Jamie Oliver, Rick Mayall and Twitter

It puts hairs on your cheeks she said with her mouth full. Last night I spent a couple of hours watching Jamie Oliver on You Tube. I love cooking the only trouble is I am on a budget and cannot afford sirloin. Being a red-blooded meat eater I gotta make up for missing iron. Black beans are great. I had a special pasta yesterday. Black beans, pineapple chunks and twisty pasta. It was actually quite nice. The corned beef gave it a nice taste.

The past two days it’s been like the Sahara dessert here in London. The sun is amazing and brings people out the house. If it gets to hot and I can’t be bothered, I just open the window and let in the fresh air.

I noticed a lot of the questions from Australia put to Jamie Oliver filmed two years ago on You Tube were about vegetarian options. It was funny because the recipe was about how to cook Piri Piri chicken. I hope to duplicate the recipe soon. Continue reading

Media, TV and Choice Writing

The interplay and Brucey bonus of forming new habits and following daily trends. New ways of gathering thoughts and forming scheduled habits or writing and responding to mixed media.

Firstly lets look at the obstacles, then take a look at the reasons why content is key factor in forming new writing habits. Lets take a look at trends and how these trends often begin the next day in response to your own amazing ideas. Some people create this in a word, a phase, an idea, a quote sent out to an amazingly engaged audience. Getting onto the radar has never been easier. Selling the movie rights to your own little world is becoming part and parcel of the organic space that we all share. Some of us get it and basically overuse. Others take their time, schedule at the most appropriate time. You’ll be surprised this is not always 6.30 am like some of us presuppose.

Life just isn’t like that for me. I remember a time when breakfast happened at a particular time of the day. There was a time for games, entertainment and other relaxing interactive activities. We learn how to randomly place the pieces out before we begin. This made our competitors excited about the challenge of playing a worthy advisory. And like a game of trumps or connect four the odds were equal anyone could win. There wasn’t room notably for any expansion. The rules were easy to follow and like a game of monopoly there were not to many arguments. Everyone was on the same page, rolling similar die. Life has changed completely.

The status symbol seems to be how many channels you have. Consumers with freedom to pick up all stations and pay one time for amazing sport activities. Passive audiences have multiplied. Two people are a reinforced audience equal in price to a stadium of people waving the team’s scarf. The timelessness of waiting for a trophy to be raised above the head in the back of the mind a celebration at some point is about to happen. And clap at the spilling of champagne. Would you enjoy your neighbor spraying pungent bitter smell of champagne over your best blue suit?

It’s been on the cards for a while and the great thing that people often forget about Trumps is the game can be played in small groups. It’s not just a two-way conversation. And as the number of cards disappear the notion of winning and losing becomes more predictable, however there is still that chance. We love hope.

It’s this flitter of hope that responds back to us the next day. A window into our own eyes. Feeding food ‘media’ is a palpable way. We are pilgrims of our own thoughts. The process of selective channeling is going on, its real and something that has been around for a lot longer than the media.

A few years ago I wrote an article on Ezines about Pay Walls. The subject always comes up and other media outlets have different views on the idea. For some it works. Repirosty is an expected part for players to talk about. Social has become a radar screen of sharp shooters inside airports. The after party is sure to be fun, watching these people behind screens has been captured in film and the effects have spread out all over You Tube. Screen capture, Screen cast, Jingle, Moviemaker, over the shoulder instructions, pushbutton software to divert traffic. We all know a good thing when we see one and rightly reformat for our own audience. The thing is everyone knows everything. It’s a shame when someone leaves the cards face up on the table. Ruins the game, no?

We can respond in many different ways, directly, textually or more Oats like in cartoon images with captions that reference common knowledge about the rules of the game. In writing there are no rules, not that I know of. The choice of words we use perhaps, the punctuation and spelling. Extenuating, highlighting, putting a facial expression alongside a sentence. Bubble wrapped words of thought or articulated speech. The phone ringing, text messaging and mobiles limitations of email checking. Like channels they are all luxuries that not all of us share. So please just for today to not make to many assumptions. And like the Pay Walls be sure to bookmark email or save somewhere because you never know when all this could just disappear.

Fire and ice. One minute experience hot and another is cold. The medium is equally as important you. Its only with feedback is the real test. You send it out freely to the world and the world completely ignores it. Yes it may have trouble finding it. Difficult when the volume is low or the frequency is all wrong. Hot means your getting somewhere. You might even be tired of it by the time it becomes hot.

My life has been a series of opportunities, sometimes I manage to match them, others there is recognition, ideas and resistance. Like a cheap batteries that works on all cylinders. Only six times less than other batteries found on the market. Its good to be positive because a real charge requires a negative recipricant. You choose to be the positive feeding of the negative observations. Or you answer questions, explore notions of being stuck and follow along with the hurdles within the range you need to travel. Guided by positive advice from people who can survive without people just like that.
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Writing a book and where to start

The book that everyone talk about writing and the people who listen to this kind of detail. Where do you start, what do you write about, how do I write my first book?

These are some of the questions that come up time and again. Bookmarks are not big enough to explain, not to me anyways.

Books are good if you like reading, if you are finding it hard to read the chances are even if you do write a book its not going to be a very good book. More importantly why should anyone read it?

