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Brexit, Dog Walking and Business in Britain

I think we are in a unique position and should – like Europe try and strike a deal with other countries in our local area like Africa, Middle East, Turkey, Russia, America, Australasia, Argentina or anywhere really in South America and Canada.

Being a dog walker I am only to well aquainted with looking for obtrusive objects and chinks in the road. And always I try to not step on anyone else toes. I have noticed a few trends online and would like to talk a little about that today please. My hope is to inform and entertain you with my words and chosen pictures. I have also attached a playlist of music for you to listen to whilst reading todays post. If you like reading please read along if music is your thing there is plenty to listen to.

Here in Britain we all have different sectors doing what they can for people, country and queen. We all have different needs and as it goes so our 'leaders' have mandates to fulfil. Its difficult online to get any traction online without the approval of the politically correct. Its difficult to get any traction in a debate when the ad spend and campaign funding is all one sided. It does not matter about what we have learned, experienced or promised. Nothing stays the same and whether you like it or not things change. Try not to lose site of your goals and keep your side of the street clean. That does not mean brushing all the leaves into your next door neighbours front yard. Or if you are doing it for other people you should do other than instructed to do. The chances are you already know what them things are because at one point or another I imagine you have already been told.

Equally freedom of speech has always been there, the only change is the right to hold megaphones, social media, free PR and popular forums. If you want to avoid alienation choose you places of broadcast wisely. You can do that simply by being accurate before racing in and barking at all sorts of people. We hope that we are all friends here, but when it comes to long term agreements, fuelled by the ongoing campaigns to create scarcity by giving then taking things away. We have got used to things and any change would be like buying new underwear for the already converted. Life is not all an Anne Summers party. You look on the high street and see for yourself.

Buying power is very simple, you have the funding and part of that goes on broadcasting how great thou art. The trumpeters payment comes from various sources, most of which have emptied and need topping up again. Do you think this musician is thinking about the last batch of funding. Nope our musician is well on his way moving into new corners of the country. He throws the message out to all his mates. He’ll even beat box if need be to survive. That is what this is all about survival. Focusing on loss, death and poverty is the wrong mentality. In this day and age it's easy for anyone to forget how strong they are. It's also I suppose difficult to remember as you have always done, bullying and manipulating other people into your thinking. I put it out there that this sort of knowledge of self comes with age. However I do want to to clunk horns with anyone.

Out there in the field there are gods creatures great and small. All have a relevant message. Many follow the same template to get their point across, because its time tested for the herd. My style of communication is less extreme but equally as important. That word important 'online' has been somewhat diluted by the amount of time's people use it. But if you want anyone in this day and age to get up of their seat and race to the back of the room, login to their computer and tune in is all you need. People believe in 1 in 10, or 1% of people will take action or have access to the honey pots. The reality is not as simple as that. This is why I understand why other people do what they are told to do. They create ideas, jobs and products that are not there or are simply not yet needed. This is the new modern economy. Rather than helping people in need. How can we create something that can give individuals a fit or purpose? How can we disguise all the facts and figures?We tell them the figures at a rate which puts them at ease. To often the case none of this is actually true.

Overtime things change, overheads change, links change, emails disappear. Boy was I pissed when my Fastmail email account closed that was because I did not login to 90 days. When I tried to login to UK company Lycos this week I noticed that they had shut down. Years of providing a decent enough service: email, websites, news they just decided to not renew their domain name or improve services. Part of me thinks this maybe due to European legislation. Everybody knows those cookie warnings are a pain in the ass, however without them now strange things are happening to blogs and websites. Free sites are good but the same thing can happen. You words are not propriety. Legally you are writing for everyone else to share. The only way you can appeal is by asking other people to kindly take it down or report them to the site you are writing your blurbs on. Even with your own domain name and hosting its difficult to control the powers that be to stop this from happening.

When you find something new that works there is a long que of people waiting to do the same as you and improve upon it a little. They put on the same table salt they think people like best. How easy do you think it would be to have the rug pulled beneath your feet? The only way to stay afloat is keep float yourself. This can go the other way and bite back into simplicity. The greatest success will come with having constant velocity. If you are moving in the right direction to get to where you ought to be (busy) then no worries. If you are bogged down like a rabbit on the road at night with the bright headlights coming your way your stuffed. No one cares about if you have your rabbits foot with you or not. If you are still talking the same old speech to the same bunch of people you will make them yawn. And I don’t care how many arms or legs you have, how big or little you are. If you are not getting any traction I am sure you will find it because you have stopped paddling. To many individual companies have already been tredding water in the deep end. All they are looking for is the next TED Danson or Kevin Costner to come in via helicopter to tell them what to do.

