Sunny April Entry 2016

April has been a funny month, someone must of touched a nerve or something because many people I hear are experiencing a new set of thoughts and feelings.

I say, good news for those in the parts of the UK that are experiencing similar weather experiences. April is always a time for unusual temperatures. One minute it’s raining the next you are sweating and it’s sunny outside.

I love the weather, a lot of people here in the UK claim the similar things, the sun really brings out the best in us. I also like when people have something to say, especially if it’s something different. As bloggers we come across all sorts of stuff, I am not sure if this is exclusive to WordPrress.

WordPress comments in my long experience with them is 9.9 of them are made with known spam emails, why is that you think? What sort of hacker software could be causing such difficulties and where is it scraping such particulars.

The whole world is a stage and there is not one country I can pinpoint that is guilty of all this stuff. I do however understand why people might want links from my sites.

The thing is those link builders are using low rate free forum links, blogs and video site links to my website. The links are well known and always get spotted by Askimet spam filters.

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, after all I know all about successful strategies for Link building in 2016. It’s a gift, not everyone are blessed with these gifts and rely heavily on tools (complete tools).

London is no longer a spring chicken

The bluebells are out and spring is in full bloom here in London.
You never know who you might meet here in the city people are inept at all sorts of stuff.
People practising Wasabi, Aikido, Kick boxing, Cage fighting, Judo and all kinds of things.
If you want to relax you can find plenty of things to do in the city. There are now lots of interesting walks, museums to go to and people to meet.
A lot of people do Yoga here in London, mainly becuase classes are offered so regularly in various places.
Other alternatives are Tai Bo, Line dancing and Thai Chi. You can also try green tea before any meal. There are other Chinese herbs but its not easy to find stockists here in London.

This post is about finding things, market research, business reporting and looking inside and outside the box.
Doing stuff before you start is really good. You should know if it is right for you. The Dragons Den business book tells you all about it.
Often you find yourself talking to someone who is ready to exit. They have done as much as they can or perhaps just wanting to move onto newer things.
All day everyday people are finding themselves in all kinds of situations. Some call it there calling. However family get effected when people chaining themselves to railings.
Business is about being diplomatic about things. And lets face it a lot of business people are complete control freaks. This can be you, what motivates you and what is you USP?
Its easy to get caught up in the mind control of the media or, likewise get caught up in other peoples business. If you know them and they know you all sorts of stuff can happen.

hi buddyMany people feel like they owe somebody something, that is why they stick around so long. There are other ways to make people slaves, I am not going to go on about that here though.
Doing the right market research requires asking a series of the right questions then answering them yourselves.
The fact is no one else gives a hoot about your business, thats why I say you are better of speaking to yourself.
Less chance of getting hurt and more probability of you understanding at the foundation level what you are trying to say.
You can apply all sorts of basic maths and depending on how much you have to lose you can go out registering all sorts of things.
A great tip I learned at a speaker pitch fest was find out what other unsuccessful people are doing and do completely the opposite.
You see these sorts of people called Boks everyday in every city never mind London.
They go in the bookies or at the races and place a bet and everyone rip up there similar bets because they just know its not going to win.
I got that from a Yo Ghotti movie on YouTube. You can learn a lot from YouTube though you will learn a lot more in a library.
Make your research environment as tidy as you like it. Make sure you find out and use the basic tools.

Find out the leading books and websites.

Use your own intuitive knowledge and spend most of your time reading this, then go out there and look for whatever it is you are looking for.

Words are very powerful especially when writing big sentences

Writing helps piece together all those juicy bits of info.

The information gathered highlights long, complex sentences and common errors; if you see a juicy bit of info, bookmark or share it. We all strive to be better writers, your style of writing is targeted at base level, conventional wisdom goes out the window, you must fathom base solutions— try softening things up a little by introducing missing parts of the story.

If you want to use logic over rhythm and reason things may get lost. Then a good idea is short and shrift.

The main body of your article should circumference and suggest solutions for your titles problem. We pick allsorts of stuff and highlight things with allsorts of colours, in order to make our point.

