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Identity Recognition: Making Peace With Yourself

You think of yourself as tall,dark and handsome? Expecting a stranger to walk into your life sometime soon? These leading questions and ones like them are fake and distracting.

You are who you are and it is, what it is.

Peace comes about in fascinating ways, each experience blows me away. When I hear people talk from the heart; I feel fully awake, want to mirror this type of sharing and feel the nourishment of words inside myself.

Language of the heart is not shibboleths or something to be intimidated by. Very rarely heart talk leads to anger, frustration or discontent from others in the vicinity. Giving access to allow your heart into your communication organs does not put strain on your body, breath or blood flow.

Challenges arise, boundaries get broken and people around you do not understand what has happened in your head. The heart ensures a stronger force is present which cultivates saying likable things about people, and not getting roped into judgements.

Inside you have an abundant amount of skills that no one can comprehend, it’s up to you to take the reins on this one. The carriages you have privilege to pull and linked together in an uniformed way attracted by various things you have said and done. We have all proved ourselves at sometime and felt compelled to do good deeds.

Examples are so many in numbers but it wasn’t always that way.

We all started of small and like muscles we grew in girth and length. Thankfully society has given us freedom to think about what needs doing. Sometimes our time is charitable, family service or giving back. Like 10% charity 90% we deserve ourselves. Imagine spending doing this authentically for just you.

Knowledge of self is good because you are protected. Your imprint on the world suppressed or on a mission is very personal. Remember please the past like a memory is just that. And however you paint your future is nothing compared to the true presence of now.

Learning is happening constantly for ourselves and other people. If we ask for help constantly then at every important stage second opinions are marketing communications

Once we know who we are and have learned the basics of what we need to know to implement, fit in, with what needs doing it should be plain sailing. unfortunately this is not always the case. You are not the only pea in the pod. Other people will display feats of power and illusion, this is not to say they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, blessed with the gifts of the gab or just like bugging people, the world is full of challenges.

Mastering your emotions, learning again to increase your flexibility and constantly connecting dots to brighten the spider graph / mind map of situations happens when you allow it too.

Every corner has lessons being sold to you and we live in a world of excuses. Your identity reinforces itself when you step out of this arena. Looking at posters of leading centurions will only lead you into the tigers den.writing stories

Society needs warriors, not worriers. Take yourself out of the question, cloak yourself with invisibility, turn on aerial K9 ears and listen carefully. This does not mean finish sentences for others or make any assumptions from historical recollections or tar other people with the same brush. Just save the red alerts for when you need them based on simple laws of elementary and deduction. You can always tear yourself out the picture when need be.

You are your own portrait and you can revisit that painting whenever you want. Yes there are coachable trews which will make you look certain ways. Legacy or philanthropy determines what this angle may be. Put your on a moveable rig, imagine having a drone to fly around you like it could if it would your favourite landscape location. One angle shows leadership, another shows sensitivity or instills trust in other people. This type of knowledge will last for a while. There is no changing fashion in these sides of you. Since man has crushed grapes these poses have existed. Art gives hints of what works outside the realms of marketing London

We should not avoid history or theology like we do for the shape it has made us is real. To historians and theologians perhaps we are just putty in their hands, however my hope is you cultivate your own inner compass. This should help you when shaping your own identity. Its time to ground yourself firmly on a potter’s wheel of your own making to mould your own patterns.

Together in a class competition will help you shape things better. Challenges will get in the way and slow down the ticking clock. Get fired up, stay cool and go with the flow. The amount of time you direct on developing skills your toolbox expands. You can go out into the world and give 10% of your energy listening to other people’s mistakes and needs.

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Monitoring Media Mind Map by Robert Bridge
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Pressured To Do Write

There is always somebody pressuring us to do right things and as writers pressurising us to write is a good thing. There are a few simple ways to spot when bloggers are being pressured into doing things. Equally outside forces mean we can make certain assumptions about people might be thinking. This article is not me touching up someone else’s post. At least I don’t think it is. I not plan what comes out, nor do I have a desire to finish any sentences for you. So, with all that said I shall continue with this months entry.

Hi my name is Robert Bridge and I’d just like to thank Reddit for 100’s of visitors last month (May 2017). I am the main writer on this blog, as a matter of fact its just me all alone which is great that I do not have anyone finishing sentences for me. I know about how hard it is sometimes when people expect you to hang on every shallow word they say. Academic, a new YouTube video or some sudden biblical revelation is very personal.

I try not to get too personal and my comments I sure you agree are very superficial on the surface although lasting in a significant enough way to avoid any unnecessary instant dismissal.

