I graduated in Media Studies and English Language back in 2010 and enjoyed it. More importantly I learned from a few media reps outside of uni. One thing I picked us was contacts, people who are actively working in media. Navigating around the media is very simple when you have a few good souls to keep you in the loop, even better is building a roledex of people you can link up with, plug into, buy products, services, consultancies or just buy books from.

Here is a short list of media leaders, teachers and thinkers.

  1. Bob Dobbs – Media Ecology, Archivist, musicology, McLuhan & channels
  2. Paul Levinson – Media Studies, McLuhan, publishing books, tv, radio
  3. Lance Strate – McLuhan, Semantics, Fordham University, Blogger
  4. The Media Coach – Summary of News, media speaking events in UK, Libsyn
  5. Nick Pope – TV shows, author, government servant looking at UFOs
  • Academic standards in the UK: professor Angelina Jolie
  • In The Lobster, if you’re single you might be transformed into an animal
  • The Three Hardest Words in the English Language
  • Key Stage One
  • University of Sussex world leading in eight subjects
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