Media, TV and Choice Writing

The interplay and Brucey bonus of forming new habits and following daily trends. New ways of gathering thoughts and forming scheduled habits or writing and responding to mixed media.

Firstly lets look at the obstacles, then take a look at the reasons why content is key factor in forming new writing habits. Lets take a look at trends and how these trends often begin the next day in response to your own amazing ideas. Some people create this in a word, a phase, an idea, a quote sent out to an amazingly engaged audience. Getting onto the radar has never been easier. Selling the movie rights to your own little world is becoming part and parcel of the organic space that we all share. Some of us get it and basically overuse. Others take their time, schedule at the most appropriate time. You'll be surprised this is not always 6.30 am like some of us presuppose.

Life just isn't like that for me. I remember a time when breakfast happened at a particular time of the day. There was a time for games, entertainment and other relaxing interactive activities. We learn how to randomly place the pieces out before we begin. This made our competitors excited about the challenge of playing a worthy advisory. And like a game of trumps or connect four the odds were equal anyone could win. There wasn't room notably for any expansion. The rules were easy to follow and like a game of monopoly there were not to many arguments. Everyone was on the same page, rolling similar die. Life has changed completely.

The status symbol seems to be how many channels you have. Consumers with freedom to pick up all stations and pay one time for amazing sport activities. Passive audiences have multiplied. Two people are a reinforced audience equal in price to a stadium of people waving the team’s scarf. The timelessness of waiting for a trophy to be raised above the head in the back of the mind a celebration at some point is about to happen. And clap at the spilling of champagne. Would you enjoy your neighbor spraying pungent bitter smell of champagne over your best blue suit?

It’s been on the cards for a while and the great thing that people often forget about Trumps is the game can be played in small groups. It’s not just a two-way conversation. And as the number of cards disappear the notion of winning and losing becomes more predictable, however there is still that chance. We love hope.

It’s this flitter of hope that responds back to us the next day. A window into our own eyes. Feeding food 'media' is a palpable way. We are pilgrims of our own thoughts. The process of selective channeling is going on, its real and something that has been around for a lot longer than the media.

A few years ago I wrote an article on Ezines about Pay Walls. The subject always comes up and other media outlets have different views on the idea. For some it works. Repirosty is an expected part for players to talk about. Social has become a radar screen of sharp shooters inside airports. The after party is sure to be fun, watching these people behind screens has been captured in film and the effects have spread out all over You Tube. Screen capture, Screen cast, Jingle, Moviemaker, over the shoulder instructions, pushbutton software to divert traffic. We all know a good thing when we see one and rightly reformat for our own audience. The thing is everyone knows everything. It’s a shame when someone leaves the cards face up on the table. Ruins the game, no?

We can respond in many different ways, directly, textually or more Oats like in cartoon images with captions that reference common knowledge about the rules of the game. In writing there are no rules, not that I know of. The choice of words we use perhaps, the punctuation and spelling. Extenuating, highlighting, putting a facial expression alongside a sentence. Bubble wrapped words of thought or articulated speech. The phone ringing, text messaging and mobiles limitations of email checking. Like channels they are all luxuries that not all of us share. So please just for today to not make to many assumptions. And like the Pay Walls be sure to bookmark email or save somewhere because you never know when all this could just disappear.

By Robert Bridge Esq

My name is Robert Bridge I live in London, interests include the media, education and strengthening leadership skills.

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