Mobile Androids and other phones go out of date

History of the Android apps from the original framework. The Android phone and the successes. Six years of Android is enough for anyone to find something to grumble about. Lag on a phone. Crawl time of accessing data. Android changes Google Store to restricted access completely from accessing Google Play.

Just as recently Docs changed to drive. Microsoft changes names of Cloud storage too. The Cloud storage can clash with devices.

This is another reason to keep one step ahead of the curve. The question is is new technology helping or is it all a bit confusing?

Emails are not going away soon. The first thing people check on mobile devices after the alarm is email.

Adjacent to the apps we can see which ones are getting good stars and ratings. Reading the freshest comments helps save on downloading unnecessary apps. Apple do the same thing, creating an exciting launch campaign of new updates with newest comments.

The problem is older models can loose vital functionalities.

Mobile phones tend to be very durable even after being dropped and still go on for years. Boiling a new phone in a pan of Coca Cola is a bit bizarre they would be better of boiling an old one. And I think this outlines the real frustration users are having. These new updates come and make the old obsolete.

An update was better for an affiliate or a designer of a new application. Innovative inventions happen because of supply and demand. One smart person this year suggests an idea whilst next year the whole structure goes under the mallet.

The mobile trade is so easy to loose faith in innovation when we have to forget the last model. Even when its the driving force of how futuristic technology advances. It's so easy to get attached to old technology.

We get bogged down with all the jargon. As the names change its easy to feel left behind.

Find a suitable pocket to put it in. That way you can feel the vibrations when in silent mode. You'll never miss a single call, will never miss call friends and will avoid taking pictures inside your own pocket.

Manufacturing differences play out like politics. They use legal jargon to rationalise innovation. The old create a heated conversation to make people listen. Using the same rhetoric and slang youth use to seem cool.

Think of this in the context of the phone browser limitations. A common problem with old Andriod smart phones.

Family helps make the big decisions that justify our continual reason to update technology, this synergy ensures long distant communications can work simply and smoothly.

A spouse in the city will buy family members or grand parents in the shires the latest mobile gadgets. Having the same gadget on hand at the time of trying to troubleshoot the problem is good. Being near a PC or laptop when over the phone trying to help out a family member helps. For example they might want to get online to chat on WhatsApp or FaceTime.

More unnecessary apps means more updates. It also means more storage space requirements on a handset. Plus optional memory card upgrades.

Many phones come with apps installed on factory settings. As time progresses these Apps loose all secure practicality.

Phones more and more need a factory reset. So when trouble shooting, take notes of any unnecessary applications. Keeping up to date with security vulnerabilities. And have your family do the same things.

If anything it acts as a conversational ice breaker. Making everything thinner, lighter often difficult to wrap your hand around. Shaky hands maybe a simple symptom of the mobile phone.

Where does all the mobile marketing that end up on our doorstep come from? And who pays for all this direct mail ending up on our doorstep? Web administrators, Amazon, EBay, Facebook, and Google equally have an understandable curiosity on these matters.

How to avoid clicking things when browsing on the Internet. What’s a cookie? Is it safe to buy stuff on your phone roaming or at home on WIFI? Why do YouTube videos seldom play on websites? Even when they redirect to YouTube.

How long is it before your model renders oddly? Who do think would win in a poll as the best mobile map?

Old maps from Nokia or new cartoon visual iPhone multi national maps of cities transport, sat navigation that has a good battery life.

Mobile phones and gaming is just another contributor. Apps are more simple, almost natural. Your access to the Internet on the phone through the app helps reduce options. But also opens you up to more advertising.

Blackberry made it easy for business people back in the days and still do with latest models. Kim Kardashian did a good job about a year ago drumming up support for them.

The brand name is as supportive to a human as to a device. The device a user uses on social media is then leveraged on the back of brand names. Social proof is another part of why consumers choose as they do.

We don’t have to pry open this. If it still works, then there's no real reason to fix. No reason to pay unnecessary insurance for years on devices and machines. I am confident without all this innovation we would be now stuck. Basic needs like maps, we would be lost, unable to survive someway.

By Robert Bridge Esq

My name is Robert Bridge I live in London, interests include the media, education and strengthening leadership skills.

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