Rise of Illuminati Rubber: The Spice Trade, Silk & The Fall of Ivory

The illuminati use of rubber helped them make more money. Illuminati predicted the rubber extracted from tree’s would be a product the whole world would need.

Leather illuminati

The Real Illuminati Operated like Opticians

This was before tires became popular, before this they concentrated their efforts on hunting and trading ivory.

Today oil is a big component yet like the price of ivory, barrel prices have dropped.

The Spice trade has messed up a new generation of youth.

Echelons of society have been looking down on the world, always trying to make themselves look smarter than the little man.

They’d where silk shirts and plan wars to dominate shipping ports.

Over the years Illuminati fetish fashions have capitalized on various things including rubber, rubber vests, rubber underpants, balaclava’s, gas masks and other headgear.

Illuminati – iON & Bob.

A popular artists depiction of Freemasonry a group often associated as illuminated ones. A global strong fellowship of men and women who pay handsomely to have a good time, strive to be at the top of their game, always looking for the next big money spinner.

If you want to broaden your why in life see how much of these members earnings go into strengthening sworn in members relationships. I also considered sharing an image of a plain wooden back scratches. A popular tool that symbolizes what the above audio was all about in the 20th Century.

As some of you may have noticed in the chat box and on Micro Sites like Twitter I revel in taking satire to the Nth Degree.

This is one of those Illuminati entries.

We all want to be adults and feel younger.

The truth maybe behind closed doors all kinds of crazy things are taking shapes.

Rubber is still used today in life; sports, running, pet toys, the building trade, survival wear, the military, fashion, art etc.

My buddy did a really good red leather mold of his girlfriend at the time which he sold to a client for a few quid. The leather was strengthened to hold up well on a wall and captured really well the top half of women’s beauty. Every pair of boots, sneakers, shoes have some sort of rubber injected into it. The enlightened echelons of society were right to identify rubber as a commodity.

Over time I gather the texture of leather gathered memento, now it seems cliche, has gathered moss and I wish to talk some about this.

Fashion seeps into areas of practicality and principality. This also exists in darker taboos that attracts wealthy people and soul seekers.

Even the members of the cloth are effected in someway by the things they have to deal with. St Patrick comes to mind. St Patrick had a staff of solid snakes skin, this is symbolic of the type of people he was helping. He is best known for being able to handle snakes.

The 20th Century was a big time for the military, so many wars inspired writers, poets and many business books were written. Those who survived lived a long time and witnessed the worlds experimentation’s as well as the explorations.

Gulliver’s Travel’s is one such book. In the book Gulliver came across a big giant troll who he tied down with leather straps.

Even Western cowboy culture needed leather. Leather holsters for guns, leather tassels on the cowboy uniforms, their boots, the horses bridle, horse whips, rubber door stoppers and I could go on and on.

In Europe two world wars took on more leather. Today during protests crowd control police are armed with rubber bullets. Batman has a black rubber suit which is strengthened to repel bullets which I assume is a bonded matrix rubber fiber. We now have 3D printers which assume can use rubber to replicate anything. My point is the use of rubber is no way exclusive to Illuminati.

I assume enlightened people pop up on the radar everyday. And what I understand about sharing is, ideas shared can also take the power out of things. There is nothing to feel guilty about in leather.

Fonzi from Happy Days wore a James Dean type leather jacket. Popular nineties Indie bands all wore once in a while leather jackets. Leather is also great for protection for example motorbike suit’s are really practical. Cyclist’s wear strong rubber protective helmet’s.

More recently in Syria a band of volunteer’s wore white leather helmet’s. Mainly women from America living in Syria who are autonomous and all about peace. They were unfortunately this week witness to an attack in the war torn area. This is not unusual because they positioned themselves on Social Media as the go to people for what currently happens there. War does have a high impact and understanding people through looking at the head gear is mentioned in iON’s blurbs to Bob.

They talk about masks. Wyndham Lewis spoke about masks a lot in his books, he also explored how women’s rights would change but how the roles of men were mirrored even still to this day of women in politics. The mask is a put on face that is appropriate for positions of power. The gas mask during World War was issued to everybody here in UK, people would carry them around everywhere in wooden boxes.

Behind the suit in the movie Predator aliens have rubber like dreads, the aliens skin is scaled like reptilians, they blend in the environment with genetic, futuristic chameleons software.

Earth is a battleground to them, a place where they earn stripes.

The Predators explore the universe and earth is just one of their stomping ground’s.media rubber suits

The writer has obviously been inspired by Illuminati ideas. And as we know from people who align themselves pretentiously or otherwise with the Illuminati is not something racially indiscriminate.

The extensions like masks and materials are put on to help control situation’s.

This is why Illuminati, George Orwell adaptation’s of big brother and other forms of practical cybernetics I think are so poignant and popular today.

Behind the scenes Illuminati in films like Eyes Wide Shut show how far rituals can go.

The mask is an illusion which people think is enough to hide one’s identity and this is just a facade.

Fiction in this example is tapping into nostalgic remnants of hedonistic society.

Before the great depression there was a time of celebration in response to victories from the spoils of war.

Inevitably a crash has to occur.

This is why I like to remain moderately balanced.

Happiness and sadness in other people therefore to me is transitory.

People are at where they are at. My hope is that through sacrifice and expectation of wealth people still get to find good health, live fruitful lives.

Least of all for you and myself I wish you do something special. And if there are illuminated ones out there looking down on us, I hope they help us come into our own power as apposed to being objects of their own entertainment.

Those who survived lived a long time and witnessed the worlds experimentation’s as well as the explorations. Gulliver’s Travel’s is one such book. In the book Gulliver came across a big giant troll who he tied down with leather straps.

Even Western cowboy culture needed leather.