So you book may need to be about something important that answers a few simple needs. In essence with this in mind you could write a book everyday for someone else to read. So the trick has always been to read and rereading. Continue reading

Free concierge content management plan

You have that plan but does it include a social media strategy. Branding is big business along with content management.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge and this is my blog. The plan is simple: Get traffic free from search engines.

You can embed social media extensions into a post to make it more graphical. Looks great and will be more enriching for yourself and your readers.

Here is a list of sites that provide the necessary code to embed into posts on your blog or website.

1. Storify gathers social media posts
2. ReadWave means you can embed articles
3. Scribd documents
4. Youtube videos
5. SlideShare presentations
6. GoogleDrive Powerpoint and Excel charts
7. Twitter embeds provide conversation codes Continue reading

Media Time Management

The best thing I can think of what I picking up is hangout with some decent people who can help. And what better place to enrich your life and provide your own real life media is join me on a Google Hangout sometime soon.

I sent out a message on Google+ please leave a comment. Hangout with me and share how you are managing your own social media time Management.

The amount of time we spend thinking about problems is nothing new and there are already many ways to fix these things.

For example before you go to sleep think for five minutes about what you will have for breakfast the next day (thats 50% less time spent). Continue reading

Email and webmaster tips

In this post I share my experience, time using things and the value for someone with a website. Let me know in the comments below what you think.

An explosion of ideas and phone conversations that I have had this week. Plus interesting emails that have made me think and can help you.

A webinar is a good place to sell if you have something to sell. If you are getting traffic from emails then my guess is this is something you would want to invest more time doing. Continue reading

Help with filling in forms

Many of us do things much better than others and there are a large amount of practised skills which can make life a lot easier.

Filling in forms has many variations, here are but a few.
Registration details, name address and telephone number. Filling in details at job interviews or receiving forms through the post from various sources. It is the same forms you have to fill in every year. Forms to apply for things, catalogues, credit and loans. Continue reading

Autobiography Part One

F****** slime bar. Originally from Islington. A place where Frankinstein and Dracula would meet. They would pretend to be monsters. Claiming to be vampires and werewolves. Only they looked the part, the uniform was perfect. The pale faces, dull facial expressions, grey bags under the eyes and white powder on the cheek bones. Speak to them and find them to be highly educated. They know all about academia and less about the craft in which they claim to come from. The Slime Bar attracted a number of young couples romantically attached by a love of grundge. Enjoyed the idea of drinking bloody marys with eye ball gob stoppers but knew nothing about giving blood. Continue reading

Blogger WordPress tips

These days you can take a good look and find out all about a blog. Take this blog for instance, on the home page you can see a collection of posts in the stream on the home page.

Have  you ever wondered why so many people are looking for guest bloggers? They are either friends with you on social media or they came about your blog via search or Google alerts.

Competition is completely wrong this is not the London Olympics and even if it was you would be in a team.

Same goes for blogging as it does for social media. It is just one way of obtaining success.

If this is you then you should concentrate a little bit of your time everyday on Facebook or Google+ to connect with these people.

Forget about your niche, share what is great and entertaining.

You have the keys through social media. You will know what you like more and get to enjoy quirky musical videos.

If you are new to blogging then this will not apply to you well not yet anyway, so here goes.

How to spring clean your blog.

Don’t drown your readers in terms and conditions if you do not have any other interesting pages.

A quick way to expand the top of your pages navigations is by adding categories. A category is much more relevant than a tags.

When told blogging is about something you like how did that make you feel? Inspired I’m sure.

Here’s the thing, you liked and added fresh stuff and not much is happening. You might feel cheated in some way or that your time is more valued than the time its takes to make an update.

Email marketing is one solution but anyone who does email marketing knows the blog is not the place to send people. The place to send people is other peoples places.

People who are selling stuff and offer high commissions.

Over the years I have noticed a trend these things happen in seasons. Tags for example disappear.

In your WordPress panel if you navigate to you appearance section tags. Many of them for some reason are no longer attributed with certain posts. just delete all the 0’s.

If you have a blog and are bilingual or writing in another language then you might want to change your title links to the default. If you submitting them to various search engines around the world, then you want those posts to be as universal as possible.

Call the title of your post whatever you want. Make it punchy also make it five words. Something people will still be searching for five years from now.

Like I say common sense is the best thing about the words we use.

Some people do it well and you can learn from them, which leads me onto my next tip.

Learn from free stuff. Social media is free right, its time consuming and your like a kid in a play yard, you know you have to do it and like a pet dog we all need exercise.

WordPress.com a free hosted version is great because it has never been easy to use. Blogger and Tumblr also have communities.

People in the communities like certain things. Some people are happy having their geo location of a post linked to the relevancy of the topic.

If your on holiday right, you login to a computer or type in on your phone an entry. Perhaps you just want to upload some images. WordPress dot com is great because you can upload a load of images in one upload
Many people comment and create back-links to each other.

The best comment box is the one where either you or the persons blog you are commenting on it has a stream at the bottom of the page.

You can also limit the amount of days people have to comment creating and training your readers about scarcity.

These things help. Whilst blogging I think you will find its the little things help.

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