How to get rid of a headache

hi buddyThe green and gold ring around the skull is charging and fully charged if you leave it. Hi my name is Robert Bridge and at the time of beginning to write today's entry I had a bit of a headache. Its gone now and the green light is now showing. Here is how to get rid of a headache.

The brittle bones in the nose move like a concertina and give of a light clicking sound.

This contributes by creating a nasal blockage that when you are asleep you are spending more energy out of it than what you would be if you were out and about walking the dog.

I call it the death ray. Who knows perhaps someone is coming to visit you; maybe they are targeting your area. More than likely you have forgotten to do a few simple things. Here is a checklist to find out if your headache is of your own making and more importantly how to get rid of the damn thing.

The first thing to understand is a headache doesn't just happen there are a few things going on. Many of them are sub conscious, others are a collection of things and some of those could be to do with the way the universe changes.

The universe has always changed so that’s nothing new. So lets take a look at that for a moment.

Look I know you are just looking for a quick resolution to the pain you are going through right now.

I understand, really! That’s the reason why I am writing this article. I could feel a headache coming on. The first thought right is take a paracetemol but what if like me you do not have any.

Just to clear things up there is no way someone is shining a death ray on me. And the ringing around the eyes is probably from eyestrain and bad posture. Computers and social media can be very addictive. And its easy to brush this of and say the effects are not possible, but if you get honest with yourself and look into staring at a bright screen for long enough a headache will likely happen.

So how do we get rid of a headache in the first place?

The first thing to do is check your posture, if you find yourself glued into one position or you feel like your heads been put inside a mincer there are a few things going on that we can identify as a means to dismiss the supernatural ideas. The obvious one already mentioned is where are you spending most of your time.

If a lot of your time is spent in an environment created by yourself without any sort of fengshui then you are missing out. No wonder you slouch. You look around and things seem to hem in the usual flow of chi.

You do not have to be a king of copper eye ching to know that without chea reaching the top half of the body where the excess flow of electricity leaves your body and radiates out to those you love and want to protect. It’s like a damaged cable.

No form of exorcism is going to fix a cable, you either need to take it apart or replace it. And it could be something completely different. It could just be a trapped nerve. A reaction then a thought, which builds onto the problem like a colorful play dough, set. The headache is a series of cookie cutters and what do you do when you eat to many cookies? Of course you have a nice warm drink to wash it down.

Generally this drinks although fluid is as thick as anything. Who knows maybe you did not even have something sugary. If you are fasting for whatever reason or denomination when it comes time to refreshment, you know what to do. Plenty of fluids.

Depending on your composition you will be a water drinker, some people prefer to gulp down litres of chilled water everyday, others prefer the fluids boiled or room temperature. Whatever rocks your boat, the first port of call is to check you have drank plenty fluids. Their are many reasons why a headache begins and if you go to sleep with one brewing then you could be doing more damage than good. Here are some checks to go over.

Before you went to sleep and after you woke up did you have a headache. Now this is not some sort of witch-hunt question. There are all different types of headaches and it’s easy to get the wrong end of the stick. There are some luxuries that I want to share with you, however they are very personal and I am sure equally you have something you want to share with me.

So lets hold that thought for a minute and oscillate back into the how to get rid of a headache.

It’s a gold band around the head crushing in and when you wake up is it not and your nose feels like Planet of the Apes crushing in and out like a European handheld piano busker outside restaurants.

You want to smile and show you like the tune, even though you do not recognise the rhythm. The unwarranted sound if you could at the time of happening would gladly pay just to get rid of it.

But something inside tells you that you like it and curious to how much longer it could go on. So here is what I recommend. Go into the kitchen turn on some switches, plug-in a couple of things and heat up some water.

Helpful remedies to have on hand are lemon and limejuice. On this Mac that I am typing this when I first plug it in the light where the power supply is connected shows yellow and after about an hour or if I wiggle it about a bit it turns green. The computer is just like me. If I leave it on long enough its bound to become a bit hot headed and sluggish.

People think other people are naturally just zombies but they are not. Everything has an effect. And its time to do our own little exorcism. You might have to buy a bigger mug or flask. Boil the kettle and put a few extra drops of lemon juice into the remedy. Do not think of it though as a remedy because this is not a prescription; if it was you would probably only lose it.

You put far to much blame on other people and other organisations but here is the kicker. We are all experiencing the same changes of the universe. I have heard it described as a revolving door. Have you ever been stuck in a revolving door and on the other side is someone you are walking with and felt disconnected. Well this is the cord. You have to cut the cord. Before you cut the cord, make sure that you are in your own skin.

How do you know you’re in your own skin? Well you just sat down, made yourself a nice hot drink or two and regardless of how late it is you are doing everything you can to get it down aye.

Who's the most important thing in the universe right now? Be honest its you right? Gods happy when you’re happy. The kids happy when you’re happy. The friends continue to do the same things when you mirror back those things too.

There are a bag of reasons why you had a headache and hopefully I was not one of those. We could roll bones and speculate but for now, I will end it now. My headache was probably just from lack of commitment to put an entry into this blog.

Thanks for reading and if your headache progresses in the morning phone your GP. You can set your ringtone or alarm to as load as possible and guarantee when you wake up everything will be rosy again. And when you go back to bed be sure to turn of all appliances and switches again. Good night, good morning and good afternoon. Please subscribe to the new subscriber button that pops up everywhere with your Facebook account, I want to see if it actually works. Leave a comment below if it does actually work, or say how to get rid of a headache as you would do.

By Robert Bridge Esq

My name is Robert Bridge I live in London, interests include the media, education and strengthening leadership skills.

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