone you trust next to you quietly speaking in a familiar way. At each point you go deeper into a relaxed state.

The information intake and correct use of writing techniques I put to you is what make people give books five stars.
Its easy to get locked into allsorts of literature.

However armed with this sort of hypnotic knowledge you will cringe rereading books. By using boring plain words in the title readers become comfortable.

Conversational And Hypnotic Gestures

Jamie Oliver Restaurant St PaulsIts all the rage again made popular by niche dating sites.

Tinder for example is a website used around the world to help you link up with opposite sex for a date.

And there is no mystery behind gossip magazines reporting about a guy divorcing his bride in the bridal sweet for non stop typing and texting on the old mobile phone.

Who came first the mobile phone or the new boyfriend?

These sites from the start indoctrinate the new member with tried and tested techniques used by other dating celebrities.

Those who have gone out and successfully done the do with a number of participants.

People joining usually have a friend who they speak to regularly on the phone.

Over the phone they learn through word of mouth or abbreviated text messages who have confessed to finding loads of birds on these sites, like it means anything to you.

Strictly for the lonely, you will learn how to refine your creative story.

Your profile is now loaded with simple quirky hooks to snag the opposite sex.

You mind yourself looking in the mirror doing persuasive mesmerism on yourself in-between meals and on first entering the dancehall.

And at the end if you are really clever you will keep a private diary in which you use clever semantics and linguistics to explain the date.

Its a numbers game rated 1 – 10, 10 being really good 1 being whatever your standards are.

Its the lowest of the low, but its popular and works every time.

And that is the old slight of hand technique whereby you pinch her bottom.

If she slaps you in the face and walks away she may have been a keeper.

If she takes it and smiles then she could be a go a.

If she does not even notice because her bums that big or was just not concentrating on the footsteps in the sands of time its difficult to decide.

These sorts of gestures can get you in trouble. We all have our own toolbox and its different stokes for different folks.

If dating is your thing learning tried and tested Hypnotic gestures and brushing up on your conversational skills will really help.


What is the difference between Loneliness and Lonesomeness?

What is the difference between Loneliness and Lonesomeness?

Good question to ask if you are interested in understanding the world around you. How do people operate and have a better incite into themselves. And how you can change to refit in the world.

A whole load of reasons really.

I think of you be strong and soak a lot of this stuff in it will really help.

A disclaimer this may also evoke a few realisations inside of you that you may need to medicate on. So with that said, emotional readers please leave now. I refuse to walk on eggs shells with this one.

I want you to fully soak up a lonely disposition so when you see and recognise it you be of more help. Or better still have an idea of where to go and who to speak about things.

You see a lot of things are toxic. People talk about toxic people and psychic vampires because inside they have many frustrations.

What one mans abuse is another mans inability to fit associate with people.

A lot of lonely symptoms. Just people wanting to be different. In a world in which we cannot see clear.

When the thinning veil is dropped, we are all the same.

The world stages curtains are pulled at the right time. They prevent the cat from getting out of the bag incase of the whole world imploding.

If you can handle heavy hitting topics read on. Else go some place else like Wikipedia, YouTube or something like this.

In answer to this entries question in a nutshell lonely people are just that; lonely, sad and alone. There is a point in their lives when they realise everything has turned to shit. Nothing works, they are not compatible with anyone and are happy all alone with the rest of the lonely. This condition amplifies itself in cities and built up areas.

Lonesomeness is completely different. Most of the things you see around you consumed are tailor made for these people.

They are ‘Happy’. Successful type people. Keep up with the Jones with kids that do well in schools. They sleep on water beds, wait scratch that.

Lonesomeness begins at home and is rampant on holiday resorts all around the world. those with this condition regardless of sex, race and upbringing feel at the end of their tether.

For years this for of things has been going on and know body seems to know anything to do about it. The solutions are subliminal. The acting out is shocking. And you wonder why the health and beauty industry is such a booming business.

