The truth is in the pudding

Getting rewards you deserve, without thinking you deserve. Truth is in the pudding a light hearted look at human energy. The proof truth is in the pudding, an article for helping people get happy, motivated and focused.

Truth is in the pudding a light hearted look at human energy.

The energy level is increasing. We write out the lines. Before hand there it is the unconscious mind thinking again, should I, is it going to, where did I put my...

The lowest level which by now should be overcome. Note this though because there are people at this level. Its good to understand what is going on.

For three generations some families have experienced struggle and strife gauged where truth is in the pudding.

Think about that young person with a knowledge of a families failure.

How does he overcome this? Today I was shown a Tony Robbins video. Last night we spoke about a diagram shaped as a triangle. How does someone overcome this barriers that could in phycological terms be a genetic code or blueprint that duplicates itself. Someone in a state of consciousness where the delta - vada waves of the brain are not inline with the rest of us.

The positive thoughts outside of trained meditational growth. How to instantly change consciousness competence. That was what we spoke about today.

This is not the triangle. The triangle as you know has three points. The conscious decision, the thought, the creative thought, a decision stepping towards greater things.

How does this happen? Well it doesn't happen over night. Repetition is part of it. Stretching like the dog. Writing down lines. Mapping out complicated or simple subjects. Getting to the point as quick as possible.

This is the second point on the triangle I was shown today. Its very good but it requires writing.

Writing on paper though. The main obstacle is ink, it runs out for me right, maybe it runs out for you. Lets overcome this though and buy a new pack of pens or pencils. This doesn't have to be for the world to see. This is your own notes. I am a big fan of the note book so, I get it, it can help. I the person telling you this before shows you things with the pen and paper, emulate this.

This is part two of the solution. You can recommend to your struggling buddies. Get a pen and paper and write down the days ways of how you'd like to do things and like stretching do it again, and again, until all your physiology is back in shape again. The pen action has some sort of unconscious effect. Its a build up though. Takes a few weeks to master however I think you will find the results are amazing.

We go from a unconscious state, thats the lowest level of control of what happens. You determine what happens by taking action. So how to move from unconscious unaligned self (think 7 chakras, energy, blocks) lacking in any energy. Spread out your hands and if you see a flat battery and no electricity is radiating out from these receptors then you should be building up. We are going to charge up with energy again. With a pen, a decision, a plan connected to a goal that until achieved is incomplete.

Over time you will be at stage four of consciousness.

From unconscious awareness to unconscious competence, where you do thinks without even thinking. Its really positive to be doing something without even thinking. Never underestimate the power o reputation. Think factories, think punishment back in days of school. Lines, maybe writing lines is the easiest way to boost the pen. But how I was shown and remember we are being instructed by masters speaking to their masters of the universe. That is why a lot of it seems over our head, don't let anything stop you because its actually very simple.

If your patient you'll get to hear the point.

But why shyly shaley around?

The truth is in the pudding.

Finally the third part of the triangle is success. Where you achieve what you set out to do, by doing certain things to help overcome the hurdles. You are energised able to convalesce with gate keepers*, your able to focus and avoid distractive things on your journey. Its delightful. The thought first has to be conscious, doing serious thoughts that lead to immediate actions, like I will hoover up, do dishes have a wash and shave then go about doing what I set out to do.

The space is clear, the pen and paper is just there, the goal is in sight. The need to earn is there, the opportunities will soon come your way and you won't be running around like a headless chicken looking for them. Its quite special, but takes a moment to transform but weeks of maintenance to perfect. Unconscious competence is one thing, why spread out six things. Well thats where the map comes in, the pen, the sketch and the words in boxes. Not the what when why how, although that is good for more advanced writing, perhaps the writing you want to publish this is just for you.

An exercise to raise consciousness, to create mantras tailor made by guess who? Yes its you, you make the deal with yourself and sign it right there on that piece of paper or scrap envelope. Look at in at some point when you get time, it will remind you when the mind drifts. The distractions and conversations that slow you down. The phone, the responsibilities, the other peoples stuff I call it. And yes you can help, but you might not get chance to help other people.

We all like helping at least three people a day. But time is very precious and there are not that many hours in day. Yet it's amazing what you can do in just twenty minutes. All the chores can be done quickly when the physiology is on track. With a tidy environment anything is possible because there are less distractions. It will make you feel good. Mix that with the fact that every answer you make supports what it is you are seeking out to achieve and your onto a winner. And overtime guaranteed you'll helping by example.

Getting rewards you deserve, without thinking you deserve. You have to do something for something to happen. Again the proof truth is in the pudding. You cannot have your pudding until you have eaten your dinner, its as simple as that and if you leave a messy plate don't complain when someone else serves you up a moody dessert.

Make things happen, take responsibility or the only other option is bootcamp, a kick up the butt a wake up call. This works for soldiers for generations. But as you know society has changed. The tables have turned discipline is no longer a hearty option although it could well save a life or break a blue print genetic code its a lot easier to put the work in mentioned here in this post.

So tell yourself something special, soon you will feel very special because so many special things are happening. Don't be to enabled or effected rather by the troubles. They will always be there. There is nothing you can change about someone else's failures or another countries argument. I am of the conviction that if you do this then you can expect that. This stems yes from the old adage of surrounding yourself with a handful of positive people, who are all achieving goals because we all share the same physiology. Operating on some sort of resonant frequency, moving around straight not slouched and tattooed on the unconscious mind is a tailor written message reminding and anchoring us, so no matter what happens you cannot possibly forget what it is we have to do.

truth is in the pudding by Robert Bridge

* People who are there to greet you, qualify you, slow you down or prevent you from entering the golden gates.

By Robert Bridge Esq

My name is Robert Bridge I live in London, interests include the media, education and strengthening leadership skills.

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