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Understanding CSS PHP and HTML Web Designer Basics

A web designer who understands HTML, CSS and PHP. WordPress sites use all these bits of code. PHP and CSS is in the theme and helps how data looks on page to browsers. HTML is in posts for example bold text, bullet points and recipes. There is also schema code which helps search engines list your website in their own search engines correctly. This sort of metadata is also listed a SEO. Search engine optimisation is an extra bonus you get from a website designer.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge, I live in London and here to help. If you are looking for a web designer in London, that’s me. If I can help you I will. See the contact page to book a consultation. WordPress has come a long way, the ease at which a brilliant website, business page or lead capture pages can be made is unprecedented.

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The Hemetic Seal of Venom Suit

The recent Marvel movie 🎥 Venom (2018) is an alien 👽 film with a hermetic seal suit.
The science behind the suit is based on magical practises of magicians, necromancers, and Hugonauts.
Marvel has conjoured up another enterpretation of Spiderman cartoon characters arche enemy Venom. Is a very entertaining film which reveals various secrets known between old hermetic orders.

Leather illuminatiThis is not a movie review, although I do reccomend this film. As usual Stan Lee makes an appearance. The focus in today’s article looks at this rubber like suit which seals the human body protecting the wearer from outside fatal forces of the universe.

This month I heard an interesting British radio show pointing out NASA space suits were hand knitted in complicated patterns to protect man when out of space. This weaving of space suits fascinates me and takes man made clothes to the Nth degree.

For centuries in literature man has explored logos. Symbolism reminds alchemists about the process being done. Magic and alchemy is a series of steps taken to move closer to an outcome. Alchemical cooking is a psychic process done behind the scenes of a physical objective. The objective in conjunction with modern day science is to safely take man beyond planet earth 🌍.

Since man has crushed grapes 🍇 he’s sort wealth, health and happiness. Between 11th to 16th century work of hermeutic lergustus and the base matter virus of the philosophers stone man has sort a rebearth of himself. This brought groups together by offering enlightenment. In Venom the alien particle seeks man to survive on earth and man is tempted by the ability to go beyond earths healthy atmosphere. People likewise have dreamed of escaping earths trappings of propaganda, slavery up to the workhouses sprouting up in the 19th century. A polished obsidian asteck Mexican show stone is stored here in Britain. This stone was used in Elizabethan times to channel its energies for latharious political purposes related to understanding logos.

Lets say the Venom suit found on a meteorite is a magical 🧙🏼‍♂️ lode stone. And this new particle assists man to go boldy where no man has gone before.

Mix this with the astonauts interestingly knitted silk suit and the historically documented rise of the rubber trade, plus the gnostic ideal of immortality your left with the perfect trapping of symbiosis.

Ed Kelly, Jon Dee even Harry Potters had a well read occult audience based here at some point in Britain. The star of the Venom movie is a popular British actor. That said his accent is a broadly American accent but don’t let that put you off watching.

The seal where the rubber meets the road in accordance with what we know about the ‘Logos’ objectives of alchemy, science, entertainment and belief is fluent in Venom. Good film, if you get chance check it out. 👍

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Media Mediums that contribute to Popular Mass Culture

writing stories
Arranging lives. Organisational skills. Software to help us get organised. Finding the hip (current) media to do stuff in an attempt to stay with it, evolve, be less primitive.
Finding the right way to engage a dialogue between peers. Participating in an proper way. If you want to get noticed you have a choice of media. If you have a nice voice you may want to communicate over the phone, call into a radio show to ask and answer questions or leave a recorded message or conversation for people to refer too. In the music industry you could record a song accompanied by some music, you may have made, acquired through open source, made with software or purchased from popular outlets to acquire a legal license.
Leather illuminatiAge of participation from audience has broadened. Any age with the help of mixed media can be intelligent enough to be accepted in Entertainment, business and give to conversations. Children from an early age have an advantage of learning at a time in their lives where they can master media, it should be encouraged, it may also make older academic people intimidated but it is not something to worry about.

