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As 2014 is coming to an end shortly I find it good to reflect on the years progression. What have I learned and what changes have I come across. Earlier this year I managed to commit to writing on my blog documenting attendance of events here in London as well as sharing back my understanding of literature studied this year. I hope to recommit and continue this next year. 2015 I also hope to practise using the mixed media used in previous years. I think the plan this year to gather thoughts and hope for the best of having material for a book may have been overshadowed by reading commitments, most of which came from various news and business sources. Nothing new or startling to inform you about. In fact many of the sites that I have subscribed to over the years were rewriting news on their websites. Citing the original sources of news and giving most of what they want to convey in the introduction. Knowing this means I scan the text again becuase often I have already read the scoop a few days before on the website. This year I have relaxed on commenting on other posts. I still have commenting accounts LiveFyre, Disqus and Google + accounts as well as Facebook whenever I want to comment I login. Previous years I liked to give thanks, advice or critism on associates, mainstream news sites and other sites that shown up on Google Alerts. Towards the latter half of 2014 I completely deleted Google Chrome from machines and started using search engine Duck and Go. The transition they were making caused this and I watched a decent video on YouTube about the amount of files showing up on computer harddrive all linking to the Chrome browser. Recently I learn more about ICloud which I know nothing about other than it may mean more room on computer. As computers get older its good to clear out a lot of stuff. When updates are struggling to happen and the confusion between apps and extensions happened I found comfort in deleting. Its good becuase 2014 has been a great year for other browser updates: Safari, Windows 11 and Chrome. My hope is to download Chrome again, if not I may try Yandex again (tried in 2013, had similar update complications).

2014 was a year of updates happening within the app store. Appstores like XBox360 for Windows, Apple store overides the Apple updates, Kindle had an update midway this year and each I can say are for the better. My only reservation is with Apple Updates means some software I had a not able to run although I have watched a YouTube video about how to override this setting. I am holding back on this. I also deleted in 2014 things like Growl on the Mac becuase I could not figure out what it was doing in the first place. Deleted Evernote (the elephant icon) becuase I never used it. Evernote sent me an email and I noticed on Twitter they have since partnered up with another company so it may need updating to practically add value in 2015 if you use regularly for blogging or research.

From advice I have avoided due to lack of funds have been magazine subscriptions in places like the iStore and free apps offered on Kindle for News. The apps are good its just I am not interested in the news from a different locality. I feel the Americanisation of values is confusing a lot of people here in the UK and some people are accepting norms that are not normal here in the UK. The effects of this are people protesting for no particular reason. Posters seem to pop up in London sharing interesting slogans and images inviting locals to get involved in pointless excersises unless of course you live in one of the 51 states in America or the 54 states in Africa etc. Thats before you even think about the numbers in the EU. I can't even remember history of the Warsall Pack let alone keep up to date with what goes where in Brussels or Germany. Again I do not feel one unification fits all for British, this is good becuase it gives us an outside advantage to pick and choose without any pressure. The only pressure you have is learning how to identify and quickly dismiss things. Markets change, things go up and down, prices change, then everything seems to be ok again. I am sure the same problems existed years ago. Its just the search engine is trying to fairly distribute trickles of traffic globally. Cross pollinating and confusing people. Two anchors for this in 2014 have been Yahoo HomePage and MSN home page both offering parralell views on whats trending. On social sites this sort of breaking news can be important for any aplification. Earlier this year I recieved a response I did not expect from a real person. It was a personal announcement and it was picked up by a passer by in the locality I was looking for and unfautunately due to mixup with map and postcode missed the event. I was happy to recieve a photogragh the passer by made, I did not know him, he did not know me, nor did he know who's funeral it was, its just a lot of people did manage to find the event ok and the floral arrangements were particularly good which caught the photographers eye so he took a picture. He must have also searched on Twitter for anyone mentioning the funeral and spoke to me. This sort of use of social media is great. equally attending events is good and to see at the Saxo event a reversal of what is usually the case at big events an Internet connnection with reccomendations in conjunction with competitions to win as we all generate a buzz about the event. Trending goals achieved without any unnecessary investing for people on Fivver to get these events trending. Equally noticing real accounts being set up on reccomendation from places like your local library is really encouraging. I think we all know the mass markeeting implications of micro sites and its easy now to identify when users are overstepping the mark to promote something, for example books on Amazon or websites that offer no particular value to the majority of us. These thoughts have had an effect on people and we can see the effects of this on new start up business in competition with one another. They are all doing the same things, in competition with each other offering the same second hand skills in a saturated market. Yes for about a month I was also tempted. Created a squeeze page homepage, a tacky video and short copy offering simple things. The same simple things people wanted seven years ago like SEO and get to top of Google. I can do this for you, but we need to sit down and have a conversation but I have an attention deficite desorder, that or I just am tired of researching things to never be approached to do anything. Infact I read two proposals sent to website from the service I offered from a company in India offering to do it for me for a really high price, which just goes to show how many people have been indocrinated into shortsited goals. The interesting thing is making a page and adding it to directories for about a website sore a spike in traffic though this put strain on hosting, upgrading was out of my range. Creating free sites to refer traffic then maybe a natural digression. What I learn from this is the setting up process and implimenting is easy but finding the right target audience and positioning of Google and YouTube demands high quality gimmicks with no more promises. People love gimmicks and like to be in the best looking vehicle. Practically I think the saturation will only put people completely of the service however allocated budgets for this sort of thing are always there to waste which is why the distribution of wealth is chipping away at health services, government positions and freelancers in general. It has however boosted certificate issuing companies as more and more people are lead into training that will not help them get back into work other than a single source of cookie cutter business. They would be better of just wasting money on a new 2014 iPhone 6 waiting for a cheaper one in sales or something like this.

By Robert Bridge Esq

My name is Robert Bridge I live in London, interests include the media, education and strengthening leadership skills.

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