Leather holsters for guns, leather tassels on the cowboy uniforms, their boots, the horses bridle, horse whips, rubber door stoppers and I could go on and on.

In Europe two world wars took on more leather.

Today during protests crowd control police are armed with rubber bullets. Batman has a black rubber suit which is strengthened to repel bullets which I assume is a bonded matrix rubber fiber.

We now have 3D printers which assume can use rubber to replicate anything. My point is the use of rubber is no way exclusive to Illuminati. I assume enlightened people pop up on the radar everyday. And what I understand about sharing is, ideas shared can also take the power out of things.

There is nothing to feel guilty about in leather.

Fonzi from Happy Days wore a James Dean type leather jacket.

Popular nineties Indie bands all wore once in a while leather jackets.

Leather is also great for protection for example motorbike suit’s are really practical, perfect for secret Illuminati groups.

Cyclist’s wear strong rubber protective helmet’s.

More recently in Syria a band of volunteer’s wore white leather helmet’s. Mainly women from America living in Syria who are autonomous and all about peace.

They were unfortunately this week witness to an attack in the war torn area. This is not unusual because they positioned themselves on Social Media as the go to people for what currently happens there.

War does have a high impact and understanding people through looking at the head gear is mentioned in iON’ s blurbs to Bob.

They talk about masks.

Wyndham Lewis spoke about masks a lot in his books, he also explored how women’s rights would change but how the roles of men were mirrored even still to this day by women in politics.

The mask is a put on face that is appropriate for positions of power.

The gas mask during World War was issued to everybody here in UK, people would carry them around everywhere in wooden boxes.

Behind the suit in the movie Predator aliens have rubber like dreads, the aliens skin is scaled like reptilians, they blend in the environment with genetic, futuristic chameleons software.

Earth is a battleground to them, a place where they earn stripes. The Predators explore the universe and earth is just one of their stomping ground’s.

The writer has obviously been inspired by Illuminati ideas. And as we know from people who align themselves pretentiously or otherwise with the Illuminati is not something racially indiscriminate. The extensions like masks and materials are put on to help control situation’s. This is why Illuminati, George Orwell adaptation’s of big brother and other forms of practical cybernetics I think are so poignant and popular today.

April Entertainment News

This weeks news includes entertaining rumors about new films in production, celebrity entertainment news and global political news reactions. Twitter is a great place to catch up on what’s trending, Google Alerts is another good way of monitoring news and MSN helps find gossip about celebrities and movie entertainment.

Both Facebook and Twitter are great places to find out what is going on around the world.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge, I live in London with my dog Mutley and this is my blog so thanks for visiting. If you like how I write, get value from what I share or think someone may get something from today’s entry be sure to share with them too. If you follow media news and entertainment be sure to follow me on Twitter.

Entertainment Tweets via @robertbridge

Political Entertainment News

Looking back this week has been interesting for news. A few weeks ago we heard a lot about fake news started by @Potus Prime Minister of America Donald Trump. Now already the law is being enforced on Facebook. So if you see any fake news there they want you to flag it for them. Click jacking news has hit mainstream users, the Google Code of siphoning traffic through shady headlines are over. Even Google Ad Sense is helping to reduce the amount of traffic these sites have been getting.

This month a lot of terrorist activity has happened, although random it is a global occurrence. In London we had an incident on Westminster Bridge near Big Ben where many people were injured and killed. Yesterday was some trouble in Denmark. A few days ago there was more trouble in Syria. And a couple of weeks ago we here in Britain left the European Union.

Economic Entertainment News

Peace One Day Entertainment.

Brexit has begun it’s course so consumer reports have been broadcast-ed on the radio. It seems sales are up because a drop in the Sterling currency attracting a record amount of buyers from Middle East and places like that.

Most of these sales take place in London square mile and procedures are being put in place to siphon shoppers to places like Birmingham to hopefully reduce the amount of visitors congregating the city central.

Europeans are being offered a deal for retaining citizenship. Equally Britain and Europe are helping out around the world to be there for countries that need us. Syria for example, I read last month in my area Haringey a couple of families with children from the war torn areas of Syria like Aleppo have been housed here by council. Equally more local areas in Europe, Africa, America and Eastern block have been bracing themselves in preparation for those who need it.

Celebrities love London. Today Baywatch actor Pamela Anderson admitted to having a relationship with Wiki Leaks Assange. There are groups of people in the city who share information on Social Media about top celebs, musicians, actors, politicians and millionaires. They sit out on the street in groups and are great people to ask for directions, they use Google Maps really well. They also monitor and share on forums for up to the minute information. Sometimes for Entertainment musicians do live gigs in central London record stores. Equally everybody like getting married in UK I believe Gretner Green is very popular this time of year.

London is a great place to launch movies, ironically still many movies that supposedly premier here have already premiered in China and America. I am still telling people about my theories of the new Hollywood is a ventured deal with China ‘Chinawood’. All the best films have both big Chinese and English American actors in them. The Monkey film was one, The Great Wall of China is another and of course all the Jackie Chan films are cool too.

The best way to understand what is happening with media is look at different orientation’s. I like talking about anything to do with what I cal Entertainment. For example visual media includes films, television series and documentaries. All are available online although people still chat about DVDs and USB file shares. When television shows go up market you can assume cinema is not doing great. Record box office deals help the economy and like the television entertainment keep societies on an even keel. Prices go up, which raises profits to pay for high budget films. Online and CD sales of television series is equally a positive prospect. Big Brother series has bumped up the need for more factual documentaries. News stations like Vice and Al Jazeera churn out more documentaries and downloads of stuff is creating constant riposting of the same stuff. Like click bait on news, visual media is manipulative through the screen shots. Images are conquering Twitter and made people less inclined to communicate humanly. Instagram and Snap Chat capture a lot of images which need no real intellectual responses. War news is bringing shocking visuals of after effects of explosions without any immediate evidence of who did what, only innocent victims of women and children in the rubble.