Robert Bridge Media
Even stories can be written by younger writers. spellchecker are amazing. Narratives of classic books have due to time become open source, this provides templates for anyone to experiment with, replicate and structure effective styles of writing. Criticism is quick thanks to the Internet. More people online reading, means more chance of getting practical feedback. The effects of this means more junk online as more and more people develop. The footprint of everything recently have led to job losses from criticisms of earlier social media blurbs. Micro sites like Twitter are easy enough to flush but people forget to drop. You can use tools to watch social media for anything negatively explicit.
media marketing does this really well. It also gives step by step instructions in what to do and how to engage on social media and websites. Once you understand these once thought common sense rules you can regulate yourself easier online. Think of it like a game, understand the rules and you will avoid any sudden or lasting effects. If you are writing about personal issues and reactions throughout the day try using a paper and pen than something digital. With touch screen the temptation is to apply handwriting to digital formats. Equally pictures can be drawn and easily published online. Two things come to mind that you may want to keep tabs on is Branding and copyright. Think do you want your ideas copied and used in films, television, theatre to explain the time we live in and not have to be credited. Art is a gift. If you think a gift like an image or a painting is worth something then do not upload to free social media sites without adding water margins, or hyperlinks to sites that may sell your wares.
understanding mediaThe argument is on Social Media is that unless you get likes or comments no one is actually listening. This encourages people to share more of their own intellectual property. Security of art is extended outside the safety of the home under lock and key. Western man has had warmth from buildings with keys to lock themselves in. Cameras inside add to security as well as give agencies the ability to monitor people. Drones and smaller insect cameras mean easier surveillance. So the balance of avoiding media and engaging in media comes closer together.
websiteThe workplace has changed. This confuses people. Old jobs seem obsolete and current jobs are difficult to prove. Some people can accept and embrace, others still struggle to adapt. The incarnate nature of the situation has some relative effects we can see in an unusual amount of people, men, women, and other free thinking creatures. Whales and dolphins are being found washed up on shore. The effects of modernity and using disposable plastics has effects on the eco system. The chaos effect talks about this. A flap of wings in one place causes hurricanes on the other side of the planet. Intuition and global consciousness of this is another reason to bring up. Information moves faster, information becomes repetitive and dulls the senses. Exposure to violence and warfare from history and media has not helped. The argument there is that we have become thick-skinned. One joke from yesterdays news is enough for us to continue on with our ‘busy’ lives. Trouble makers have more competition in being original and creative. Bad leaders can easily get the help to fast track a country to ruin. So a belief in sure things like popular algorithms lead to ruin when the tide turns.

robert bridge mobile media

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The Power Of A Group Mind

The group mind in today’s post is powerful enough to move heavy stones and build gigantic structure’s.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge and this is my blog: Media Marketing Communication’s. I live in London with my dog Mutley and am interested in alternative form’s of education, communications and basic practical linguistic skill’s.

The group mind organised in a constructive way on commune’s for people who have passed tests set by leaders of brave new world’s. Atlantis and places like that ( see my Facebook post below, as I summarised a YouTube video I watched this week.

The pyramid’s mystery begin to unfold. Zoroastrian Persian diaries reveal the wise men and Kings in the bible on the day of Jesus birth were perhaps Persian monk’s. Stonehenge blocks may have moved in similar circle’s and Atlantis was what thinkers thought about when focusing on other group mind community projects.

No one wants a bee put in their bonnets. Especially when it challenge’s nativity plays which many of us have acted out in, dressed up in old clothes or played accompanying music too. These memories are very special. Some of us may have also taught similar stories passed down through generation to generation under shelter of buildings that have outlived our great grand parents.

Imagine a community of people living together from all around the world. They are very clever and have qualified in many fields in order to be there. People who were sort out from around the world. A peaceful team of mercenaries focusing their minds into one place through a group transmission of united energy. Mind weightlifting heavy objects with telekinesis before the days of giant cranes and dumpster trucks. The intelligent group commune is suggested as being around for thousand’s of year’s. The best of the best keeping information in the family. The kibbutz overflowing with innate wisdom empowering everybody there in equal ways. Then someone at the helm conducting procedure’s, are they god’s or simply humble site manager’s. Are they dependant on planets element’s or are they controlling the elements in their area, over the roof they call sky?

Are they simply chess piece’s or a collection of jigsaw puzzles solving all sorts of stuff. History show’s this maybe the case. And anyone who has ever tried to solve a puzzle has compassion for those trying to solve these things.

We assume everyone has our own place and we are unique and by proxy we mostly focus ourselves throughout the month on one form of empowerment or another.

Think Mastermind, the hot seat over a thirty year period. The best contender score highly, popularity, looking the write way and smiling slowly has no merit’s. Take the best of the best and put then together and seal them in a bubble.