The information we provide should line in sync which the correct intonation for whatever it is we are saying.  These solutions are not rocket science.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the bullshit of other bystanders statements because the truth is out there.

You should not let other peoples perceptions distract you from the points you want to make. This is sensationalism, however as your own tabloid you control all the hype building up to your breaking news narrative.

The Journey of Music

I have never really spoke about music which is weird because I spend a portion of my time listening to all sorts of sounds. Musical instruments have grown as the global village collides with other cultures. The beat of the drum in one side of the world brings new information to another. These things can take time to process and find its place. Sometimes it is an ad agency who cottons on to the rhythm and uses the tune frame a new car in the consumers eyes from the ears. Other times it just lies rusty on some CD rack for years until someone or some company finds a practical use for it. I like music because it evokes all sorts of thoughts and feelings. Like a Mechanical Bride it sets the scene for the occasion. The problem with music is that not all sounds are everybody’s cup of tea. The music is at times to distracting, or the DJ is out of sync and sorts.

And it’s easy to get bogged down with the new sound, well it used to be anyway. I like when a young composer is born and immediately comes with a knowledge, pattern and shape of things to come. The reality is know every note has already been studied and like any good DJ these days, music is just a hodge podge of riffs already created.

a journey to music

The artists of the past like scientists of today studied sounds and the effects. They found certain sequence of notes created impressionable memories that stood out. From the outside these sounds could in effect replace any negative thoughts and struggles, equally these sounds could interrupt some important work of someone who knows and likes what they are already doing. This could be another reason why we all have different tastes. Which brings me onto the next important point I would like to convey.
When I first studied music at school we listened to Strauss, Listz, Mozart, Chopin and Scott Joplin. I liked the Scott Joplin so I decided to learn how to play the piano which I paid for my own lessons by doing a paper round. It was a chalenging round up a hill called Bradda. The great parts were the shop was on the same hill and coming back was great. The hill was so steep the volocity on my racer bike was pretty quick. This was before the days of head phones and walkmans. Anyway my piano instructor died on the piano waiting for me to arrive for a lesson. She was in her eighties, I feel like I have told this story numerous times before the ebony and ivory was stained with tobacco, her nails were the same, long and brown. Anyway my excuse is I had apendix removed. Mrs Williams was a good piano teacher and when I could remember I liked playing music that somebody had already written, Christmas songs etc.
Her death and the pain of having appendix removed made an impression on me and caused a lot of worry for family members, friends at school and the nurses at hospital. My pops was great, as a gift for getting through the operation he got me a Star Wars watch with R2D2 and C3P0 on its face. I am not sure when I first got into electonic music. The age of the computer I can clearly remember and the traces of electronic music in bands is going to be tricky but I give it my best shot. I was only seven so it must have been late 78 or 79.
I watched Star Wars with my pops at the cinema, I have seen that film a few times at the cinema. I liked the game on the Isle of Man in the arcade. They had Tron and a Star Wars game next to it that moved up and down as you destroyed the X Wings and entered the Death Star. The music when attributed with the popularity and futuristic things made a big impression enough to spend 50p a go or £1.00 for three goes. I also liked Qu Ebert, Tron, Tarzan Mr Do and allsorts of games. Anything to keep me away from the flashing lights of fruit machines. Sounds were coming from all directions in the penny arcades. From slides to prices earned through scooping them up on a building site.
These were the real marketers, they worked on building sites and did all the ground work. I can see them now behind the keyboard typing in their dusty boots to pay for auto responder fees and holidays. Behind every sports car and musicians condo is a genius waiting to get out. I miss my pops though he passed away on a machine in hospital that was keeping him alive after a brain seizure 4 or 5 years ago. I will take a break but I promise to continue cronocholing music and what music means to me. Thank you.