So we move from one emotion to the other very quickly. The good news is we can tailor make what we see online that way it is more entertaining. The bad news is that we have fears that are activated in all walks of life.

Scarcity is one: One day we might lose what we have, the prices could go up, there is less of us now and attendance is down etc.

Planning to travel is another: If you go there you’ll need multiple visas, at the airport you have to go through full body x rays and look into facial recognition software to get through. Worse still terrorism is rife in these countries so don’t go, there us not enough information about it other than someone from your country got burned there this week.

I sure you agree news is good, to know is to be prepared. However the truth is you could walk out the door and get knocked over. We now have robotic automated driven transport, under qualified Uber taxi drivers and volunteer lollipop men. My point is knowing is only a small percentage of the battle. Knowing when to look down at the ground instead of stare gormless like at passers by may stop any trouble but we deserve happiness. Knowing less makes us much more happy and content. Still the odd bit of celebrity news in our areas is often enough to get us out the door, isn’t it? And that’s entertainment!


Ideas In Art and Images further Investigated

My home page on Bing is showing a beautiful picture of Bali which is a bright Twitter blue coloured.

I know a couple of people who visit Bali regularly, so perhaps I ask them if they have seen it for themselves. Another idea would be for me to go there myself and see it with my own eyes. Truth can be distorted through a camera lens, filters on Instagram for example can improve extenuating circumstances. I have a Microsoft App on my phone which allows me to frame images once or twice and add descriptions then attach Wingbat images which are basically fonts only the letters are replaced with familiar symbols.

My point is there is a lot of tools in my pocket. By simply using mobile media apparatus I can read about Art and do my own investigative due diligence.

When you visit a gallery with a friend you can share knowledge on the subject. It may trigger someone’ s knowledge of history or awaken some childhood vacation, something as simple as a boat out at sea may develop into a traumatic memory on drunken seasickness.

Whatever the conversation two brains conversing is real as is two forms of media: your phone and Mac or PC.

The input from the two are vital if you are wanting both presences and visibility in search engines online.

Global conversations happen everyday.

These conversations are Amplified through connecting to extra sites that create what many I think call fire hoses.

You can also Map out and submit data automatically in search engines simply by logging in a submitting; site maps, RSS Feeds and cross posting to other domains and social media stations. Bookmarking a link to different communities is broadening the conversation. In the example of your local gallery this is like the difference between being in a group guided around the place with a curator, instead of bouncing of conversations with your buddy or some bird your trying to impress.
Art has many strings like a violin, with one wrong stroke the horse hairs could break, the vellum is very fragile and the egg shell if misdirected looks unprofessional. Age, guidance and trials and errors are they way we learn. From an early age we were lucky enough to be given colouring books and dot to dot art.
The creative process therefore is in my opinion and many others developed overtime. Trial and error is the way for me to learn, for others it maybe copying exactly every gesture, listening is another. If you cannot listen to instructions it’s been suggested to me to take the cotton wool from my ears. Get some speakers to amplify sound or headphones if you are on a bus or not want to disturb your neighbours. Simple stuff really. Is no more complicated now than speaking queries into your mobile phone to find things out. There are numerous citations on Wikipedia.
An Art detective is like someone you see on Antique Roadshow, people seek these people out all over Britain to hear what they have to say, find out if its worth anything and this message is a resourceful broadcast out on Sunday via BBC channel. This amplification is archived and mostly uploaded to various online video stations, so if you missed anything you can retrieve it elsewhere. Good news will always be good news. The price of paintings is an amalgamation of expertise, good investigative detective work and sharpened ability to move between valid additions as well as removing any unwanted trashy statements. Art has always been something to extend the senses and tells that important story folks yearn for.
Framing happens in many stages:
• Prepping up and sketching before painting, gathering the necessary ‘shades of grey’, mounting onto a wall or easil.
• Holding onto images for example body sculptures and personal portraits. The use of the eye and the brush helps frame and layer the image. Sometimes smells can influence the artist and they try and have this ingrained into a paintings message. As you create the convesation deepens.
• As already mentioned framing the final image. You can emboss with gold or simply frame photos in rectangular windows, the choice is yours.
As time progressed we also change views from popular to unpopular, back to popular and often treasured. Art like conversation is difficult to put a price on it. One minute it’s built up baggage and the next moment it’s an auction conducted with money that triggers allsorts of options. Archives in the cloud is not so lonely, or so it seems. Who owns this stuff? You make a decision about global reach everyday. Some personal photography may not be something you want the world to see. A naked photo of you at a party does not necessarily make a decent cv picture. Wiping the web is only possible by pushing down images with other images. It is possible to Disavow, but this takes 3 months and the image may already be saved and uploaded by somebody else. We put labels on things and these labelled ‘bottles’ can clog up your cupboard.

SPECRE 1977 Sione Family Film Based In London

Robert Culp is the star of this early supernatural film directed and produced by Gene Roddenberry. Robert is a criminologist. Somewhat of a modern day Sherlock Holmes.

In the spirit of the time The Professionals leader of CI5 Gordon Jackson is the head of Scotland Yard in this 70’s flick classic. The 1970’s film industry blossomed all kinds of supernatural mystery movies.

The Priory of Sione household is where the Sione Family reside. Robert goes there with his Doctor Watson type assistant to investigate a case helping the family. This film has allsorts of magical connotations.

One of my favourite actors John Hurt plays one of the two Sione brothers. In the film we find out he is ex RAF pilot and a really good pianist. I first met John on the Isle of Man and later bumped into him again in London Soho. He sometimes does acting in the West End Theatre.

