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Jamie Oliver Restaurant St Pauls

Clearing the mind for a new day

I writing this post whilst garlic mushrooms and chicken thighs are roasting in the oven so I keep it as brief as possible. Clearing the mind for a new day after coming to a blank spot. People come and go as do thoughts. This can also track back to goals and things you have to…
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look over there squirrels?

MMC II Podbean

Listen to MMC II Podbean podcast the concluding episode of how to get into media marketing communications # mmc

look over there squirrels?

The Media Podcast

Its about media and I do my best to keep you informed about the latest media updates. A light hearted look at the media by the way. Some is critical analyse.

idiots economics

The Idiot Economics

A lot of people are trying to figure out how to make money online its called the idiot economics. Education is a key theme of todays entry especially at the intermediary stages. And like the education system a lot of what you read here will change five to ten years from now. Again is also a part of the new confusion around economics. If you are a parent and learning about your child’s education over the years you will understand this more than most.


The past couple of weeks I have been studying different types of commenting blogs and going through some old literature to support and balance the new. I have noticed many different projects going on that have made me stop and think, before I speak from experience. So many people have experience and they love to…
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How to get rid of a headache

The green and gold ring around the skull is charging and fully charged if you leave it. Hi my name is Robert Bridge and at the time of beginning to write today’s entry I had a bit of a headache. Its gone now and the green light is now showing. Here is how to get…
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truth is in the pudding

The truth is in the pudding

Getting rewards you deserve, without thinking you deserve. Truth is in the pudding a light hearted look at human energy. The proof truth is in the pudding, an article for helping people get happy, motivated and focused.

updates technology social market

Glastonbury circles Solomon’s social market

Solomon was a clever chap instead of the market coming to him he would seek out guides and then get them to take him to the cave where he would decipher the entrance code. This week is Glastonbury festival, summer is here. We move closer to a decision, commit or reroute and become either accepted…
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writing stories

The Social Media Influencer

To understand what is working now you need to do the same things everyone else has been doing for a few years. We are all social media influencers feeding the machine.

hi buddy

History and validity of all philosophy whilst writing

This article is about common ground and potential homework to understand the new landscape we are now in to help navigate and draw upon interesting information to fold into writing. Hopefully this will help bring in new readers, understand some thoughts about philosophy, science and history already made, understood by readers around the world. The…
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