The Power Of Now And Brain Patterns

Right now your brain is changing, its always changing because of the surrounding fluids. Your ability to stay in the now is fired up by brains. Arguably you have three brains and we will get to that argument a bit later on (everyone loves a critical argument true or false…). The brain has various functions which create allsorts problems when things go wrong and getting to the bottom of what is going on inside the brain is not easy to determine. The parts of the brain for example to frontal cortex or the corpuses coliseum, the orbital area around the eyes we know much about. Also the 70+ part of the brain we know enough about to dismiss theories or improving percentages of the brains with alternative methods. It would be great to make a pill that makes everybody clever at trading, but that is not going to happen sometime soon. What we can do is take extra care to protect the brain. Understanding what is going on is winning the first part of the battle. Especially if normal people suddenly act strangely. We know this from research done on the damaged frontal cortex and get hereditary ideas from your family history, like any illness the brain has a family resemblance to either one or both of your parents. On top of all this there are loads of clichés that we use in English Language (and I guess other languages) that add to the mysterious brain. He’s a bright spark. They had a hunch (spinal tap). It was more than a gut feeling, it was something he could feel in his bones. Like the 70% part of the brain we don’t use the inside of bones (marrow) is as pointless as the 70% of the brain we do not use. We carry this mush about with us everywhere we go. In the bones and brains, so is it little wonder pains in the neck occur. When the frontal lobe is damaged however we can see the symptoms first hand. For example when people become extra brave or overly unusually aroused its safe to assume to slice of damage has been done to the frontal cortex. Similarly the orbital area lower down can be effected when someone has a stroke, if again for example a parent had a stroke at a certain age you might want to bookmark that because it maybe you can prevent something similar happening to you. As in computers not all brains are wired the same. There is no safety helmet that is going to protect you. A spectrometer is one of those printers that are supposed to show brain patterns to highlight the truth. This is one way why people use clichés about the bowels being part of the brain that gives away whether someone is telling the truth. Certain bowel movements are said to give the game away, along with spinal jitters and facial twitches. Anyone with knowledge surely can learn how to override these tell tale deviances. You see the brain patterns are intricate as the knitting patterns we see our grandma doing as a challenge from the usual norm.

Thinking you can help and exercising your ability to help

Thinking you can help is one thing but actually thinking and exercising this ability is another and as you will find out can have a big strain on the brain. Other peoples stuff it seems is all around us, your perception to understand thoughts and feelings is one thing. Whilst being able to help other people as well as your self with practical wants and needs is another. Getting to a position of trust requires a few examples of success. With that in mind I am going to write today about a couple of films that address this topic. I also want to cover the digestion of various things. Food is one but media is another. Everyday another film comes out just as every year universities commission new books and new ways of looking at the current state of the media. This has to be digested and the effects of this I think are showing on people in different ways. This theory is not my own however I have not seen it too many places. Hopefully to many of you this new information will help you and if there is any overload I shall cover myself by offering you a few Alka Seltzer settlers to reduce the bloating (Read on to find out more please).

Why do we try and help other people in the first place, I mean what makes you think you are qualified to do anything?

♠ The landscape has definitely changed and as a consequence more books are being published, new articles on blogs are being made which is making an effect on the media. When I say media I mean the news, films, documentaries, broad sheets, tabloids and niche mags. Like a game of dominoes anyone can play once they know the rules. The media makes it easier for us to consume information. Agree or disagree there are equal effects that none of us can talk about from one place or another of real qualification. That said we all with the confidence instilled with new information have the power to execute new skills. We do not have to access the higher self to do this unless of course we are employed to do this sort of thing. I would like to tell you that the oppurtunity to get involved has increased though I am convinced the red tape that comes with digital qualifications has diminished everyones ability to get involved. Its also easy to see how minds are being swayed by the latest gimmicks. The more you spend in this world of digesting things you will never be able to use yourself which in-turn expands your stomachs: Your belly, your cranium  (Lemmings) and well you can imagine where the other influencer is.

