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The office is full, the team inside your head is there and its real. The first thought is all the work and who does what, who said when and at what time you expect that important phone call. The head of the office is situated in a different room for a reason. Making big decisions requires one thought, the head concentrates on the one task that needs doing. Everyday one task done well without any hiccups, delays or interruptions is good. The problem is the team are always changing. The new economy means more opportunities, skills are designed specifically for delegating out to the right people and this is called delegation. As the head of the office you must find time to educate, support and provide peace and tranquility for the team to run smoothly. That is not to say you should wake up with all these people in your head on an morning. In this post read about some simple solutions for quickly refocusing in the morning and re-fluffing the pillow.

If you are leaving late messages on voice mail please stop this because if you add a high class problem with a small one the chances are you will be treated like the bigger problem in the morning. The office is like a jungle with plenty of places to position yourself and get on with everything you have to do. By leaving late text messages regardless of importance you are pouncing on the wrong tiger. The morning pillow should be free from as much as possible. The same goes for heavy faxing and formatting of PDF's. If you are sending something, first think of the time. We all operate in different time zones, even when we live in the same locality. Try and do as much as you can within office hours instead of squeezing things in before the pumpkin dissapears.

The thoughts in the head are very complicated and creative. Thats the great thing about the office there is a shared and accepted terminology so leave that sort of jargon in your office rather than leave it on someone else's personal desk outside of the work place. Its so easy to do the same thing, whilst in the environment you are in you use to much other jargon, from outside experiences that you have had. Have you ever had to listen to someone share about an out of body experience or some bizarre dream well its a bit like that. Communication in the office should avoid mixing jargon soup. You should not expect people to follow the bread crumbs, be clear and be quick about it. Time is very precious and its easy to make words convoluted, if you get chance try and finish sentences for other people. If they were struggling let them know a few hours afterwards so they not get to disgruntled. As a team you should be doing the best you can within a time limit, so do not waste time on words. If you cannot listen to it yourself then why expect other people to listen. Mind chatter is easy to spot and train.

Mind chatter in the office can be an asset and could also mean the scrunched up paper to bin shot. Most of these sorts of visions come in mixed up waves and require pricing together at a later date, some think this sort of thinking comes from dreams so if you can catch it in the morning. If you find yourself distracted by other people in your head this maybe difficult and being solely responsible for a team may also be another potential symptom. I say to everybody what was told to me, but generally take action on this simple advice, I not sure why, I mean it worked over ten years ago, confident it still works today. I see new people excelling stating this simple bit of advice. And an office would not be the office without it. A pen of course. Or one step further record your voice, this is what the rest of your team have to listen to. Try everyday to improve upon the communications with others and yourself. The mind is very powerful, so try not to get mixed up with other minds by using the appropriate jargon and speak at a tone and at a speed that makes life easier for you, friends, colleagues, associates and eventually family to will praise you on the improvements.

Its easy to get stuck under the covers, mixed up in the day to day unnecessary stress that comes with making a point. People switch of once they have received the message, so prove to however it is you are speaking to that everyday what was said is tattooed where they can see it on you. A lot of people you will be surprised how far they go with this, thats the great thing about an office you have to cover yourself from top to toe and sleeve in a smart suite. In teaching they talk about SMART too.


Ask yourself about a number of things is it smart? There are five letters each an accroymn for you to filter the question. And before you open your mouth late, via email, over the phone and indeed text messaging filter things through at least four hoops. The first will check if its true, it might seem true but by morning it probably seems ridiculous right. The second hoop is does it make sense, could it mean something else. Imagine waking up after all night thinking about a dichotomy. It could be wrong it could be right or it could press buttons, so pass it through the small hoop soon it will be ready for the kidneys and appendix. The worst thing you can do is lie and the second is you could hurt someone else and in the office the priorities become slightly different. The most important thing to do for team and visa versa in the office is keep in good standing. This is not something to soliloquise.

By Robert Bridge Esq

My name is Robert Bridge I live in London, interests include the media, education and strengthening leadership skills.

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