SPECTRE is also the name of a recent James Bond film. Both films are action packed and have interesting writers. The 1977 version is a classic occult film. The doctor specialises in Symbology and Robert Culp’ s character has a good understanding of Geology.

For reference this film is interesting, especially if you are interested in supernatural occult deamonology. Gene Roddenberry has really done his homework. Any practitioners of the sciences will see the clever signs in this seventies thriller.

Like the puppets cartoons there are family elements to this film. Remember or understand during the 1976 release supernatural films in Britain and America were in high demand. Despite the reference to a mansion house laced with orgies, today you can see the light hearted family viewability.

This film has all the elements of an occult educational video and highlights the importance of books, diaries and the magical almanac. Draws upon hidden knowledge from druids and more recent research unearthed in accounts of old scholars about various topics.

Robert Culp later went on to star in The Man From U.N.C.L.E another iconic story especially if you enjoy Symbolism and Semiotics. His character in this movie is almost like Dr Strange in that he is very inept with a range of magical practises. He flies from America to the United Kingdom to solve a case as well as cure himself of a magical curse inflicted on him some years before the story began.

The film itself is a hodge podge of idea’s released during a time of rebellion and descent for an audience craving good old Hammer House horror. An Occult world of horror movies competing with one another.

Rosemary’ s Baby, The Omen, The Devil Rides Out all come through well in this SPECTRE movie.

The Titan of Television

The Titan of Television

The studio was grey and the people who worked there worked well as a unit.

At home the family sat glued to the television waiting for their show.

An outside electronic shop has the same channel on and a window shopper is waiting for the show to start.

The cue starts with a board “and ten seconds, ten, nine, eight…” and “go, action, you’re now live”. As this happens a shuffling of papers always occurs at the studios news desk and behind the scenes everyone has headphones on staring at many monitors.

Hi my names John Smith and my names Jane Jones, we are your hosts for the evening, welcome to the 5 oclock news.

“He looks smart today” mother says to son on the sofa playing with lego bricks. “Is daddy”. He always said that when mom said that.

The guy outside on the high street stared at the television as passers by went from a – b. Obviously he cannot hear but seemed entranced by the show. Perhaps he knew them or something.

There is something about live television and having your body broadcast out through the lens, through the wires and out to televisions and computers, able to pick up live broadcasts. Always been his goal to be on television and had been doing it ever since. They called him the Titan of Television because of his experience.

John loved Jane but he loved his wife more and so did Jane, love her husband that is. Together they made a good team. They were like birds of feather and for years and years managed to stick together. They were’nt having sex together despite the tabloid romours, they were just good friends and colleagues. They had a plan before broadcasting what they would wear. Colour was a key social lubricant in their relationship.

The studio was just one part of the show. John would often go outside the studio or further afield. Sometimes Jane would come out with him or go out with the rest of the team. The crew were very tight and they all had each others telephone numbers. Neither of them were afraid to get their hands dirty which always played a vital part of the shows successful chemistry.

It was not always like this, the media had a frenzy when the show first aired on television. Jane was very pretty yet professional and John very smartly dressed at all times. He just looked the part for the show. Both spoke very well and when the telepromter halted they kept on talking filling in the gaps. The shows producer was well pleased. The ratings were high and millions of people regularly tuned in to see the show.

They both have silly conversations on Twitter about the news and banter with the viewers who love to converse there. John would get home and enter the door with phone in hand typing on Twitter. When he saw his son he would put the phone back in his pocket and share some words of wisdom with him. Everyone was proud of John. The job brought in enough cash to pay the bills and nice holidays three times a year.


On YouTube the show was very popular. They would add the bloopers behind the scenes and introduce the team. Without the team none of this would be possible. The Instagram accounts all had pictures of them sharing new equipment, locations they report from and action shots.

The show had one of those news tickers with all the news as it came in from around the world. The agency was the go to place for stories to leak. A lot of people liked John and trusted his team. Basically behind the scenes someone’s phone was always ringing. John liked it like that, his background was in electronics, Jane’s family are all well versed in playing musical instruments. Which is perhaps where she developed those angelic tones.

They both over the years of broadcasting learned a lot about emotional stability. They were both very objective in the way they went about their journalism. The sources they had worked well and the company reputation was good. The owner of the company is from this country and loves his people but rules the company with an iron bar. If staff don’t pull their weight they are down the road. The owner often popped into the studio to see everything was running smoothly. In his office on the wall is a massive wide screen television.

He loved keeping an eye on things and liked his guests to concerntrate on the live show with John and Jane. With them he was well pleased. Seeing them always made him smile. They reminded him of himself when starting out; confident, articulate and driven. The boss had been working in media from an early age. Started out as a tea boy and worked his way up the ranks. Starting his own company was a natural progression of just turning up everyday, being reliable, listening and mucking in.

Monitoring Media

Monitoring Media

Joel Roberts media monitoring
Joel Roberts was Tony Robbins media monitor

I have book this post into five stages. Five angles for you to consider. Whatever media monitoring you are in to or hoping to get into this is really going to help.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge and I have been monitoring media for years. Mostly online however yeas ago I did like most of us read newspapers to keep up to date.

A museum on the Isle of Man had a historical media exhibition about 13 years ago.

They had old horse trams with ads on the side and on the walls had framed pictures with newspaper clippings.

One of them mentioned what happens when society has a media blackout.

Imagine no news!

The effects on the people was one of anger and dissension so they brought back the news and people became happy again.

This suggests without media citizens experience a sense of loss.

Papers provided things for people to talk about. Many of you are having conversations about social media news. There lies the different roles of media.

How do media companies keep up with all this and more importantly what can we learn to improve monitoring media ourselves? This is what I want to talk about today.