The symptoms for years get plastered over and like a wrinkle cream on skin things become tight. They look at the young n single and think how did they squeeze into those drainpipes.

Secretly they wish to do up their own laces, instead they get their partners to strap up their high heel boots.

Who suffers from loneliness the most and what are the symptoms?

A lot of single people suffer from loneliness. Homeless people for example. With alcoholics and drug addicts its massive. Loads of people suffer from loneliness.

People with mental health problems can feel loneliness. Everyone around them it seems have turned their back on them.

Instead of looking for simple actions, they ponder on misplaced books.

William James, Thomas Aquinas are two theological writers. They often end up in the wrong section of the library. People and things like that.

They live in churches, spend time at car boot sales and markets selling nothing. People who bond with non one.

Loneliness comes about from neglect of everything. They look around and see themselves surrounded by physical objects. The dirty dishes or forgetting to open the curtains. Letting the rays of light in to do their thing is important to normal people.

Only the lonely know about the beauty of having a companion. The problem is it takes a time for them to understand how to treat other people let alone themselves.

The lonely are lonely because a few simple things go wrong. Every lesson a lonely person learns is a blessing instead of a hinderance.

Only the lonely will understand these five things:

  1. Loneliness begins at home.
  2. I’m so lonely I’ve just got to let you know…
  3. Only the lonely!! Do you ever feel like you are caught in a trap?
  4. Friends are like ships in the night.
  5. Its difficult to find love in a neglected loveless world.

The reasons for loneliness and why we now know more than any other time so much as we do about this ultimate time in someones life.

As a person ages they should look older, people around them look old.

Lonely people look in the mirror and see that young person fighting to get out.

Whilst there they congratulate on how well they are doing when in actual fact they could be doing a lot better. Its everyone else who has bags under the eyes.

They know the free tester products and are willing to recommend them to other people. However investing in anything like this seems ridiculous to them.

They want when to fear them and quake at their feet and when women look at them they want the ground they walk on to be worshipped.


Religion to a lonely person is a way of life, it provides the daily rituals to avoid getting into loving or sexual relationships.

Lonely people belief horology or theology is attractive when it isn’t, not like that anyway. They get mixed up with psychology and theology, who the authors are and who said what to whom.

A lot of people think the world is owed to them when in actual fact they eroding away the shores of the land. And like the shores of the land they have chalk brains.

That is they brush their teeth three times a day with fluoride that blocks of any healthy vitamins they pump with all good intentions into their own bodies.

They treat life intravenously instead of taking things outside and talking to the masses.

Many lonely people get away with it, they a born into an organisation or fit in really well.

If you tell them to do it they will do it. The down side of this is they are easily lead by the next pied piper in silly jock straps leading everyone he meets like rats to the outskirts of town.

What is the difference between Loneliness and Lonesomeness? Who suffers from Lonesomeness and what are the symptoms?

yellow loneliness

Only someone in a relationship suffering from lonesomeness can relate with these 5 things:

  1. When asked the thought of your partners death excites you.
  2. Your partner never listens to you and you find this frustrating.
  3. Your neighbours all seem to be having a good time and you resent that.
  4. If you had the time you would like to talk more. Nobody really loves you.
  5. If you took everything away and left it with just me I could excel more. Delusions and grandeur.

The songs from Spain if you break the words down explain a lot of what we are talking about today. The unrequented love songs tell stories of wow.

They let out the lonesomeness and make those surfing feel more understood. The lubrication of what best things money can buy drag these sorts of things out, they go on for years.

You could go all around the world on holiday together before either one of you suspects that inner hatred. And worst of all when news gets published they won’t even read it.

It seems you could plaster the walls with your thoughts about them and they still come back begging for more, fulfilling your every need like a robot.

All that pent up energy evokes all sorts of angels and demons. It won’t be long before your arguing again or you start creeping back up to win there favour when in actual fact you wish someone new would come along and beat the living daylights out of them.

You understand that not a lot of people know this stuff about you and are happy to settle with your lot. Like a casino you keep your chips close to you.

