The List

Lists are often forgotten. The time it takes to make a sequential list and prioritise in order in direct correspondence with whatever it is you want to do.

Action ways heavily on intention and the recursive habits taking place. Take shopping for example. Your environment directly determines and changes the needs of your list. Overtime your mind shapes ideas about what to buy and what not to buy. Lists are great, I'm a big fan. You can make a list, throw a list away after completion or even lose your list between the shop and home.

There are lists that last for ever and lists that only serve as a five minute thing. Looking down the line of a list your mind calculates what is missing. You have a better idea of the load you will be taking back. In my experience with a list you are always going to see other things outside of it. So be prepared to see new and exciting things.

Listing is like indexing. Chapters help shape the direction in a books creation and like mixing cement it breaks up and binds the mix. Once you embark on building that list more is going to be revealed. You can expect more and at least be able to complete the minimum. If your life is dependent on lists you can expect greater rewards. The necessities are done and as already mentioned you have something to fall back on.

Recalling a list is much easier than nothing because you can prioritise in various ways. Sequentially there is order. As you recount your journey you can easily reshuffle your list. The order of a list is personal but can also help guide other people. Writing and typing out lists serve in different ways. And if you have something good you can expect to be added to other people's lists.

It's safe to assume we all have some common ground when it comes to a list. From top ten list to 50 things done and enjoyed last summer a list is helpful. Helps remember, stops us forgetting and acts as a springboard to fall back on. Equally being on a list, in a list or just armed with a list is going to help. Overtime your listing skills are sure to expand. So make a list today please and try not to lose it and not worry about the time it takes to make such a list.



By Robert Bridge Esq

My name is Robert Bridge I live in London, interests include the media, education and strengthening leadership skills.

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