The bubble becomes a global membrane and at the end of it all they are sick of the sight of one another. They probably love and cherish each other put that’s by the by. My point is from such an incubatory l see no reason why these Atlantean people should not be able to move heavy object’s with the mind, provided they had or have on tap the right fuel.

We still no nothing about the brain.


WordPress 2017 Theme Review

This year came out with its new template 2017. This framework is much better than all the other default themes. If you use the theme is still not yet available. That said WordPress Com has also made some nice updates to the customise options for on-page web design. The responsive updates on blogging templates look great on the front end, however behind the scenes (within the code) there is usually all sorts of errors. In this article I submit a quick review of WordPress 2017 and describe some of the features I noticed whilst playing around within the admin panel.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge and I have been using WordPress for over ten years. Before WordPress days I’d use Blogspot (Bloggers) and Myspace to blog about things I wanted you to know about. I still use Google blogs and am curious to how I can semi host hybrid blogs on all servers. That includes Tumblr. So if you have found a way of doing this please let me know in the Facebook comments below.

WordPress 2017 theme is almost perfect. The recent update is even better because you can include 4 pages on your home page no bother. There is a banner which includes MP4 or YouTube videos. There is a nice responsive easily editable main menu which hovers and changes at the top of the page. This feature works on most browsers and mobile phones. To avoid any coding disputes you can take advantage of the Amp plugin which helps browsers of all descriptions easily read blogposts by avoiding heavy coding. Without it your site looks great it just has about 43 errors. You can also experience error codes when updating site. I suspect these errors come about from the security and WPCache features. Equally many SEO plugins have settings which we all need to know how to sort out. There are so many plugins that clash with hosting mixups these days, is good to be on your toes.

The comments have always caused issues for me. I understand the importance of providing readers to comment. That said behind the scenes as a webmaster I see a lot of rubbish.

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Robert Bridge Media Marketing Communications: Linguistics the Techniques used for Thinking and Exercising to Improve Writing Stories

Exercising improves writing, public speaking and making nice power-point presentations. The words you can choose carefully and structure talks for a universal audience. Some of us do this by simply improving your knowledge of linguistics. People ask me ‘Robert’ how can I improve my marketing skills. Understand this I say marketing requires thinking around the large amount of techniques out there. Once you get your stories inline with your brand you can then take it to the bridge. The media is a choice and if your writing is a good fit for them it will be a good fit for you. Advertising is a big thing. Recently Kellogg’s decided to pull the plugin on advertising on the Breitbart website. After doing some research they found the left wing type sites are the best people to target. They eat much more cereal and like the Kellogg Brand because it’d been around lurking since day one.

Media marketing communications requires ample amounts of vocabulary and a good understanding of the variables. Firstly choose your words very carefully. Find something new to say instead of saying stuff that has already been said. If the article has already been written and your quite good at explaining stuff there is still a chance that someone online has already stringed together the same sentences. You can check if anything you have wrote is already found online over on CopyScape. The simpler you make your article you increase the chance of a higher retention rate from new readers. If you are talking within a technical group or forum remember you may need technical jargon but still keep it simple don’t overload your words with a bundle of unconnected information. If you speak in your voice consistently that is fine however most of us at least try to use correct vocabulary, pronunciations, citations and adjust our basic verbs. Your voice may be colloquial (local) online or in the city so you may have to dumb down your English slang.

If you are writing a book things can be very different the way you go about this and that, so you need to remember to change between the two. And yes it’s  true most writers use older books (classics) to inspire them. The classic books from the country you live in gives you a better understanding of what people in your area are comfortable reading and you can use this research-proven in your own way. When you find your favorite book keep it under your hat, or at least treasure it because this book will help you again and again. Once you have a consistent voice people warm more to you. There is a definitive unity of classical literature that unites/ ice breakers between student and teacher. Even though jargon changes, understanding more about the authors objectives when writing classics are available if you like and decide to look further into it.

In literature you learn multi-modal techniques of authors, then read. This understanding unlike a self help book is practical because you personally unraveled what’s great about the authors style before you started reading. Though this is limited to a list of authors. Perhaps you already have your favorite author and want to outline the strategy for readers who want this sort of guidance. Writing it out with a list of options will increase your understanding of the outcome. If you are a public speaker then you will already know the same techniques everybody else use. Public speaking is often weighed down by NLP and sales pitches even Ted Talk speakers get caught up in the final five minutes. Spice it up with a bit of Charles Dickens or Tzvten Todorov. Yes its good having dot to dot templates, but being ready for questions and answers other than yes or no answers comes with practice.