Strategically positioning yourself so the house always wins. This is why all the riches in the world means nothing to you. You want to notch things up a bit but to afraid to break a good thing.

The fruits of your loins the children will soon be all grown up and out of your hair, then what are you going to do?


What is the difference between Loneliness and Lonesomeness? Why is being in a relationship important to one person?

What values are attached to being in a relationship. More importantly how can a person suffering from lonesomeness repair relationships?

First they must admit to themselves they have these thoughts and feelings. Inner feelings of excitement of ending things, fantasies of people closed to them dying or just not being there anymore, without a care in the world.

Does the thought of people around you grovelling at your feet make you feel better or worse? Are you feeding the thoughts or quashing the feelings?

A lot of people know you and you know them, but do you or they know whats really going on inside each others heads.

When happy, financially secure and located in the right place at the right time but everything just seems like ground hog day, what can you and you partner do about these things.

I mean how do people who are in lonesomeness spice up the marriage when statistically the chances are very slim of a relationship continuing once the children have grown up and left the roost.

What is the difference between Loneliness and Lonesomeness? Why is being single the only solution and for another its being in a healthy relationship?

Single people wake up alone, they go shopping alone and find themselves at the top of the Eiffel Tower all alone. Everyone around them seem to be in a relationship.

In every instance happiness is overcome by feeling like a gooseberry. You can single these people out in a crowd because often they have hair like a gooseberry or kiwi.

Instead of pulling their hair out with frustration they shave it all of off.

And at the root of all there problems are other people. The reality is each of us are very powerful and capable of doing a lot of damage to ourselves. We are like Rambo! A one man army taking on the world.

The only solution for some is to climb a mountain and reside there till end of days.

The only solstice is found in flying kites, believing you can fly and constant push ups.

The best a loneliness person can do is put their hands up and be taken into boot camp or the nearest concentration camp where they can think clearly.

In contrast those women suffering from lonesomeness would get more out of being the madame running the show, whilst married they would also like everyone in the community to come to them and ask them questions.

The answers would be very simple: don’t be silly, lick my boots and would think twice about building a network of people to do nasty things to people.

Dish out nasty waves of punishment at the drop of a hat and all sorts of other forms of chaos.

To brush under the carpet the fact that if their partner passed away secretly they would be well pleased.

robert bridge mobile mediaInside they light up at the thought of the very one they rely on disappearing.

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1001 comments for you to read

1001 comments came in his week about my blog from other bloggers asking me how I do what I do rather than publish a heap of similar comments I am making this post for you.

As much as I appreciate comments here on when the same questions come up thousands of times I feel it my duty to answer them. Equally I take notes about which areas of my website they are happening. Often as constructive these comments maybe, they are not being published due to some simple things, I shall explain to you here these parameters here too.

Whatever the case maybe whenever commenting there are a couple of hoops that most bloggers understand. Generally the blogs I read have real comments from people who use a Gravatar when posting. This gives a link to your Gravatar profile and in return I get to put a name to face.

If this seems a bit daunting to you or the software you use to comment restricts you from doing this and your using keywords instead of using your name to comment then seriously you re wasting time here. Equally if you want to sign up and register with an email that does not have these thing’s I have no choice other than delete you from the mainframe.

So with that said and all those tips out the way, I shall in future refer you here to read about any other faqs not already provided for you on what’s it all about Alfie and all that Jazz.

1001 similar questions bundled into bullet points

The links above are all internal links so there is little concern for you travelling from one page to another…

…I am only to aware of being sent around the roundabout a few times, I am here to help. If you want to know which comment boxes I use here is the information and settings that I use here on

WordPress comments are on, Askimet spam filter is on and is linked with WordPressdotcom with the required key. The fonts used are chosen within the customised settings. I use a child theme so as not to disrupt the original theme and any other defaults that come with it. The settings in WordPress are very simple…

…I tick as few boxes as possible and untick many default settings so my inbox remains untouched and still in an orderly fashion. As already mentioned I use Gravatars so if you use your synced email it will show your name and your picture will be alongside your comment, its great becuase if you do this other people can link up with you on your blog or social media haunts.


