The past couple of weeks I have been studying different types of commenting blogs and going through some old literature to support and balance the new. I have noticed many different projects going on that have made me stop and think, before I speak from experience. So many people have experience and they love to share from experience and we love to read about other people’s experience, it just works really well. Today I want to talk about communication and the importance of constant contact with other people you know, trust and follow. Also I want to connect and talk about promises we make to ourselves and other people. How does this make you feel making these promises?

The chances are if you make a lot of promises, you must like making promises. The best way to introduce what I am trying to say is congruent with Face book, which I find is a good monitor to measure you with. Face book timeline is a stream of promises, some people will engage with these promises and when they do the chances are you have more chance of fulfilling them. Over time sometimes just a day can alter percentages, the more you say at certain times of the day where people miss the more your stream looses engagement. If you make promises to yourself its a similar thing. First make one the map it out and act upon it until fulfilled and lots of people like it. This way your stream will look very special. If you slow down and make point of asking for a conversation this can speed things up. But then you are just activating other people’s thoughts.

This requires a pause and you will have to think a short while before you move on and do whatever it is you are doing. Many will be stuck in the same position until an answer comes to them. Some questions are very strange, why do people who do not know each other ask questions and not really explain the thought behind it, why they are even calling or even get chance to pitch whatever it is they keep calling about to pitch. It is really strange so is the new Face book logarithm. Which is why I want to talk to about commenting. I am not sure how people comment like they do. I see in other personal bogs an almost immediate comment after publication.

I notice these comments are made at about onwards. And the response time is very quick on bogs for comments. Similarly on Twitter many people are equally as quick at responding. I respect this sort of thing and so do many other companies, however how I ask does it help the website? An on topic commenting from a friend can really help; using the right comment box requires some sort of control and synergy between the two. Equally how we respond to thinks has to be instant. If a comment comes in five minutes after a post the chances are you either have a responsive audience or their a team of people cross commenting, getting very good at this and really focusing on commenting on one anothers domain names.

The best place to see this sort of thing is in the edu environment. Often hosted on .org domains with really strange comment boxes. I like these sorts of sites because when I remembered I could do a search in Google, find these sites and make a nice comment. However to make it worthwhile it often required me slipping in links to other sites, sometimes my own information, more often just really nice websites that I thought the website owner would probably enjoy. The comment as long as I passed the capture turned up immediately, it was really good and most of the time there was no need for this comment to be moderated.

commentingThe comment did not require thumbs up or down and as far as I was concerned I could then just completely forget about it, giving me room to make another ten commenting attempts elsewhere. The results of this do have an effect. I used to then write a press release which for whatever reason would keep loads of visitors coming back and thousands of people wanting to comment on various web sites. But I thought that I was much cleverer than that. I would always add Ask met a special key that stops spam comments. For a few sites I turned this of and completely forgot about everything that I had done, where I had submitted it for promotion which left me feeling stuck as to why so many people were commenting and why when I checked to domain that this page had such traction and ranking.

Often I felt like I had stumbled across something. The chances are it was just a really nice article wrote well in a niche that expectedly does get a heap of traffic. Also I do have a hard drive full of goodies from years ago of keeping my eye on the wheel. When searching for things or starting out to execute a strategy, I usually start of reading. Whatever is on my mind (often lingering things from conversations and speeches) I will do both a search online and into hard rive to find out what comes up?

Robb2Regardless of what it is and how relevant it is to what I will find in Google, I can guarantee this sort of strategy will help me focus. One because I can navigate quickly and easily around things I have already read and two because when I do find something nice online I am able to instantly connect because I am already focused on the topic at hand. I think much of the great stuff we read about and learn from other people is because they practice these very simple things too. Focus on something nice which regardless of how outdated it may seem focus on the quality of the text. If you are reading shabby text this can weigh heavy on the brain and make you suspect this person is wasting your time.

However like any good You Tube video will tell you if you listen to the intro and fast forward about an hour into the meat and potatoes you will find some really good stuff. This reminds you of what to do, what you did last year and could never really remember why it had such an effect and perhaps more importantly can really help the reader who is reading, scanning and looking for something to relate too. Another good skill to remember is archiving. If you have a constantly refined archive of say bookmarks on and offline you can really look good, think smarter and be able to help other people when they outline problems. Sometimes it’s easier to scatter these links. For example make a you tube video list, you can even make it private if you like. Many YouTube videos get taken down or become deleted by owner because of various reasons. Often because the information rocks so much it needs to be elsewhere.

That’s why if it’s really good its nice to make a bookmark online and give it a description of what it is. This will do two things. One it will refresh your memory a little bit and help you remember whatever it is that has now disappeared so you can go about trying to retrieve the info elsewhere. I so easy to forget simple strategies. Some websites are made inline with new information. So in that sense when you go through old info you can Stumble Upon websites that have become dormant with posts that have not been made for years. Perhaps the site was only constructed for the launch of the info product and become forgotten. This is good though because a lot of people generally do not delete stuff from there hard drive, so with that said as long as the add or link you are using is timeless enough to wait for these readers from old info on hard drives then it is still worth it. We all like to revisit information.

There is a common pattern with information. And everything tracks back to somebody and with every style the chances are there is some sort of transaction going on. You already know a lot, but there is also a lot to learn and a lot of what you have read and what you know is going to waste. I think it’s a shame to let anything go to waste. Once you have a simple way of doing things consciously you can do them over and over again developing that competence I mentioned here. In another post. Thanks for reading. I hope this helps in some way.

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