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The Media Podcast

The Media Podcast

look over there squirrels?

Media Communications podcast

Around this time last month I made a podcast. This month I will try and do the same. Its about the media podcast and I do my best to keep you informed about the latest media updates. A light hearted look at the media by the way. Some is critical analyse.

You can listen to last months podcast below. Its about the squrirrels in the tree's. This months recording will be on a theme of nuts in tree's. Last night I spent a hour on Storify writing about Chesnuts.

Once the nut has been cracked I believe this week that you can smash on through to where ever it is you want to be. Look out tommorow for the Sept podcast from Robert Bridge about the media. Catch up below and I do my best to get the next episode out to you.

Equally I have made an introduction to this months show over on Storify. I shall embedd that in here. My hope is that in a creative way I am keeping you up to date with the latest news about me rather than just knocking up some boring PDF and citing a loud of old rubbish for SEO purposes.

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