Monitoring Media

News happens everyday and like any business the speed of implementation is vital. Tuning into good sources and go to media companies helps you be a forefront of information. On social media we now have Facebook News. Facebook breaking news is often a few hours behind Twitter news. Both happen in real time so unlike newspapers there is no waiting time for publication.

Globally news becomes irrelevant in many cases, hence the reason for finding news locally. Highlighting crucial obstacles your local city faces is one way to explain what is happening to a larger audience. Ranking locally for information long term is a lot easier than ranking in search engines with websites. Similarly videos and web 2.0 posts are real time and only rank currently. Locally this sort of news maybe archived for researchers in the future to find and draw data from.

Real time media celebrate broadsheet media, share videos from mainstream news videos hosted by well known journalists.

Twitter is often quicker to pick up on events and natural disasters than Facebook. Facebook logarithm depends on the strength of pages and profile accounts followers re-sharing the news.

Trending news is also in danger of being selected by these companies. Google News is a great example of the ramifications of media election globally and locally. There is room for improvement.

Many mobile Apps build allegiance and strengthen the chance of trending on Facebook. Google trends tried to utilise Google plus to utilise trending news.

Google has always provided Google News which has greatly improved. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can very easily go through all the tabloid headlines from newspapers from around the globe.

Monitoring Media

Community news although generally global online can be localised and specific to cities. Having more people join has to be mobilised since 60% more people access into through posh mobile phones.

Forums are a simple way of accessing this sort of sharing. Getting people to join requires solid invite portals. One way maybe to create an App out of a Forum. If anyone knows how this is done please share you thoughts below.

The main purpose for city media is about whats on. This is reporting media before it happens.

Tom Cruise did this in the film Minority Report. A great pun on the importance of announcing events before they happen.

The more options people have now has changed the events people attend.

Previous MTV media was all about location. Musicians during the wave moved to Los Angeles to ensure they got video broadcasts on there pop music. A good source of how this worked is included in the Outsource Live book by Daven Micheals (Watch video below to hear Daven explain Melrose place location advantages during the Eighties. Recorded 4 years ago in a hotel near Heathrow Airport).

Now musicians have a chance in any city to get people to attend.

News stations are aware of this. So entering your event to sites these mainstream media companies monitors should help.

Having a clear message about who your audience are really helps. Getting information out there as quick as possible requires a team of people sharing and resharing each others news.

Monitoring Media

Clarity in topics of media could once be gathered by going through articles written by writers. Ezines articles is one example I have tried and people still trust. When writing there is gives you examples of the topic you want to write about that has not yet been covered on that site. A site populated by experienced writers who want people reading and reshaping and quoting articles.

Citations is a great way of building media trust. Using trusted media outlets however overtime can create characterisation related to the bias of the media from how the majority see the paper.

People lose trust in media when they do not report events that happen. Protesters and activists are a great way of understanding this. They often want to be on telly striking and send out Press Releases in order to make sure this happens.

When is doesn’t happen the message spreads on social media and paints the media outlet in a new light. Often supported by class distinction to prop up the media bias message they want people to understand.

The balance of the scales in your local city comes from a global consciousness. This is why American protesting can be reproduced like ‘Who Wants To Be a Millionaire’ TV show repackaging to media companies who buy the format to distribute in their own language incorporating their own important cultural tweaks.

This helps everybody track media messages. This helps prop up genius, good music, interesting news, better health and improved services outside of the cities.

Monitoring Media
monitoring media
Monitoring Media Mind Map by Robert Bridge

This article requires further editing. I have added a MindMap that I sketched this morning. The mind map works on the premise of the how. How has the media previously done things. Bouncing between old and new ways of using media is a nostalgic way of delivering news and popping up journalists oath of media objectivity.

Building Media Trust Through Good Communications And Marketing Strategies

The media industry employs opinion and analysis to constantly evolve. The main concern to look out for from the audience is trust. Without trust the media is stuffed.

The strategy these past few years is customer service. Now they are more interested in overall branding and gaining new clients.

Clients can be readers, listeners, viewers, guests, musicians: bands DJ solo artists, actors or presenters, service representatives, CEO of other media conglomerate companies and various politicians from around the world.

Trust is lost when companies decide to employ new measures on Social Media. Previously short snippets of what a post is was a model that worked. The abuse seems to be click bait. This is when media companies use marketing hooks to make people click and read. Many websites use these posts to make money. The ads supporting these flimsy posts is the main reason why readers, listeners and viewers lose trust.

The new media is always creating new ways of consuming media. Tests are done with regulars to stretch their loyalty. As the metrics from social economics changes so the need for questions though polls happen. If enough of the media companies trusted followers respond they ask them questions about how much are they willing to pay for an ad free service.

Trust already exists with outstanding clients who have supported media agency companies through; the good times and the bad times. Companies with big budgets have an interest in media with an active audience and responsive database.

Third party advertising agencies have suffered from challenging ad blockers. Facebook this week again has adapted to avoid many of these browsing blockers. Facebook is not the only one trying to adapt. Both Google and Bing must be experiencing similar hiccups.

By asking the right questions and employing good media marketing communications skills across the board these problems are quickly sorted out.

Briefing outside the board room to global representatives is the challenge. Online webinars are great of briefing these people in different time zones because the internal message can be distributed and recorded. During communications between managers and employees anything goes wrong in can leave a mess.

Reputation management is the last resort. When complaints from inside the apple cart rumors online can spread like wildfire.

The main way of combating these things is pushing the posts down in search, disavowing posts through contacting the search engines (this can takes three months) , or contacting websites or web 2.0 properties directly.

You’ll then have to try to convince them you have legal representatives and collectors out there to make life difficult for people.