Everyday it seems most people I know are tortured or distracted in the most unusual and unique ways. Many nets have been cast in the world of personal development, truths seekers and those of a similar ilk.

Procrastination starts I think elsewhere and in the world of writing online its a big responsability going over what you have previously written. Words if they are so important and simple enough to be non offensive to readers as well as reducing loss of translation across the board. Words can be very backwards, therefore is little wonder we catch ourselves back peddling.

The forces that be push us into experiencing the frustration of procrastination. And as we put things of and sugar coat things the less gets done.

From an outside perspective we have a helpful birds eye view of things. As writers we also have readers, mainly though ourselves. We come across pictures of Sea of Bones all the time and the temptation is understandably to walk on by, ignore, mind our own business to avoid any confrontation or ridicule. Finding our own voices, oracles and muses is way over the top. To our friends like wolves we howl the one thing we don’t want to do and as experts we seem to be pidgeon holing ourselves with that ‘build a wall’ to fix things mentality.

There is a film with Bruce Willis that explains this a bit better called Unbreakable. The film alone explains the polarity of what’s deemed good and bad in a topic most ignore. The mind is shaped in different ways.

Equally the brain size may have contributed to amazing engineering and architecture thousands of years ago. Special helicopters that no one talks about. Vessels that travelled swiftly over continents. Buildings built on points of earth which had astrological allignments.

All these like writers block, mysteries.

Whether its a big wow, something mundane or things you create yourself we can bet your bottom dollar, somewhere down the line someone or something is pressurising us in some way.

Again writing is solid enough to be written at equal times of conciousness.

The exposure of elements cannot help but contribute to our growth and who’s to say if one glove fits all. Its our duality of conciousness and unconcious that unites us.

And there is where our quest for difference and uniqueness is where the rabbit meets the road. Which raises the question, no matter how much common sense feeds the doubt: are we any better off with coaches and mentors?

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Conversational Hypnosis in the opening paragraph of a book and Hypnotic Gestures

Conversational Hypnosis in the opening paragraph of a book
Your going deeper and deeper in the very first paragraph. Authors understand in literature to ensure readers stay with your creative story you have to use basic techniques. We know today as conversational hypnosis dressed up as self hypnosis.

space ballsIf you go back and read all your favourite books first paragraphs’ you’ll find allsorts of mind control techniques to keep readers reading. They cleverly take you on a deep hypnotic journey with basic hooks commonly known as mesmerism techniques.

Linguistics and semantics are two topics that can transform any book worms knowledge of what’s happening. I mean why did you read that book in a day and others take days to get balance of the state of brain waves it takes to concentrate.

Conversational hypnosis starts with someone you trust next to you quietly speaking in a familiar way. At each point you go deeper into a relaxed state.

The information intake and correct use of writing techniques I put to you is what make people give books five stars.
Its easy to get locked into allsorts of literature.

However armed with this sort of hypnotic knowledge you will cringe rereading books. By using boring plain words in the title readers become comfortable.

Conversational And Hypnotic Gestures

Jamie Oliver Restaurant St PaulsIts all the rage again made popular by niche dating sites.

Tinder for example is a website used around the world to help you link up with opposite sex for a date.

And there is no mystery behind gossip magazines reporting about a guy divorcing his bride in the bridal sweet for non stop typing and texting on the old mobile phone.

Who came first the mobile phone or the new boyfriend?

These sites from the start indoctrinate the new member with tried and tested techniques used by other dating celebrities.

Those who have gone out and successfully done the do with a number of participants.

People joining usually have a friend who they speak to regularly on the phone.

Over the phone they learn through word of mouth or abbreviated text messages who have confessed to finding loads of birds on these sites, like it means anything to you.

Strictly for the lonely, you will learn how to refine your creative story.

Your profile is now loaded with simple quirky hooks to snag the opposite sex.

You mind yourself looking in the mirror doing persuasive mesmerism on yourself in-between meals and on first entering the dancehall.

And at the end if you are really clever you will keep a private diary in which you use clever semantics and linguistics to explain the date.

Its a numbers game rated 1 – 10, 10 being really good 1 being whatever your standards are.

Its the lowest of the low, but its popular and works every time.

And that is the old slight of hand technique whereby you pinch her bottom.

If she slaps you in the face and walks away she may have been a keeper.

If she takes it and smiles then she could be a go a.

If she does not even notice because her bums that big or was just not concentrating on the footsteps in the sands of time its difficult to decide.

These sorts of gestures can get you in trouble. We all have our own toolbox and its different stokes for different folks.

If dating is your thing learning tried and tested Hypnotic gestures and brushing up on your conversational skills will really help.