Tzvetan Todorov film slide

When writing we all found a natural progression occurs. When I think about media I try my best to bridge the gap between respecting the hierarchy of stations, channels, faces etc: connecting sequentially in an appropriate sequence from top down to bottoms up. In a world of chaos having rules helps me discipline myself and not go on into tangents, this is where confusion comes in for me and if I am confused I do not want to impose this on other people. Thats why it is good to have someone to interact with. Our thinking with a little bit of persuasion has common ground. The classic hooks that people use, still work well and with good timing nothing can stop you. Only through good exercising of various things can we improve, the obvious being talking, the goal is to arrive at something written that does not put students to sleep (beyond Theta Waves). New teachers come along with fresh interpretations of the same annual prospectus. We should learn from this. The only documentation I have found of this is on YouTube. I like the way teachers can be themselves in the classroom environment because it gives a new perspective of the boundaries on what you can do and what you can’t. Be careful though some videos are parodies and slip into female seductive teachers calling out students and eating cherries. It has been argued Language was dominated by women and that men should stick with engineering.

Teaching is like marketing because the techniques you choose that day will determine how retentive the audience might be.

Everybody love stories and wish we could tell stories as good as that advertisement or teacher. Next year we will have all learnt from this; by taking an interest in other teachers and competitors in the same market we will evolve. When I studied English Language and Media studies here in London it took about a year to wake up to these  new things being introduced. I developed an under-standing of the good points, limitations of time when laser focusing on one topic and how energy can easily dissapear. ‘My name is Robert’ and this is how I consistently introduce myself in communications. I cannot imagine what this would sound like in chalk on a blackboard or colored pen on the white grease board. If I was active teaching I would, I would not want to make any loud, jarring sounds. The global village is joined and I am grateful to have learned a little about the art of linguistics. Like learning a new language I was reluctant at first but once the module was completed and I passed with what I had learned I felt more confident when I hear the word today. Then someone introduced the Global membrane which has put another bee in my bonnet, perhaps I write about that in a future post. The interesting thing is the birth of new perspectives came out not long after the first theories were published. This tells me group work is the most productive, you can learn a lot from groups by just keeping quiet, lurking.

Hanging on to the data from the results we get would help if only we knew where to seek it out. Most of the time this will come from other people and you do not know who these people are until the comments start coming in. 95% of people may not want to waste time in class or online with what you have to add simply because there is not enough time. Education time goes quickly and as you learn the speed and tempo increases. Before you know it your capacity to get more done in the day is there. Like a muscle you need to keep this up, it can be quite addictive and teaching is one way of keeping your foot in the water. Other ways maybe online forums or Facebook Groups. There is not enough texts about the outcomes of group discussions. The dictatorship of teaching helps progress with less errors, but discussions incite practical examples of what confuse students. In life marketers ask do you feel stuck. Its basically a similar thing. The sub conscious mind is 95% of multiple defects of character, both biological and of biblical proportions. Hang ups about certain taboos, memories of older punishments, how should I react in this country and that country. That’s why when we go down a rabbit hole in writing and someone tells us this, we then have to argue between retrieving anything constructive to simply letting go and starting again.

If we are to improve we should not sit on our Laurels scratching our heads. We spend time reading on lots of paper and lighten the load time by turning to book readers like Kindle. Libraries are providing time on the Internet less distracting than being home alone. People at home studying think that less distractions increase the chance of learning theory. Theory has to be at some point practical to justify student learning, learning is about communications with a manner of people who understand and can share back on what it seems you might be thinking. When your at home yes you can share emails and talk face to face on Skype, Facebook Messenger and  other types of media. Building a better bridge with people happens face to face consistently, at certain intervals throughout the days, weeks and years which opens the door to more practical techniques. Plus these types of memories forge new alliances lasting in most cases way beyond graduation day. Understand this and you may use and cherish those moments. Moments where communications mean something. You are exercising vocal muscles and bouncing of each others stories.