This is why employees are tracked by location on mobile devices and made to sign wafers and adhere to company manifestos. The pressure alone depends upon good leaders who can communicate any new urgent update to the rest of the people in this area from the global network. Good communication skills again really help and fast and practical learning of any new tools that come out to make life easier for you depending on what industry you are in.

Market research online is limited. Bigger companies have the budget to pay for software which cost hundreds of pounds a month. They use at least for of these so unless you have a large team of market researchers around the world it is well out of range for your budget.

The good news is there are websites which gather a lot of this data and for free give enough information everyday for a certain amount of queries. Similarly academic information is available through back doors of academic essays and statistical data. Often this data although three years out of date is relevant in some way to various organisations.

The agencies reputation can be spoiled when one ‘bad apple’ goes public with information. A good example of this is Eddie Snowden who worked for an ad agency in Virginia who were spying on peoples emails.

We know how important these sort of leaks can be by looking at the current political situation. Leaked info about email blast campaigns from top female American politicians take heat for inside agencies strategies.

The companies advisers are always changing suit or helping other organisations. This has filtered down the trust ability factor. As a consequence more and more websites this September 2016 will have to adopt https instead of basic http. PayPal has had to change its terms and conditions. I guessing this might be why the media is making such a song and dance about political statements.

They should always ask themselves what can they do as an organisation to own the problem and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Back End Stuff And Other Updates

There are many things to do behind the scenes of a website. Many hosting companies do a lot of the juggling of this stuff to ensure your website is visible. I have read many posts of bloggers sharing their experience of hosting providers like RackSpace and WordPress Premium.

If this is you a lot of what I talk about in the first few paragraphs will mean nothing. Many of you are more interested in hosting Apps out there so again this might not apply to you.

This month I have managed to automate updates of most of the 22 plugins I am now using. There was a day when technical website advisors recommended only a handful of plugins. I took this advice using only 7 plugins. Many of the updates on plugins are almost updating daily or weekly and I explain how much of this is now done automatically and how you can do the same if you like. This means connecting to a WordPressDotCom account and the use of the trusted JetPack WordPress plugin (find out more below).

The great thing about being on a white knuckle server is it is only you being hosted on that particular station. With shared hosting you are sharing with sometimes thousands of other websites. The cost is a lot cheaper but comes at a price, especially if like most of us you are using a heap of plugins. Equally the WordPress Framework needs updating.

You may also have a Plesk account which is great for backend analytics, it creates a page for you to login to your Plesk site. Depending on your hosting if you want to move to a different provider more local to where you are based a backup is needed and a little knowledge of how to transfer the site.

This site is hosted in Ohio (E commerce Capital). I was offered an IT course there about five years ago. We have similar companies here teaching similar things from registered Microsoft approved colleges. Looks fun if your needing to learn about computers, databases, Excel, Forms and Entourage management.

Socrates 4.0
Paid Ad

The tutors are very young and have proved themselves in particular industries or done stuff for themselves. For me any education local is the best bet. BE warned though a lot of these student loan companies charge the earth in interest. I just got this years interest of £446. And it’s been like that for six years since graduation. They tell you its interest free but its not. They are just another loan shark company making a living out interest in Scotland.

So… there are many WordPress Plugin primers to get you going and hopefully you already have chosen your dream-host. There are at least 5 WordPress plugins you must use to ensure your site is visible in search, loads quickly and the pictures load quick enough. Also if you need to get more technical you can easily make your original WordPress Theme into a Child Theme. You can do this manually or the easier way is use you guessed it a plugin. Its great being in the one click world right? The advantage with pulling in your original theme and editing via the child theme means any updates to the original will not be lost when the original designer updates the theme.

We it’s not always that simple. Even with all the automations I have discovered when I login or try and load site there are always glitches. Often this is from spammers and hackers doing various things. Things like loading media image pages thousands of times putting a strain on the server. Linking to your site from silly web 2.0 properties often forums from spammy sites that come with spammy SEO software.

money relationships adviceComments come in and in the settings you will see (if you have allowed it) loads of Yahoo, Hotmail, GMX and naughty domain named emails join your database. You can still allow this but by disconnecting the tables where new members accounts show within your sitemap will prevent wasted journeys of Google Robots as they visit your site wondering whats going on.

Anyway, lets talk about the automated updates of plugins. Years ago Ken (creator Tobri) recommended a paid plugin that updated many plugins on all of your websites. In 2016 we have the priveledge of doing this for free with the integration of the JetPackPlugin and the creation of a WordPressDotCom account. You can update through the interface automatically plugins, and WordPress themes. You will still need to update the framework yourself and sometimes the updates do not execute straight away. But it saves hours of updates.

When you login with an idea for a blog post. By the time you finish updating I found my message became somewhat diluted and confused. I am sure many o you bloggers will be able to understand about the various distractions out there. Please feel free to leave any blurbs on the matter down below.

Yours in Media Marketing Communications Robert Bridge.

Brexit, Dog Walking and Business in Britain

Being a dog walker I am only to well aquainted with looking for obtrusive objects and chinks in the road. And always I try to not step on anyone else toes. I have noticed a few trends online and would like to talk a little about that today please. My hope is to inform and entertain you with my words and chosen pictures. I have also attached a playlist of music for you to listen to whilst reading todays post. If you like reading please read along if music is your thing there is plenty to listen to.

Here in Britain we all have different sectors doing what they can for people, country and queen. We all have different needs and as it goes so our ‘leaders’ have mandates to fulfil. Its difficult online to get any traction online without the approval of the politically correct. Its difficult to get any traction in a debate when the ad spend and campaign funding is all one sided. It does not matter about what we have learned, experienced or promised. Nothing stays the same and whether you like it or not things change. Try not to lose site of your goals and keep your side of the street clean. That does not mean brushing all the leaves into your next door neighbours front yard. Or if you are doing it for other people you should do other than instructed to do. The chances are you already know what them things are because at one point or another I imagine you have already been told.

