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Media, TV and Choice Writing

The interplay and Brucey bonus of forming new habits and following daily trends. New ways of gathering thoughts and forming scheduled habits or writing and responding to mixed media. Firstly lets look at the obstacles, then take a look at the reasons why content is key factor in forming new writing habits. Lets take a…
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Fire and ice. One minute experience hot and another is cold. The medium is equally as important you. Its only with feedback is the real test. You send it out freely to the world and the world completely ignores it. Yes it may have trouble finding it. Difficult when the volume is low or the…
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Writing a book and where to start

The book that everyone talk about writing and the people who listen to this kind of detail. Where do you start, what do you write about, how do I write my first book? These are some of the questions that come up time and again. Bookmarks are not big enough to explain, not to me anyways. Books…
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website bloggers info

Free concierge content management plan

You have that plan but does it include a social media strategy. Branding is big business along with content management.


Media Time Management

The amount of time we spend thinking about problems is nothing new and there are already many ways to fix these things.

Email and webmaster tips

In this post I share my experience, time using things and the value for someone with a website. Let me know in the comments below what you think.

writing stories

Help with filling in forms

With any of these consistency is key the more you use these things the easier and more confident you will become.

Autobiography Part One

F****** slime bar. Originally from Islington. A place where Frankinstein and Dracula would meet. They would pretend to be monsters. Claiming to be vampires and werewolves. Only they looked the part, the uniform was perfect. The pale faces, dull facial expressions, grey bags under the eyes and white powder on the cheek bones. Speak to…
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Blogger WordPress tips

Have you ever wondered why so many people are looking for guest bloggers? Tips for Wordpress and social media promotions for a blogger in Google alerts.