Email and webmaster tips

In this post I share my experience, time using things and the value for someone with a website. Let me know in the comments below what you think.

An explosion of ideas and phone conversations that I have had this week. Plus interesting emails that have made me think and can help you.

A webinar is a good place to sell if you have something to sell. If you are getting traffic from emails then my guess is this is something you would want to invest more time doing.


Help with filling in forms

Many of us do things much better than others and there are a large amount of practised skills which can make life a lot easier.

Filling in forms has many variations, here are but a few.
Registration details, name address and telephone number. Filling in details at job interviews or receiving forms through the post from various sources. It is the same forms you have to fill in every year. Forms to apply for things, catalogues, credit and loans.


Autobiography Part One

F****** slime bar. Originally from Islington. A place where Frankinstein and Dracula would meet. They would pretend to be monsters. Claiming to be vampires and werewolves. Only they looked the part, the uniform was perfect. The pale faces, dull facial expressions, grey bags under the eyes and white powder on the cheek bones. Speak to them and find them to be highly educated. They know all about academia and less about the craft in which they claim to come from. The Slime Bar attracted a number of young couples romantically attached by a love of grundge. Enjoyed the idea of drinking bloody marys with eye ball gob stoppers but knew nothing about giving blood.


Blogger WordPress tips

These days you can take a good look and find out all about a blog. Take this blog for instance, on the home page you can see a collection of posts in the stream on the home page.

Have  you ever wondered why so many people are looking for guest bloggers? They are either friends with you on social media or they came about your blog via search or Google alerts.

Competition is completely wrong this is not the London Olympics and even if it was you would be in a team.

Same goes for blogging as it does for social media. It is just one way of obtaining success.

If this is you then you should concentrate a little bit of your time everyday on Facebook or Google+ to connect with these people.

Forget about your niche, share what is great and entertaining.

You have the keys through social media. You will know what you like more and get to enjoy quirky musical videos.

If you are new to blogging then this will not apply to you well not yet anyway, so here goes.

How to spring clean your blog.

Don’t drown your readers in terms and conditions if you do not have any other interesting pages.

A quick way to expand the top of your pages navigations is by adding categories. A category is much more relevant than a tags.

When told blogging is about something you like how did that make you feel? Inspired I’m sure.

Here’s the thing, you liked and added fresh stuff and not much is happening. You might feel cheated in some way or that your time is more valued than the time its takes to make an update.

Email marketing is one solution but anyone who does email marketing knows the blog is not the place to send people. The place to send people is other peoples places.

People who are selling stuff and offer high commissions.

Over the years I have noticed a trend these things happen in seasons. Tags for example disappear.

In your WordPress panel if you navigate to you appearance section tags. Many of them for some reason are no longer attributed with certain posts. just delete all the 0’s.

If you have a blog and are bilingual or writing in another language then you might want to change your title links to the default. If you submitting them to various search engines around the world, then you want those posts to be as universal as possible.

Call the title of your post whatever you want. Make it punchy also make it five words. Something people will still be searching for five years from now.

Like I say common sense is the best thing about the words we use.

Some people do it well and you can learn from them, which leads me onto my next tip.

Learn from free stuff. Social media is free right, its time consuming and your like a kid in a play yard, you know you have to do it and like a pet dog we all need exercise. a free hosted version is great because it has never been easy to use. Blogger and Tumblr also have communities.

People in the communities like certain things. Some people are happy having their geo location of a post linked to the relevancy of the topic.

If your on holiday right, you login to a computer or type in on your phone an entry. Perhaps you just want to upload some images. WordPress dot com is great because you can upload a load of images in one upload
Many people comment and create back-links to each other.

The best comment box is the one where either you or the persons blog you are commenting on it has a stream at the bottom of the page.

You can also limit the amount of days people have to comment creating and training your readers about scarcity.

These things help. Whilst blogging I think you will find its the little things help.

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