Frequently asked questions:

How do I use WordPress?

I know it’s true, we have heard it all before but things are always changing. Updates and security have never been easier. Ask me how. Mobile Websites, app versions on iPhone, Windows Phone and Android appstores. These things cost money by uniting together we can lighten the load.

  How do I go about promoting what I am doing?

There are  places you can  go that yield best results, Facebook advertising, Reddit bookmarking and joining forums. However there are also sites where you can invest in people who spend all day aggressively churning away for you. We can talk about allsorts of stuff. I do reccomend preframing business communications.

Where can I follow you on Twitter?
A: @RobertBridge is good.

Which are the best ways of getting my message across to the world about my business?

How do I go about advertising?

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