The Idiot Economics

A lot of people are trying to figure out how to make money online its called the idiot economics. Education is a key theme of todays entry especially at the intermediary stages. And like the education system a lot of what you read here will change five to ten years from now. Again is also a part of the new confusion around economics. If you are a parent and learning about your child’s education over the years you will understand this more than most.

A lot of people are trying to figure out how to make money online its called the idiot economics.

If this is you then you are committing yourself to a lot of learning, hard work and personal development. This post is inspired by all the suckers out there who are getting confused. Education is a key theme of todays entry especially at the intermediary stages. And like the education system a lot of what you read here will change five to ten years from now. Again is also a part of the new confusion around economics. If you are a parent and learning about your child's education over the years you will understand this more than most. If you are a youngster reading this and coming to the internet with a fresh and keen set of eyes I would highlight that this is more of observation rather than a qualified point of view. If you are one of my friends who have an idea of where I generally come from in text again please take what I and the idiot say with a large grain of salt. The idiots economics is not a get rich quick scheme, in fact its completely the opposite.

“And again I was caught up into the presence of my Lord Adonai, and the knowledge and Conversation of the Holy One, the Angel that Guardeth me.” -Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente sub figura LXV, V:41 The primary characteristic of this Illumination is the distinct and immediate perception of the “presence” of the Divine (or God/Absolute/Lord/Truth, et cetera).

Look around, what do you see? Look out the window, look in the car park take a look on the high street. What do you see? There is sun shine and machines working away making all kinds of noises. The heat at this time of year is much greater than it is indoors, that's why I love school you move rooms, get taught by different people, surrounded by fields that lead to sports and other team activities. Perhaps your lucky enough to have a pool near by or you live by the river or ocean. If this is you the idiot economics still apply. Take away the newspaper, the Internet, the NASDAQ and the piggy bank your still left with outside influences. Conversations from other people tuned into the new mixed media. Observations of pressure of price rises on bills, complaints about how it used to be and the long along to figure out the new ways of purchasing things. Things have been made very easy and its not like any of us are stranded on a dessert island with only three things we could bring. The parking space is full because the same people living the normal ways of making money work near by and the car park is also a short cut for many to get from a - b. Along the way you could meet all kinds of strange people. In cities its slightly different anything could happen. You could be presented with the old chestnut trick. Given three options to choose from.

The Idiot Slight of Hand Trick

The incentive to buy into the obvious scam is there but statistics show for every 100 people that pass by there is always at least one sucker who will fall for this parade. The alarm bells go of when more and more of a disturbance occurs and this is a common problem with car alarms especially new ones.

The idiot economics is a thriving business

based on all kinds of metrics.
Many of the core principles are dictated in different ways in the correct way at school as you reach a certain age they teach the law of compounding. In other classes they teach you confusing lessons about history and culture perhaps even in America they use old nostalgia and fun of driving an old jalopy. Theory is taught as example. The future of economics has had to change from the factory. The ocean is no longer a triangle, the world globalisation has over the years governed the reasoning behind individual countries abilities to educate. The main education being anchored around consumerism. Building experience in business depends on which side of the idiot economics you take at an early age. Some people talk about an awakening. Its only when they are challenged with more education do they walk away and get back into the vehicle they park outside work. To be free of all the shackles of the idiot economy is practically impossible. If you are involved in it, this is like a dirty like secret. If you are one of the suckers you are paying to put yourself up against people with experience that is based on a false economy. The hope is that one day a contract will be signed and that will be the end of that. The idiot economics then clearly have no clear goal. Other than early investments of compounding the pocket money.

the idiotThe idiot economy attracts all kinds of fools, the people who have trained in new skills and provide services have higher hopes of consulting. Though the idiot economics has cleverly created questionnaires that take away all the sweat, experience and knowledge. Like the end of year test a lot of the questions do not ask what is in the book, but put into words how those equations can be calculated in the real world. Joe has a bag of candy and the room is filled with Rod, Jane and Freddie. If Joe gives 10% of what he has to everyone in the room how will he feel at the end of eating the candy. Stuff like that. Makes you think but the same time confuses the hell out of the reader for about statistically 2 1/2 minutes each. We have surpassed though only to accustom to the selection process a question then an a - b - c - d choice. Only one is correct but the beauty is that we are all different. Another smoke screen for you to drive through.