The European Union has a lot to teach us, we have closely helped them step by step as things have changed. Crisis after crisis has hit other countries outside of this Union. Understandably we all have *Mother Teresa in us and if we look deep enough somewhere in the bottom of our pockets is that massive gold cross weighing heavy on all our consciousnesses. Its a survival technique I have seen people use in popular adventure movies. Like Kevin Costner we all strive to help those in need drowning as the boat sinks. But the reality for 90% of start ups they have already gone down with the boat because they refused to separate themselves from the rest of the crew. Or are losing sight of the inflatable life raft. All they can see is, wave after wave of frequencies they do not understand. Even old timers are privy to these shortcomings. As an individual we put our life on the line for other people in need. We do this well but some of us are really not up for the job. Without the right toolbox or agility the best thing you can do is go home. Listen to some nice music and chill the f*** out.

The whole world is able to point fingers at the perpetrators. Years later when they have amended their ways they employ them for their special talents. Look at hackers and cyber bullies. The European Union like Britain is interested in all sorts of things. Yes this does happen but many are mostly focused on creating brand new apps in the same make money online niches on online databases that are overcrowded selling the same sh**. These drop shipping businesses are putting a new angle on what it is to be independent. Instantly anyone from any country can be thrown in the deep end in the hope they can paddle where they want to and eventually swim a four year marathon. This is simply not possible. Additives like chlorine effect the skin so they give them a rubber suit, they get thirsty so they give them a hat with two cans on either side and a straw. The eyes get sore so they give them occulous razor 3d glasses. Seriously this online technology thing is getting beyond the pale in so many avenues.

I say out of respect for Greece and to send out a powerful message of dissagrement to the rest of members still stuck in a fridgid cess pool. We should default on this June's payment. If that does not work and they treat us like they treated Greece then we will know if I’m right. This forced voting on leave or stay came about because someone let the cat out the bag that we were all together massaging one another. Rubbing one anothers bulging pockets. Demolishing and building up the same buildings all around the world. Once a proven method sprouts up, the belief is that everyone will be happy with it. Again that is wrong. The price of all this things are free and costs nothing. IS this an example of British intelligence? No, its not. I do not speak for anyone other than myself and I am Manx, which means Frankly I do not care either way. But just for the record though, do not say I did not warn you.

I think we are in a unique position and should - like Europe try and strike a deal with other countries in our local area like Africa, Middle East, Turkey, Russia, America, Australasia, Argentina or anywhere really in South America and Canada. We don’t need some toads in Brussels telling us how to do things. We have already seen how they treat their own people and the nasty tricks they have pulled on their own people to take jobs away from people. Outsourcing North Korea and places like that. We did it too. I wonder where that sort of intelligence came from. Chances are it came from some dried out prune who is employing young bucks with a brain to do his dirty thinking for him. You see we live in this world worshipping sick and depressed people who are loose cannons just waiting to spill everything over each others motherlands mother-load.

If you take a look at how these countries treat their own and lets look at: do they like animals or not? What benefits do they provide. How much tax do they add to foods and commodities. Where are they on the teachability index. What reputation do these facilities have? Would you employ someone who could not look at you face to face to an inch of legible English. If you say no do you think they will understand what you mean. I not saying get out and show the bird, I am suggesting lets test the water see what these people do when pushed. We all know what the answers are we just have to be patient. If that means one more payment so be it. However in the long run if you are buying something that no longer feels the gap or tastes shady in anyway I say spit it out and start again. To many of us happy with our improved lot. Doesn’t matter whether you are chewing tobacco, blow vapes indoors into peoples faces or pumping iron in grotty gyms. If your happy and you know it clap your hands. After every speech like penguins we clap for these elected fools and chancers. I promise you they are all trying to sell something, or have already spent there whole 6 months of salary ok a solution that no longer works for them. They are scared but have the option of dipping into their family and neighbours pockets.

This is not like ringing someone's doorbell and asking them for a glass of milk. This is about living in a society with no curtains with an open door for everyone to pop in, or down, relax and talk about all sorts of stuff. If you have something to say, say it, I am not recommending you spill it though like me. You might have someone around you to clear a lot of this stuff up for you. If that's you then well done. But please keep your eyes and ears open, if you see anything that needs clearing up do that or let whoever needs to know who have the right tools to clean it up for you. You only have to look on the hughstreet to see how many people are being evicted. There is always something you can use yourself. Hopefully this sort of ammunition helps.

Wages Day 40 Years From Now N.B. I am very proud in Britain that we do not have gun culture like America after what is happening there. In this instance they are clearly not good role models to have. The European Union is no Barbie, Action Man or Beanie baby themselves. I feel if they did have some miniature mannequins they would use them to wipe all sorts of regions. That Drago is a right noodle, he has nothing I want. His team in Brussels that knowbody knows maybe enjoying a decent meal, have access to a decent shopping centre, live in a bubble and get paid more than Cameron. As you may suspect I am not overly impressed with anything they are doing. Quite frankly any funds we have in Britain should be used to bonus services and government posts who are doing job well done,  working and being happy.

By Robert Bridge Esq

My name is Robert Bridge I live in London, interests include the media, education and strengthening leadership skills.

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