Clearing the mind for a new day

I writing this post whilst garlic mushrooms and chicken thighs are roasting in the oven so I keep it as brief as possible. Clearing the mind for a new day after coming to a blank spot. People come and go as do thoughts. This can also track back to goals and things you have to do to do what ever it is you want in life. Listening to amazing stuff can take away from the original thoughts we create overtime. The subject matter in which we specialise in becomes confusing and comfort is found in all subjects basically enveloping similar premise. Your story is somewhere in the post, find it and you can reconnect. The story is the mind gets filled up with great information and know body knows what is going to happen at the petrol station. You could meet all kinds of people and you notice lots of other accessories. As the days go on you choose what goes in and what goes out. When you out the pedal to the metal time seems to speed up and as you speed up life passes you by. Synchronising with the ebb and flow of life, appropriate business opportunities and relationships therefore are like they would be on the freeway "Fast and Furious". The difference is its not a game and the truth is its unlikely that they are going to make a feature film of whatever it is you are doing. So with that said lets take a look at various ways of clearing the mind for a new day.

All the waffle did not come over night and the distractions a to many to mention here. There are points in the exercise when you realise that narrative is sprinkled with gold dust so you keep on listening and watching. You may even be confident enough to be in reactionary mode and find yourself wasting energy on things that do not support you. This time of year (winter) its good to stay warm and one day I will buy some long johns to keep we warm and support the old legs from ongoing varicose veins that may swell during the icy temperature. But until that day comes my friend I will not need to worry. So wrap up and stay warm. Turning the central heating on for a few hours is not going to break the bank. The first thought in the morning is linked to comfort. Are you comfortable, how comfortable were you the night before you ever awoke. What sense of gratitude did you acknowledge on awakening. What tasks were there, why are they there and how much do you care. Its ok to say to yourself that you do not care. This may help you clear the clutter and realign the habits of progressiveness.

If pressure has been on and you look down at your hands to see nails are chewed right down then the chances are you need to do some clearing. In the sense of Scientology this would perhaps mean plugging in a machine and taking the bull by the horns and answering a series of questions. If you were Catholic you may want to tell somebody everything until all is forgiven or you feel better about yourself for offloading any missing baggage. Muslims would do a similar exercise, more scripted and dedicated however and equal ritual that I am not qualified to prescribe. And its not like you can pour Piri Piri sauce on top and throw in a few nachos and everything will be better. The fact is many people bite things when they are disconnected from the original source.

There is actually no substance to your emptiness and it you alone that can turn this around. No one cares about all the complaints and issues, ok some people do but lets just say no one cares and its up to you to do your own maintenance work. You have memorised your own instruction manual and you do not have to impose it on other people. Asking simple questions is fine you just need to be specific not just with immediate people around you but more importantly yourself. This is the secret knowledge everyone is rabbiting on about and bubbling on the surface os all sorts of alchemical things happening. And its true what they say about the gastric band. The further you get away from the mesh the more likely a springbuck will occur. If you find yourself constantly visiting the same people to get fixed the same problems then you are not learning yourself. The age of internet is making us more self sufficient and human touch has proved to be another illusion. A new day starts with a fresh mind that sprouts early as the sun starts rising. You rear your head regular as clockwork but inside the wooden mind is a team of little minstrels doing all the hard work. All you have to do is relax and get out there way.

This story brings up other things. We are just vessels and friends are like ships in the night. Complaints are ugly regardless of what you think is attractive. A single thought is all it takes to make landslide from a rock or pebble. You are in a sense buried in a heap of thoughts and don't think pulling the cover over you head and saying no is going to help. Like boot camp its time to wake up. The best part is there is no one there to shout at you and tell you to get up, no one there to tell you to shine you shoes but also there is no one there to borrow broken laces. That is why slippers in the home a like pyjamas really good inventions this time of year. Have you ever stopped and thought about all the dust you pick up under your feet. Well mediating and not eating from months on end is a similar mystery. Its up to you to prepare for the winter days ahead. Because unless you train yourself no one is going to bring you those slippers in the morning. Also you a Eddie Murphy in that film where you have a whole palace to serve you and wipe bottom.

By Robert Bridge Esq

My name is Robert Bridge I live in London, interests include the media, education and strengthening leadership skills.

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