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Media Mediums that contribute to Popular Mass Culture

Arranging lives. Organisational skills. Software to help us get organised. Finding the hip (current) media to do stuff in an attempt to stay with it, evolve, be less primitive. Finding the right way to engage a dialogue between peers. Participating in an proper way. If you want to get noticed you have a choice of…
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a journey to music

An Enjoyable Reality Check

Hopefully this reads as an enjoyable reality check for a variety of people. There is a fine line between speculating and measuring the line between reality and truth.  You are only at where you are at, for example the truth is that I am here and you are there, where as it’s also a possible…
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Monitoring Media

Monitoring media by Robert Bridge. How to monitor media in cities to improve communications via mobile devices.


Brexit, Dog Walking and Business in Britain

I think we are in a unique position and should – like Europe try and strike a deal with other countries in our local area like Africa, Middle East, Turkey, Russia, America, Australasia, Argentina or anywhere really in South America and Canada.

a journey to music

The Journey of Music

I have never really spoke about music which is weird because I spend a portion of my time listening to all sorts of sounds. Musical instruments have grown as the global village collides with other cultures. The beat of the drum in one side of the world brings new information to another. These things can…
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writing stories

Writing Stories On The Backend Of Older Authors Successes

This post is all about writing stories and reading into other authors successes to improve your own story. We go into the various techniques used in day to day writing.


The Hunger Games – Sons of Liberty – Counterculture and Revolution

If there were a new narrative to counterbalance the counterculture already in place do you think this would help? Can entertainment be right, do people really need to get all riled up in order to make a change.