Later comes personal marketing, if our can convince other people in your writing that your up for a challenge, back it up with character testimonials then your well on your way to being understood. popular dictatorsFor example Robert spoke to such and such about the English language purely brush up on what he learned in the linguistics class, this leads on to working with this so and so in a recognised counter culture movement. The group went on to do good things. This is a much better selling point than just marks and helps allowing Q&A. The reading of such a document is limited, so if you know somebody to talk to and can see them as somebody else you will use  a better selection of characters. The materials in front of you have already been shared, you might forget and your study buddy reminds you. The differentiation is a much more  remarkable way of doing things. Also its easy when you are having a laugh and a joke about things, learning has to be fun to stay awake. The appropriate thing to do when there is more than a couple of you, is keep your jokes to yourself. Even if you write it down and pass it on there is a chance you could get in trouble. You can keep to comedy for public speaking, learning environment’s are different. When exercising these things your popularity in the margins,will be how you bridge the gap between good geeky student, to popular with everybody, to making both teacher and ladies in the class well pleased.

Robert spent a lot of time thinking whilst watching media but no one knows what he was thinking. He expressed unusual and unique angles on the subject, unfortunately they said a lot of this was well off topic.

media marketing London

The ability to forge good group communications from one node to the next is an art as well as a craft, forged out of pummeling your ideas, showing off your techniques to people and getting them to read your writing before publishing. There are websites I recommend that help resize sentences and shorten paragraphs, constructing a valid original tapestry however is a whole different ball game. When marketing books and stories you use various linguistics that will haunt you till the release of your next book, so with that said please do your best on the day. The bridge between marketing your thinking starts with a strategic plan. Creation from yourself and instant reactive media from the forces of power that need impressing. The overlords do not care about your portfolio folder, they are more interested in practical results. The seeds are often planted by themselves, make them grow, nurture and they will be well pleased. A simple shift in the access of the globe gave Samsung better Klout in leveraging the spinning globe.


device cect ka08 mini

  1. Reasons why you might need to hard reset CECT KA08 Mini?

    Hard Reset in KA08 Mini Device Will help to:

    • CECT KA08 Mini runs too slowly
    • Reset and disable forgotten screen lock password or pattern
    • Might resolve hang-ups & freezing problems
    • Might resolve unexpected Application crashes
    • Wipes personal data phone before you sell your phone device or after you buy one
    • Regain default functionality of your CECT KA08 Mini
    • CECT KA08 Mini Device Hanging Problems
  2. What should I do before performing a hard reset on CECT KA08 Mini Device?

    First of all, back up all the files you wish not to lose (do it using your computer or a SD card). Backing up applications on CECT KA08 Mini device is not advisable as they might be the reason your device is malfunctioning. After the hard reset, install them one by one monitoring the reactions of your CECT KA08 Mini.
    After having saved all personal data, delete them in order to prevent the accidental formatting while performing the hard reset operation.

  3. What gets deleted from CECT KA08 Mini during a hard reset?

    Hard reset on CECT KA08 Mini will delete all user data and customer settings (anything that was not originally there). After this operation your device will be the same as if it came right from the store.

  4. Is It Safe to Format Factory Reset CECT KA08 Mini?

    Using one of the hard reset methods on CECT KA08 Mini is safe and should not affect the device in any other way than it is supposed to (clearing all data and reinstalling the default setting).

  5. How will factory reset affect the voicemail messages on my CECT KA08 Mini?

    Usually voicemails are stored by your network provider and not your CECT KA08 Mini internal storage. That is why they should not be affacted in any way while performing a factory data reset.

  6. How to make CECT KA08 Mini run faster and more responsive?

    1. Perform hard reset on CECT KA08 Mini. However, this may only be a temporary solution as when you start using your device again you may stumble upon the same problems.
    2. Try updating CECT KA08 Mini firmware. By doing that regularly you will make sure that CECT KA08 Mini performance is as good as possible.
    3. Always monitor the internal memory space – too little of it may cause serious problems with CECT KA08 Mini performance.
    4. Make sure that all your files such as photos and videos are on external memory (like SD memory card)
    5. Search for some application on Google Play Store which may be useful to upgrade your CECT KA08 Mini performance  (for example an antivirus app, startup manager, app cache cleaner).
    6. Applications which you do not used should be uninstalled.
    7. Try restarting the CECT KA08 Mini.
  7. I have forgotten a PIN code for CECT KA08 Mini device. What should I do?

    Important thing to remember – do not enter the PIN code more than twice if you are unsure of its combination (it will result in blocking the CECT KA08 Mini by the SIM. Using hard reset operation here will not help. The only thing you can do is contact the customer service of you provider and ask for PUK code to unblock your CECT KA08 Mini.

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