We wave around opinions and quick reactions to things without drawing upon what we already know. The world of academia teaches us to stretch it out and make people really earn the right to understand these helpful revelations of writing stories. So now you must help in order to remember and I submit to you that is perhaps why the thought of being qualified enough is a valid thought. The problem seems to be although new information is good its often already been looked at and hardly relevant. Half of the gimmicks we read about now and simply exploring old bodies of text in a new way. So in a way you are under and illusion thinking you are learning something new and doing something in a different way. The energy you expel has to go someway and ways heavy as a stone on these various stomachs. The elasticity of the brain is also being tested.

Who make the best helpers and why do they do what they do if they are not getting paid?

Helping from the heart is different to helping from the stomach. We do not have a choice in the matter. Doctors will tell you that it is not a gift you have but something else. Watch the film with John Travolta in it. In the film a light comes and gives him knowledge. His brain and heart rate increase making him want to help people. The solutions he has work and he shares and helps every Tom, Dick and Harry in the village.

The ones around him (including doctors) are concerned because they can see all this racing around helping other people is sure to send him to an early grave. They even give him a Cat scan to find out what goes where. The film is several years old but I liked it. Its a family film from 2008. Anyway John Travolta does not get paid for helping farmers in the village; helping them to increase their yield of crops a year. Or factories in how to get more done in the day, to giving advice to the barman on how to run his pub.

It sounds silly I know but the reality is some people are blessed. Then there is this idea that everyone has there place and can be relied as such to follow through for years and years with the help and support a winning team needs. This is rarely the case though.

Most of us are so wrapped up in our own commitments its difficult to contribute by throwing out broad nets. Fishing around is not for everyone, most people go for one fish, they use the same bait, are sure of the time and date when best to get a good catch. Selling has always been part of fishmongers or chilled department of supermarkets but there is a chain of events that happen before the fish ends up wrapped in foil and tossed into the cleanly scrubbed oven. The best helpers I think are those who’s interests depend on what needs to be done.

Often something has happened in their lifetime that has cultivated the desire to get involved in this particular team. And when the oppurtunity rears its head they jump onto it like a crocodile does to stalk.

Being paid is not the goal, the goal is watching things chug over smoothly, or the goal might be to see some development that is going to help rather than hinder. A solution rather than a problem. Simple stuff for simple people with time on their sides. Be sure though to exercise properly because everything you eat, every film you watch and every new lecture that fills you up with knowledge is going to weigh heavy on your stomachs.

Thinking and exercising is never a simple process, this is why it is great to have friends you can talk to outside of the team you getting involved with. Confidentiality is important but being able to randomly explore mistakes before they happen is one sure fire way of you making yourself and even better valued member of anything that is set to succeed.


Writing Stories On The Backend Of Older Authors Successes

Writing stories to create a posh cv.

This post is all about writing stories and reading into other authors successes to improve your own story. We go into the various techniques used in day to day writing, from times when the only real means of residual stay at home dads income was writing. Not just writing for the sake of it rather writing stories in various unique styles and repeating this throughout book after book. Blogging is a little bit like booking in that its available online for everyone to read. The only difference is when writing these stories you don’t have to pay for it.

I like to start of a lot of my articles with a mind map, granted I have not done this for a while however I do recommend it and I will go on a little bit about that later on. Basically its just another one of those ways to keep me focused when writing. Its so easy to go of topic when talking about other peoples stuff, that said if I cannot improve my writing with the greatest novels ever written and find out how to read into why it was so successful then its difficult for me to explain how I am growing as a writer. An automated writer would argue the toss, however if truly the writing is automated then surely they know from which source the information they are receiving is coming from. It is so easy to read a book, retrieve something special and end up squeezing it into your own narrated story.

writing storiesPlagiarism has never been so rife. What I like about finding out all about great authors and what they did so well, is an educational takeaway that can only raise awareness of these things.

He started of out with a comforting arm around the shoulders simultaneously asking did you enjoy the bit when he took you into what it meant to him friendship? What comfort did you find in the way he asked such simple questions?

Do you think his introductions came at a pace that suited the best introduction and better still for every original simple fictional introduction to you ever think at some point like a wine connoisseur you will be able to trace the original styles, tempo’s and order of things from books of the past that sold out quicker than you could say Amazon Rain Forrest.