You only have to switch on the television to see what is going on. Things happen much quicker the image is bigger and sharper than ever. The effects are equally as educational. Previously the sport and entertainment was seen as very therapeutic, calming and an important part of society. This makes people less unfortunate unable to compound the money with outgoings more than their incomings. So the rise of the television has become more elite. The access is their via the televisual experience of which products to try and hints at where all the healthy minerals are. Embeds visions of which car to drive that pushes you forward into earning more by more hours or in many cases the idiots economy. It is not a place or thing to be like your job passionate about. Bringing people together however is very appealing. We all know that people suffer as they get older from loneliness, lack of motivation, drive plus the get up and go syndrome. The secret is to get in-between the experience and let those enjoy partaking in certain rituals to get on doing with whatever they love. Its easy to find often people have who they are tattooed on their forehead. I am a writer, I am a musician, I am a preacher or I used to be this and now I'm a real nice guy. Its not Police Academy and you do not have to be Liam Neeson to figure things out for yourself. The solution is often in search. The problem is the idiot economics was there from the start. The Internet was made for push button generation under the assumption that everyone loved, bought and sold the next gimmick. Suckers love this stuff right. Though they are not suckers because they have compounded cash savings. They are already sat on wealth. I say leave these people alone, as long as they live till retirement they will be OK. Stop talking about banking fears. The banks are not responsible its the new gimmicks they see attracting investors that cause all the problems. Indoctrinated by all the false promises. The real good guys are those strung out and less fortunate. The less fortunate like X Men have learned to adapt and integrate. But then the idiot economics drums up all kinds of witch hunts.

Like anything its simply a washing machine full of dirty linen. You fill the machine with socks chewed to peices or buy them from people shoo wear once and throw away. It adds to the mindset. The more compounding interest you have in the basket the less chance you are of getting confused or agitated by the heap on the floor. Look around what do you see. A mess or something tidy and organised. How many things around you can go in the bin or give to charity? What are the best fabrics to keep everything spick and spam and what fluids do you think are best for each activity and why. Now we are moving into a lesson in science which I did not want to do. So lets slip into something slightly more comfortable like history.

the idiot economics

Do you honestly care about that your great great whoever did to put the pocket money into your account which compounded a fraction that made the comfort blanket you hold so close whilst still sucking your thumb? Just making a point. A new sucker is made everyday. Gone are the days (thankfully) of the work house, so we can brush all the Marxist jokes of the carpet and scoop that in the bin. And before you ask no this site is not a socialist site. This is not either a post about the micro macro economics around the world or the agendas placed upon strategic locations at any different time. This is moreover I hope an informative post about the reasoning behind confusion. You not have to be a detective to figure out what is happening here. The pressure is on, people with money want to make more money. The idiot economics is a thriving business. People love idiots. Look at the Dostoyevsky book The Idiot it sold like hot cakes. A based in a excellent way the hope of making something out of nothing. Gambling or investing figures, the text uses words like an accountant pushes file doors and boils the kettle. The Idiot is a legend. If you can find a new and confusing thing that a clever idiot would definitely would buy you are on to a winner. The secret is no matter how ludicrous it seems there are hundreds of investors who want a part of this cake. You can learn this stuff to earn a bit of cash and be emotionally attached or advisably not. Or you can be the middle man looking for these sheeple and guide them into a field where the investors can take stock and make radical decisions about who get funding for heavy advertising. The problem is there will be a time where one man and is dog is no longer main stream viewing. So remember when you invest in your own money at the idiots economics level just remember to get your foot in the door first. Don't be to pushy or loud because idiots will see through the sales technique. People love choices but they walk away when a decision has to be made. the power of three perhaps then is fizzling into one or two options neatly embedded on the same page as the most popular things you will ever read today. A new predication for peddling the idiot economics who knows. Like I said early do your own research but please do not take the idiot to seriously, because I am sure you agree there are much better things to invest your time and energy in. Do good stuff and if you get chance have another read of The Idiot.


By Robert Bridge Esq

My name is Robert Bridge I live in London, interests include the media, education and strengthening leadership skills.

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