Jamie Oliver, Rick Mayall and Twitter

It puts hairs on your cheeks she said with her mouth full. Last night I spent a couple of hours watching Jamie Oliver on You Tube. I love cooking the only trouble is I am on a budget and cannot afford sirloin. Being a red-blooded meat eater I gotta make up for missing iron. Black beans are great. I had a special pasta yesterday. Black beans, pineapple chunks and twisty pasta. It was actually quite nice. The corned beef gave it a nice taste.

The past two days it’s been like the Sahara dessert here in London. The sun is amazing and brings people out the house. If it gets to hot and I can't be bothered, I just open the window and let in the fresh air.

I noticed a lot of the questions from Australia put to Jamie Oliver filmed two years ago on You Tube were about vegetarian options. It was funny because the recipe was about how to cook Piri Piri chicken. I hope to duplicate the recipe soon. If you are a vegetarian and not get chance to watch the video, Jamie suggested Jubilee mushrooms, tofu and something else. This time of year I love a good salad, we all do I think. Jamie gets his hands dirty and mixes the salad with special dressing. He also shares interesting tips about potato peelers. I also watched a video from America on how to make potato bombs stuffed with cheese and meat, I think its the same people who did the dancing beer canned barbecue chicken. Humus, carrots and celery are a great way to snack if you’re a vegetarian. I went through the Facebook update today. It asked me what were eventful moments of my life one of them was becoming a vegetarian, which for obvious reasons I left blank. It still shows my profile is not complete. I went from 71% to 81% for filling in the details available on the mobile phone.

Today Rick Mayall TV comedian who starred in The Young Ones passed away at 56. He was funny, I have not read the articles or researched the circumstances yet. It’s very sad. Kevin Turvey one of his earlier characters started the popularity of the anorak geek. He was always pulling the vs. on Young Ones and he was a big fan of poetries. His characters were always megalomaniacs. We all get sad about someone as young as this passing away. Comedy is something I am passionate about however it’s easy to become disillusioned by it all. Some things are simply not funny. I have reevaluated my comical taste buds and stopped watching TV shows on telly.

Yesterday I managed to go through the entire dog training flash cards and walked around last night and this morning composed as suggested by Caesar Milan. Great easy reading, having read I recommend. My hope is that you appreciate me inviting you back into my world. It’s easy to build walls around ourselves, get caught up in the wheel of life. The Pursuit of Happiness can be quite a lonely road. Still at least I am not out there selling heart beat machines. My path to happiness is something completely different. I am trying to make sense of my story. Everyone has a story, we all come from eggs and every egg leaves a cracked shell lying about. Its only when someone responsible with a bag who clears it all up, everyone are happy.

I did not want to write today, I missed writing yesterday because Sunday I feel should be a day of rest. In the bible it says something about that, not that it has any relevance here. Its just I am a sucker for tradition. Sundays used to be great. Two hours of drinking a pool, then closing time. Just enough time to eat a nice Sunday roast, digest, and have a nap then wake up for 6pm opening time. It seems like only yesterday they were talking about 24 hours licenses. We live in a time when lemons are being squeezed and the pith and anything that can be is used.

There was a time I remember going outside, talking to lots of people I knew, who knew me and that all seems to have changed. This week was TT week. I from the Isle of Man, like motorbikes and enjoy watching the road races. TT races are really good. I managed to catch a couple of tweets on Twitter. If you have the patience, please follow me on Twitter. I read today a tip for Twitter on a social media website. Three conversations daily with people you not know or follow and three conversations with people you have followed for ages and regularly do similar things. If you get chance try that little takeaway, it may even help you amplify your links shared. If you have a Twitter account please share this link and if you are friend on Linked In thanks for being patient this week. If anything I hope you read this paragraph because it should help in some way, for how long? Who knows? Try it and see, if it works come back and leave blurbs below in the comments box.

By Robert Bridge Esq

My name is Robert Bridge I live in London, interests include the media, education and strengthening leadership skills.

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