Equally freedom of speech has always been there, the only change is the right to hold megaphones, social media, free PR and popular forums. If you want to avoid alienation choose you places of broadcast wisely. You can do that simply by being accurate before racing in and barking at all sorts of people. We hope that we are all friends here, but when it comes to long term agreements, fuelled by the ongoing campaigns to create scarcity by giving then taking things away. We have got used to things and any change would be like buying new underwear for the already converted. Life is not all an Anne Summers party. You look on the high street and see for yourself.

Buying power is very simple, you have the funding and part of that goes on broadcasting how great thou art. The trumpeters payment comes from various sources, most of which have emptied and need topping up again. Do you think this musician is thinking about the last batch of funding. Nope our musician is well on his way moving into new corners of the country. He throws the message out to all his mates. He’ll even beat box if need be to survive. That is what this is all about survival. Focusing on loss, death and poverty is the wrong mentality. In this day and age it’s easy for anyone to forget how strong they are. It’s also I suppose difficult to remember as you have always done, bullying and manipulating other people into your thinking. I put it out there that this sort of knowledge of self comes with age. However I do want to to clunk horns with anyone.

Out there in the field there are gods creatures great and small. All have a relevant message. Many follow the same template to get their point across, because its time tested for the herd. My style of communication is less extreme but equally as important. That word important ‘online’ has been somewhat diluted by the amount of time’s people use it. But if you want anyone in this day and age to get up of their seat and race to the back of the room, login to their computer and tune in is all you need. People believe in 1 in 10, or 1% of people will take action or have access to the honey pots. The reality is not as simple as that. This is why I understand why other people do what they are told to do. They create ideas, jobs and products that are not there or are simply not yet needed. This is the new modern economy. Rather than helping people in need. How can we create something that can give individuals a fit or purpose? How can we disguise all the facts and figures?We tell them the figures at a rate which puts them at ease. To often the case none of this is actually true.

Overtime things change, overheads change, links change, emails disappear. Boy was I pissed when my Fastmail email account closed that was because I did not login to 90 days. When I tried to login to UK company Lycos this week I noticed that they had shut down. Years of providing a decent enough service: email, websites, news they just decided to not renew their domain name or improve services. Part of me thinks this maybe due to European legislation. Everybody knows those cookie warnings are a pain in the ass, however without them now strange things are happening to blogs and websites. Free sites are good but the same thing can happen. You words are not propriety. Legally you are writing for everyone else to share. The only way you can appeal is by asking other people to kindly take it down or report them to the site you are writing your blurbs on. Even with your own domain name and hosting its difficult to control the powers that be to stop this from happening.

When you find something new that works there is a long que of people waiting to do the same as you and improve upon it a little. They put on the same table salt they think people like best. How easy do you think it would be to have the rug pulled beneath your feet? The only way to stay afloat is keep float yourself. This can go the other way and bite back into simplicity. The greatest success will come with having constant velocity. If you are moving in the right direction to get to where you ought to be (busy) then no worries. If you are bogged down like a rabbit on the road at night with the bright headlights coming your way your stuffed. No one cares about if you have your rabbits foot with you or not. If you are still talking the same old speech to the same bunch of people you will make them yawn. And I don’t care how many arms or legs you have, how big or little you are. If you are not getting any traction I am sure you will find it because you have stopped paddling. To many individual companies have already been tredding water in the deep end. All they are looking for is the next TED Danson or Kevin Costner to come in via helicopter to tell them what to do.

The European Union has a lot to teach us, we have closely helped them step by step as things have changed. Crisis after crisis has hit other countries outside of this Union. Understandably we all have *Mother Teresa in us and if we look deep enough somewhere in the bottom of our pockets is that massive gold cross weighing heavy on all our consciousnesses. Its a survival technique I have seen people use in popular adventure movies. Like Kevin Costner we all strive to help those in need drowning as the boat sinks. But the reality for 90% of start ups they have already gone down with the boat because they refused to separate themselves from the rest of the crew. Or are losing sight of the inflatable life raft. All they can see is, wave after wave of frequencies they do not understand. Even old timers are privy to these shortcomings. As an individual we put our life on the line for other people in need. We do this well but some of us are really not up for the job. Without the right toolbox or agility the best thing you can do is go home. Listen to some nice music and chill the f*** out.

The whole world is able to point fingers at the perpetrators. Years later when they have amended their ways they employ them for their special talents. Look at hackers and cyber bullies. The European Union like Britain is interested in all sorts of things. Yes this does happen but many are mostly focused on creating brand new apps in the same make money online niches on online databases that are overcrowded selling the same sh**. These drop shipping businesses are putting a new angle on what it is to be independent. Instantly anyone from any country can be thrown in the deep end in the hope they can paddle where they want to and eventually swim a four year marathon. This is simply not possible. Additives like chlorine effect the skin so they give them a rubber suit, they get thirsty so they give them a hat with two cans on either side and a straw. The eyes get sore so they give them occulous razor 3d glasses. Seriously this online technology thing is getting beyond the pale in so many avenues.

I say out of respect for Greece and to send out a powerful message of dissagrement to the rest of members still stuck in a fridgid cess pool. We should default on this June’s payment. If that does not work and they treat us like they treated Greece then we will know if I’m right. This forced voting on leave or stay came about because someone let the cat out the bag that we were all together massaging one another. Rubbing one anothers bulging pockets. Demolishing and building up the same buildings all around the world. Once a proven method sprouts up, the belief is that everyone will be happy with it. Again that is wrong. The price of all this things are free and costs nothing. IS this an example of British intelligence? No, its not. I do not speak for anyone other than myself and I am Manx, which means Frankly I do not care either way. But just for the record though, do not say I did not warn you.