Around the bush we go again

look over there squirrels?2016. Here we are a new month, the start of a new moon after a full one. The squirrels start gathering nuts in May. A media stockpile of things to nibble throughout summer as we think about wrapping up Spring like a Walnut Whip.

As schools come near a close and exams get written the yard takes on a new atmosphere. Together we can celebrate the coming in of Beltane, a chance for readers to honour the land, share gifts and spiral dance around the Maypole singing ‘Here we go gathering nuts in May’ a ‘Ring a ring of roses’ and hum the Wickerman pub guest house scene.


The mulberry bush is the old shopping centre. A place to explore all around, sit down eat, drink and act Merry. A place where people consider taking on board new contracts and renew each others annual or eighteenth month vows. A sudden realisation of how handfasting seems in the hand. Tactility plays a vital role in these matters although the topic of that recent text message becomes difficult to fathom.

No rhythm, no reason, no time and saying no to new offers at phone calls with people on the other end digging at straws. Pulling straws, short straws, long straws, missed straws. What I tend to do and reccomend to all my mates is add these numbers to your contacts as blocked numbers with a chosen ringtone so when they phone you don’t waste energy flapping to find your phone. Start these blocked contact user names with the letters so you do not see them regularly in your contact lisps.

technology social marketA lot of people have a very basic script to follow. Telesales companies have and try out allsorts of new characters, who claim to have skills well beyond the usual 21 keys to the door type character’s. Especially since we move into another 5th season, people want to be ready for Summer Samian and Christmas pudding vacations. Keen to get on the phone practising all sorts of supposedly new disruptive neurolinguistics, mind control, dark arts oozing to get out. But when push comes to shove and you answer they just hang up. Smart phone users Google the number. These numbers always show up. Just block if you can, if not just add to contacts and change their annoying ringtone.

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Sunny April Entry 2016

April has been a funny month, someone must of touched a nerve or something because many people I hear are experiencing a new set of thoughts and feelings.

I say, good news for those in the parts of the UK that are experiencing similar weather experiences. April is always a time for unusual temperatures. One minute it’s raining the next you are sweating and it’s sunny outside.

I love the weather, a lot of people here in the UK claim the similar things, the sun really brings out the best in us. I also like when people have something to say, especially if it’s something different. As bloggers we come across all sorts of stuff, I am not sure if this is exclusive to WordPrress.

WordPress comments in my long experience with them is 9.9 of them are made with known spam emails, why is that you think? What sort of hacker software could be causing such difficulties and where is it scraping such particulars.

The whole world is a stage and there is not one country I can pinpoint that is guilty of all this stuff. I do however understand why people might want links from my sites.

The thing is those link builders are using low rate free forum links, blogs and video site links to my website. The links are well known and always get spotted by Askimet spam filters.

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, after all I know all about successful strategies for Link building in 2016. It’s a gift, not everyone are blessed with these gifts and rely heavily on tools (complete tools).


London is no longer a spring chicken

The bluebells are out and spring is in full bloom here in London.
You never know who you might meet here in the city people are inept at all sorts of stuff.
People practising Wasabi, Aikido, Kick boxing, Cage fighting, Judo and all kinds of things.
If you want to relax you can find plenty of things to do in the city. There are now lots of interesting walks, museums to go to and people to meet.
A lot of people do Yoga here in London, mainly becuase classes are offered so regularly in various places.
Other alternatives are Tai Bo, Line dancing and Thai Chi. You can also try green tea before any meal. There are other Chinese herbs but its not easy to find stockists here in London.