Becoming a connoisseur of writing stories takes time

The connoisseur of time I would imagine would have like the mind map three tree’s on consciousness and in his mind he would start of with a central image. The plan of writing stories can act like a skeleton in the biology closet, you pull it out and go from there. And the human factor will help you get from where you started out and act like a spell checker at the end to see you ticked all the boxes.

When you talk to yourself and struggle to understand or hear what it is you are saying then how do you expect for anyone else to hear whatever it is you said. Or more importantly at what point do you think the reader is going to throw away the desire to finish reading whatever it is you are nibbling under your breath.

In the media there can be more than one excuse for this sort of behaviour, but as we find out no one cares really about the excuse all they actually care about in communications for example is how are you going to fix the unamplified sound.

Perhaps you need someone else to articulate what it is you are saying when writing stories.

You might want to write it and get an actor to read it out for you. If they are a good actor they may even put their own experience into the script. The human touch can alter simple scripts which on paper look bland and basically nothing to write home about. Again hand signals, facial expressions and nostril twitching are all attraction factors that determine whether a viewer ( and reader ) will want to gravitate towards your characters in your story. If you have a team of people you want to do a Q & A to find out what couple of paragraphs you can add to their team who are writing stories.

In each story everyone should seem unique and the name should extenuate (highlight) who they are. Every story for example has a good guy. Other stories have bad guys and usually in between in a heroine who is expectedly going to go through some sort of hardship or be caught between the good and bad.

The agendas now have changed and if you wish to magnetise readers then these traditional narratives have changed. We see this in newer films where stereotypical people are portrayed in surprising ways, almost reaching out to the newer original village idiots. Good luck with writing stories.

Black Book: A List of Things and People

Who do you listen too? Can you trust your intuition? Are you taking ample notes? These are three minor examples of how a black book can help you. In this article I go into three simple strategies to take slim, short notes. My hope is to inform you about the history behind the list of names and things. And as ever is just a bit of fun. Its merely me doing my thing. This is not a scary post about how to bind shadow work that you do in a home made almanac or is it about a film set in some camp during World War II. Again there is nothing secret about what you read here although I like to think this is the stuff ‘they’ whoever they are don’t want you to know about.


First of all let me explain why I use the term black book and in what context; its simply a book of contacts with spare pages for action based steps you can take at a later date. Once you have made and read the list of people you want in your sphere of influence (people who inspire you to do whatever it is you want to do yourself/ Whatever you are already doing and wish to be a leader in or most active having success with. Over time you can go back and reference your research. Maybe buy a new book (any colour will do) and make your own tree of life, connect the dots and form a huggable family tree. This will help you in two ways: one a sense of being alone will be lost and more importantly perhaps give you an outside perspective of your own blurbs and things.

Robert D Bridge image

If you have a photographic memory or adept at the art of mnemonics you can store everything in your head. If like me you have a top cupboard full of lever archer files, by using the little black book you will be able to condense down those moments in time when you wish you had a pen a paper. Also it over time helps you distinguish between the words said, those words extenuated (listen very carefully, write this down!) kind of things that people especially sales people say to knock you of track. When you do here something and the brain processes what has been just said in relevance to what you are trying to is time to write that down. Especially if the person speaking is one of the names you have been listed in your black book.


For other peoples reference and there own development space filling better write down these uneducated inflections and at the end during Q&A let them have it big time. Like Guy Kawasaki said in a academic speech when asked at the end of his speech about the top ten things they don’t want you to know about. The question went something along the lines of “Apple or Mac” for which he responsibly replied that’s like asking the pope Catholicism or Protestants.

robert b imageThe key thing is to follow your own joy and hopefully a pattern will emerge and on the edge of this you can scribe little doodles that help the brain daydream. If you are looking for something original or ten percent better then these rules can apply to anyone. There is no law to this that dictates whether you are on the right track and there should be no fear about anyone looking in your little book getting wise ideas.