I think we are in a unique position and should – like Europe try and strike a deal with other countries in our local area like Africa, Middle East, Turkey, Russia, America, Australasia, Argentina or anywhere really in South America and Canada. We don’t need some toads in Brussels telling us how to do things. We have already seen how they treat their own people and the nasty tricks they have pulled on their own people to take jobs away from people. Outsourcing North Korea and places like that. We did it too. I wonder where that sort of intelligence came from. Chances are it came from some dried out prune who is employing young bucks with a brain to do his dirty thinking for him. You see we live in this world worshipping sick and depressed people who are loose cannons just waiting to spill everything over each others motherlands mother-load.

If you take a look at how these countries treat their own and lets look at: do they like animals or not? What benefits do they provide. How much tax do they add to foods and commodities. Where are they on the teachability index. What reputation do these facilities have? Would you employ someone who could not look at you face to face to an inch of legible English. If you say no do you think they will understand what you mean. I not saying get out and show the bird, I am suggesting lets test the water see what these people do when pushed. We all know what the answers are we just have to be patient. If that means one more payment so be it. However in the long run if you are buying something that no longer feels the gap or tastes shady in anyway I say spit it out and start again. To many of us happy with our improved lot. Doesn’t matter whether you are chewing tobacco, blow vapes indoors into peoples faces or pumping iron in grotty gyms. If your happy and you know it clap your hands. After every speech like penguins we clap for these elected fools and chancers. I promise you they are all trying to sell something, or have already spent there whole 6 months of salary ok a solution that no longer works for them. They are scared but have the option of dipping into their family and neighbours pockets.

This is not like ringing someone’s doorbell and asking them for a glass of milk. This is about living in a society with no curtains with an open door for everyone to pop in, or down, relax and talk about all sorts of stuff. If you have something to say, say it, I am not recommending you spill it though like me. You might have someone around you to clear a lot of this stuff up for you. If that’s you then well done. But please keep your eyes and ears open, if you see anything that needs clearing up do that or let whoever needs to know who have the right tools to clean it up for you. You only have to look on the hughstreet to see how many people are being evicted. There is always something you can use yourself. Hopefully this sort of ammunition helps.

Wages Day 40 Years From Now N.B. I am very proud in Britain that we do not have gun culture like America after what is happening there. In this instance they are clearly not good role models to have. The European Union is no Barbie, Action Man or Beanie baby themselves. I feel if they did have some miniature mannequins they would use them to wipe all sorts of regions. That Drago is a right noodle, he has nothing I want. His team in Brussels that knowbody knows maybe enjoying a decent meal, have access to a decent shopping centre, live in a bubble and get paid more than Cameron. As you may suspect I am not overly impressed with anything they are doing. Quite frankly any funds we have in Britain should be used to bonus services and government posts who are doing job well done,  working and being happy.

Conversational Hypnosis in the opening paragraph of a book and Hypnotic Gestures

Conversational Hypnosis in the opening paragraph of a book
Your going deeper and deeper in the very first paragraph. Authors understand in literature to ensure readers stay with your creative story you have to use basic techniques. We know today as conversational hypnosis dressed up as self hypnosis.

space ballsIf you go back and read all your favourite books first paragraphs’ you’ll find allsorts of mind control techniques to keep readers reading. They cleverly take you on a deep hypnotic journey with basic hooks commonly known as mesmerism techniques.

Linguistics and semantics are two topics that can transform any book worms knowledge of what’s happening. I mean why did you read that book in a day and others take days to get balance of the state of brain waves it takes to concentrate.

Conversational hypnosis starts with someone you trust next to you quietly speaking in a familiar way. At each point you go deeper into a relaxed state.

The information intake and correct use of writing techniques I put to you is what make people give books five stars.
Its easy to get locked into allsorts of literature.

However armed with this sort of hypnotic knowledge you will cringe rereading books. By using boring plain words in the title readers become comfortable.

Conversational And Hypnotic Gestures

Jamie Oliver Restaurant St PaulsIts all the rage again made popular by niche dating sites.

Tinder for example is a website used around the world to help you link up with opposite sex for a date.

And there is no mystery behind gossip magazines reporting about a guy divorcing his bride in the bridal sweet for non stop typing and texting on the old mobile phone.

Who came first the mobile phone or the new boyfriend?

These sites from the start indoctrinate the new member with tried and tested techniques used by other dating celebrities.

Those who have gone out and successfully done the do with a number of participants.

People joining usually have a friend who they speak to regularly on the phone.

Over the phone they learn through word of mouth or abbreviated text messages who have confessed to finding loads of birds on these sites, like it means anything to you.

Strictly for the lonely, you will learn how to refine your creative story.

Your profile is now loaded with simple quirky hooks to snag the opposite sex.

You mind yourself looking in the mirror doing persuasive mesmerism on yourself in-between meals and on first entering the dancehall.

And at the end if you are really clever you will keep a private diary in which you use clever semantics and linguistics to explain the date.

Its a numbers game rated 1 – 10, 10 being really good 1 being whatever your standards are.

Its the lowest of the low, but its popular and works every time.

And that is the old slight of hand technique whereby you pinch her bottom.

If she slaps you in the face and walks away she may have been a keeper.

If she takes it and smiles then she could be a go a.

If she does not even notice because her bums that big or was just not concentrating on the footsteps in the sands of time its difficult to decide.

These sorts of gestures can get you in trouble. We all have our own toolbox and its different stokes for different folks.

If dating is your thing learning tried and tested Hypnotic gestures and brushing up on your conversational skills will really help.