This post is about finding things, market research, business reporting and looking inside and outside the box.
Doing stuff before you start is really good. You should know if it is right for you. The Dragons Den business book tells you all about it.
Often you find yourself talking to someone who is ready to exit. They have done as much as they can or perhaps just wanting to move onto newer things.
All day everyday people are finding themselves in all kinds of situations. Some call it there calling. However family get effected when people chaining themselves to railings.
Business is about being diplomatic about things. And lets face it a lot of business people are complete control freaks. This can be you, what motivates you and what is you USP?
Its easy to get caught up in the mind control of the media or, likewise get caught up in other peoples business. If you know them and they know you all sorts of stuff can happen.

hi buddyMany people feel like they owe somebody something, that is why they stick around so long. There are other ways to make people slaves, I am not going to go on about that here though.
Doing the right market research requires asking a series of the right questions then answering them yourselves.
The fact is no one else gives a hoot about your business, thats why I say you are better of speaking to yourself.
Less chance of getting hurt and more probability of you understanding at the foundation level what you are trying to say.
You can apply all sorts of basic maths and depending on how much you have to lose you can go out registering all sorts of things.
A great tip I learned at a speaker pitch fest was find out what other unsuccessful people are doing and do completely the opposite.
You see these sorts of people called Boks everyday in every city never mind London.
They go in the bookies or at the races and place a bet and everyone rip up there similar bets because they just know its not going to win.
I got that from a Yo Ghotti movie on YouTube. You can learn a lot from YouTube though you will learn a lot more in a library.
Make your research environment as tidy as you like it. Make sure you find out and use the basic tools.

Find out the leading books and websites.

Use your own intuitive knowledge and spend most of your time reading this, then go out there and look for whatever it is you are looking for.


Words are very powerful especially when writing big sentences

Writing helps piece together all those juicy bits of info.

The information gathered highlights long, complex sentences and common errors; if you see a juicy bit of info, bookmark or share it. We all strive to be better writers, your style of writing is targeted at base level, conventional wisdom goes out the window, you must fathom base solutions— try softening things up a little by introducing missing parts of the story.

If you want to use logic over rhythm and reason things may get lost. Then a good idea is short and shrift.

The main body of your article should circumference and suggest solutions for your titles problem. We pick allsorts of stuff and highlight things with allsorts of colours, in order to make our point.

The information we provide should line in sync which the correct intonation for whatever it is we are saying.  These solutions are not rocket science.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the bullshit of other bystanders statements because the truth is out there.

You should not let other peoples perceptions distract you from the points you want to make. This is sensationalism, however as your own tabloid you control all the hype building up to your breaking news narrative.

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The Journey of Music

I have never really spoke about music which is weird because I spend a portion of my time listening to all sorts of sounds. Musical instruments have grown as the global village collides with other cultures. The beat of the drum in one side of the world brings new information to another. These things can take time to process and find its place. Sometimes it is an ad agency who cottons on to the rhythm and uses the tune frame a new car in the consumers eyes from the ears. Other times it just lies rusty on some CD rack for years until someone or some company finds a practical use for it. I like music because it evokes all sorts of thoughts and feelings. Like a Mechanical Bride it sets the scene for the occasion. The problem with music is that not all sounds are everybody’s cup of tea. The music is at times to distracting, or the DJ is out of sync and sorts.

And it’s easy to get bogged down with the new sound, well it used to be anyway. I like when a young composer is born and immediately comes with a knowledge, pattern and shape of things to come. The reality is know every note has already been studied and like any good DJ these days, music is just a hodge podge of riffs already created.

