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Jamie Oliver Restaurant St Pauls

Identity Recognition: Making Peace With Yourself

You think of yourself as tall,dark and handsome? Expecting a stranger to walk into your life sometime soon? These leading questions and ones like them are fake and distracting. You are who you are and it is, what it is. Peace comes about in fascinating ways, each experience blows me away. When I hear people…
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Pressured To Do Write

There is always somebody pressuring us to do right things and as writers pressurising us to write is a good thing. There are a few simple ways to spot when bloggers are being pressured into doing things. Equally outside forces mean we can make certain assumptions about people might be thinking. This article is not…
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media marketing communications by robert bridge

Conversational Hypnosis in the opening paragraph of a book and Hypnotic Gestures

Look at this: creative story, literature,mesmerism, linguistics, mind control, techniques. Its all the rage again made popular by niche dating sites. Tinder for example is a website used around the world to help you link up with opposite sex for a date.