Along the way you will find the tools you need. List these tools and when any of them become obsolete or unable to deliver the results they used to then delete them (but be sure to replace them with something similar, more up to date that does similar things. If the thing you are trying to communicate is about social networking then go about replacing that social network with another one. Its really not rocket science. Anyone can do this stuff. And you will be amazed what you will find a few years from now in that black book: A list of Things and People.

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Improve Your Typing On Computer

A question people ask me when starting out on computer is how to type quicker. This question comes before they even have an email let alone a Facebook account. There are many books on how to write with certain software. Many assume it’s costly and needs supervision. This post is for people who already have a computer and want to type quicker.

Traditional computer keyboards with keys that have all icons and buttons in place helps when starting out because if you do not know the basic order of the keys and cannot make out one of them it can throw you a bit. Avoid that rabbit on the road mentality by checking all the basics are in place. If it’s a new computer you have nothing to worry about. These new keyboards look finnerky, flat and at times different to traditional desktop keyboards however like your smartphone the keys are in the correct place.

Associating yourself with the structure of the keys  whilst single finger typing is good for these new digital products. How now if you want to speed write like a real secretary in 2015 on-line you should do on-line exercises and download cd’s that help you associate a few letters with each fingertips of both hands.

These exercises general include single letter associations and omni directional attributes with clusters of letters. The use of spell checkers again has speeded up the on-line writing. Even if you have good typewriter skills its good to brush up on typing digitally.

Remember it is not a race. Depending on what sort of keyboard you have in front of you whilst typing, laptop or PC, tablet or mobile the results will be different. Even experienced on-line writers will be surprised how many words can be typed in an allotted time. Also your posture determines a lot of how you are doing. Knowing that your posture at home is good will also help you in the long run. Particularly if you spend a lot of time at your computer.

By doing typing exercises you will give yourself a boost before writing. Below I will provide a few links that can help with this process.

Also below I have included an on-line simple course that will help you attribute the keys, the position of keys in relation to the cluster of keys I mentioned above.

  • Lesson One Type On-line
  • Mashable – Five ways to improve your typing online
  • Type Racer – Measure Your Words

So there you go, if you a looking for a course to get started try your local library. If you are wise and can access a computer before getting one at home, then these skills will help you stay one step ahead of the curve.

homeRobert Bridge.

Credit: Image from My New Tech Blogspot

The Wooden Ruler: Getting to Grips with Learning through Discipline

Remember the wooden ruler? Deddies and bambinoes? Chinese burns and the cricket bat? If so like me you come from an educational background that at that time needed discipline.

It’s a controversial subject, though I feel it needs raising as more and more people get mobile phones and forget to mute or better still turn it of competently.

Rather than go back in time to bring back methods that no longer work, I want to explain how the wooden ruler played a part in society’s. What are your views on the wooden ruler?

I elaborate a little bit more to help you focus and keep you on track.

If you are listening then what did I just say about… Silence, wrong answers, hand out and point out with the wooden ruler. It makes a great point and also helps distinguish between millimetres and centimetres.

The media then included a chalk board with an over the top signature and the great thing about the provided text books was a light relief from the often unreadable chalked string of slanted letters. And if everyone became to loud you would launch what’s left of that piece of chalk in the direction of the disruption.

Nowadays we have electric laser pointers and shiny greaseboard with fancy colours and a variety of nibs to improve upon the calligraphy if need be.

And if there is any disruptions we have frequencies to sort things out.

Neurolinguistics has replaced the iron glove.

In sports we still see the same props but there is not as much need for no pain no gain.

We in 2015 now have access to the education we need in the hands and evoked this year’s ago with Christian mantras and youthful songs.

‘We got the whole wide world in our hands’.

This information is good but whilst teaching or guidance is taking place they need to be turned off.

Rapping the knuckles to change this is not going to help.

Neither is twisting the wrist till a red rash turns up.

Nor by taking your middle knuckle and tapping on the crown of the head is going to change things, besides these things are now illegal in most countries.

Bambinoes still happen to the little man it’s just people do not talk about.

They accept early on perhaps that tough love from the wooden ruler is the way forward?

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