a journey to music

The artists of the past like scientists of today studied sounds and the effects. They found certain sequence of notes created impressionable memories that stood out. From the outside these sounds could in effect replace any negative thoughts and struggles, equally these sounds could interrupt some important work of someone who knows and likes what they are already doing. This could be another reason why we all have different tastes. Which brings me onto the next important point I would like to convey.
When I first studied music at school we listened to Strauss, Listz, Mozart, Chopin and Scott Joplin. I liked the Scott Joplin so I decided to learn how to play the piano which I paid for my own lessons by doing a paper round. It was a chalenging round up a hill called Bradda. The great parts were the shop was on the same hill and coming back was great. The hill was so steep the volocity on my racer bike was pretty quick. This was before the days of head phones and walkmans. Anyway my piano instructor died on the piano waiting for me to arrive for a lesson. She was in her eighties, I feel like I have told this story numerous times before the ebony and ivory was stained with tobacco, her nails were the same, long and brown. Anyway my excuse is I had apendix removed. Mrs Williams was a good piano teacher and when I could remember I liked playing music that somebody had already written, Christmas songs etc.
Her death and the pain of having appendix removed made an impression on me and caused a lot of worry for family members, friends at school and the nurses at hospital. My pops was great, as a gift for getting through the operation he got me a Star Wars watch with R2D2 and C3P0 on its face. I am not sure when I first got into electonic music. The age of the computer I can clearly remember and the traces of electronic music in bands is going to be tricky but I give it my best shot. I was only seven so it must have been late 78 or 79.
I watched Star Wars with my pops at the cinema, I have seen that film a few times at the cinema. I liked the game on the Isle of Man in the arcade. They had Tron and a Star Wars game next to it that moved up and down as you destroyed the X Wings and entered the Death Star. The music when attributed with the popularity and futuristic things made a big impression enough to spend 50p a go or £1.00 for three goes. I also liked Qu Ebert, Tron, Tarzan Mr Do and allsorts of games. Anything to keep me away from the flashing lights of fruit machines. Sounds were coming from all directions in the penny arcades. From slides to prices earned through scooping them up on a building site.
These were the real marketers, they worked on building sites and did all the ground work. I can see them now behind the keyboard typing in their dusty boots to pay for auto responder fees and holidays. Behind every sports car and musicians condo is a genius waiting to get out. I miss my pops though he passed away on a machine in hospital that was keeping him alive after a brain seizure 4 or 5 years ago. I will take a break but I promise to continue cronocholing music and what music means to me. Thank you.

The Power Of Now And Brain Patterns

Right now your brain is changing, its always changing because of the surrounding fluids. Your ability to stay in the now is fired up by brains. Arguably you have three brains and we will get to that argument a bit later on (everyone loves a critical argument true or false…). The brain has various functions which create allsorts problems when things go wrong and getting to the bottom of what is going on inside the brain is not easy to determine. The parts of the brain for example to frontal cortex or the corpuses coliseum, the orbital area around the eyes we know much about. Also the 70+ part of the brain we know enough about to dismiss theories or improving percentages of the brains with alternative methods. It would be great to make a pill that makes everybody clever at trading, but that is not going to happen sometime soon. What we can do is take extra care to protect the brain. Understanding what is going on is winning the first part of the battle. Especially if normal people suddenly act strangely. We know this from research done on the damaged frontal cortex and get hereditary ideas from your family history, like any illness the brain has a family resemblance to either one or both of your parents. On top of all this there are loads of clichés that we use in English Language (and I guess other languages) that add to the mysterious brain. He’s a bright spark. They had a hunch (spinal tap). It was more than a gut feeling, it was something he could feel in his bones. Like the 70% part of the brain we don’t use the inside of bones (marrow) is as pointless as the 70% of the brain we do not use. We carry this mush about with us everywhere we go. In the bones and brains, so is it little wonder pains in the neck occur. When the frontal lobe is damaged however we can see the symptoms first hand. For example when people become extra brave or overly unusually aroused its safe to assume to slice of damage has been done to the frontal cortex. Similarly the orbital area lower down can be effected when someone has a stroke, if again for example a parent had a stroke at a certain age you might want to bookmark that because it maybe you can prevent something similar happening to you. As in computers not all brains are wired the same. There is no safety helmet that is going to protect you. A spectrometer is one of those printers that are supposed to show brain patterns to highlight the truth. This is one way why people use clichés about the bowels being part of the brain that gives away whether someone is telling the truth. Certain bowel movements are said to give the game away, along with spinal jitters and facial twitches. Anyone with knowledge surely can learn how to override these tell tale deviances. You see the brain patterns are intricate as the knitting patterns we see our grandma doing as a challenge from the usual norm.